Chapter Seventeen: Enter Carrie White

February 12th: 3 months and 2 weeks

Two weeks passed, and Light had less and less interest in finding Kira. His days were normally spent eating, getting under L's skin, napping, reading his baby books, and cleaning. Kira was old news to Light. In fact, Light seemed to fully support Kira. If L didn't know of Light's pregnancy and crazy mood swings, he would have already thrown the boy into solitary confinement again under suspicions.

"Can you move your feet, L?"

Sitting on the toilet, L had propped his feet onto the side of the tub, blocking the teen's only way out of the bathroom. He chewed his thumb nail quietly as he read Matsuda's file of case updates, which could basically be summed up as, "getting nowhere fast". The entire company was already suspicious of Stratton. Or, as they knew him, 'Soubi Kishimoto'.

Stratton was a damn good model, but because he came out of nowhere, no one trusted him at all, even when he used Light's idea of seducing Obana or his son, Kyo Obana. Light's idea should have worked in any other situation. Or maybe Light's idea would only work if it was Light himself was trying to seduce the Obanas. L knew if he put Light in front of either Obana, Light would not only get an invitation to the Valentines party, but he would be the center of attention.

Stratton couldn't help dig up information on Hoolywood if all he did was take photos. He had to find a way to get himself invited to those private parties if he couldn't get to the Valentines party, which by the way was in only two days.

Light's idea was great, but Stratton had already become too suspicious. This recent set back was something L would really have to figure out, but at the moment Light seemed to be his biggest concern, "Why is Light-kun so dressed up today?"

"Dressed up? I'd hardly say I am dressed up."

L's eyes drifted up to the teen. He was wearing cologne, dressed in a red silk shirt, wearing a beautiful tie, and looking as nervous as L had seen him since that night he tried to kill himself. "I could easily say dressed up. You look as if you are going somewhere."

Light's amber eyes flickered nervously. "Where would I go?" The words were practically stumbled out of his mouth.

"That's a very good question, Light-kun. Where are you going?"

Light looked down, sighed heavily, and began to push L's feet out of his way. "Move."

The feet didn't budge. L had always been stronger than he looked. "Answer the question."

"I don't have to answer to you."

L's lips twisted into a playful smile. "Oh I believe you do. You are my suspect. You are the mother of my child. You are mine. And you aren't going anywhere."

The nerve of this man!, Light thought angrily. "I do not belong to you. I am not Kira. You don't believe that I am anyways. Even when I tried to shove a confession down your pale, white, ugly throat you didn't believe me. So put your feet down."

"Tell me what you thought you had planned for today."

Light folded his arms in annoyance, "Thought?"

"Yes. You are obviously not going."

"Obviously not go-UG! You infuriate me. You always have. Now move."

L remained calm. "No."

The boy huffed like a spoiled child. "Fine! I'll just step over you. Did you honestly think I wouldn't think of that?" As Light lifted his right leg over L's legs, L used his right hand to grab the back of Light's left leg at the knee, causing the leg to buckle. With his free left hand, L grabbed the boy's waist forcing Light down into his lap in a straddle.

Nose to nose, L smirked. "Did you honestly think I would not think of that?"

"Let me up. You could have hurt the baby."

L's arms were now wrapped around the boy's waist holding him in place. "I doubt that very much. The baby is protected in a womb. Now, where is it Light-kun thought he was going?"

Light's cheeks were turning red in anger. It was somewhere between sexy and adorable. "Light-kun.", Light mocked. "Is going down stairs for breakfast. He plans to enjoy his day off."

"Your day off? I recall giving a day off to the those who work the Kira case, but I do not recall giving those who do nothing but eat, sleep, and read a day off."

"You are a bastard."

L smiled. "You smell rather nice today, Light-kun."

"It's called Black Suede." He sighed again. "L, let me up. I'm not going anywhere. You know I can't leave the building at all."

"Meaning someone is down stairs?"

Light's eyes drifted down ward, towards his hands. Just as L had really suspected. L asked, "Who? Stratton went to England for the day to see a patient. Your father is taking your mother out to a cabin for a special day. Aizawa has a daughter he promised to take to a carnival. Matsuda, as unbelievable as it sounds, has a date, and Watari is doing some research I asked of him. And I", He began to run his hand up Light's thigh, giving the boy a chill, "am straddled between two very nice legs. Now, who is downstairs?"

"Well, you certainly left out any room to lie, now didn't you? Down stairs in an hour will be an American woman named Carrie White. Watari already knows to allow her access inside. She's uhm… She's…"


Light swallowed hard, "She's a case worker."


"Uhm… For me."

L was confused. "Be more specific."

"She's a case worker for the Kanto region's adoption agency…"

L's hand dropped from Light's thigh. He took a deep breath and gently pushed the boy off.

Light stood and smoothed out the wrinkles from his pants and looking wearily at L. "Are you mad?" He asked.


"I knew you would be."

"What happened to further discussion?"

Light squared his shoulders. Stratton warned him this would cause a fight with L. Don't let him rule you. Stratton had advised the day before: Don't cower. Say what you want and do it. Remembering those words, Light said strongly, "We discussed it over and over L, but we never came to an agreement. All we did was argue. Now I can't just keep sitting back and waiting. I can't let this baby be born without knowing what is going to happen to him or her."

"You are only three months. There is plenty of time."

"In six small months this child will be born. That is not plenty of time. What happened to, 'Whatever you want. Whatever you want Light.'? Huh? What happened to that?"

L bit his thumb nail and looked down at the case file he dropped on the floor to bring Light into his lap. Now he wanted to bury all of his thoughts into just finding Kira. Forget all about Light and this baby.

But he couldn't. He knew he was developing feelings for Light. Otherwise he wouldn't give a damn about what Light was going to do today. Otherwise he would he have locked him away as Kira a long time ago. "It is whatever you want… but don't I have any say in my child's future?"

Light frowned. L knew just the words to make him feel guilty. "Yes."

"Good." He smiled with satisfaction. "Then Whammy's is a more suitable pl-"

"No! This baby is not going to an orphanage.." He crossed his arms. "That's final."

L stood facing the boy, his height towering over him. "Light do you forget that this child is half mine? You do not own it one hundred percent."

Light laughed. He wasn't going to be intimidated. "I do so! I'm the one carrying the baby. Not you."

"Without my sperm you wouldn't be carrying a damn thing."

"Exactly. Thanks to you, I have to fix what you've done. Now I'm going downstairs to wait for Mrs. White. You can do everyone a favor and stay away."

Light brushed past L and out of the bathroom. L caught his arm as he reached for the bedroom door. "You are not going anywhere. I have a say. My opinion is just as strong and valuable as yours is." He sighed knowing he was losing the argument. "Damn it, I'm the father, Light. I have rights!"

Light looked at L's hand that kept a firm grip on his arm, keeping him there. A sudden realization hit the teen hard. With a little smile he stated softly to L, "Prove it."

L whispered, "What?"

"Prove you're the father, L." He was enjoying this moment. "Go on. Do it. Prove you're the father."

L's hand let go of the teen. "You think you're clever don't you? Let me remind you of a little thing called DNA."

Light let out a laugh and bravely opened the door. "That's true. Though have fun trying to extract DNA from an unborn child."

L insisted, "In six months I can get whatever I want."

Light's smile only grew bigger, "You carry no weight in this situation L. Don't try to threaten me with that "I'm L" bullshit. See, I am the mother, and in the next six months I can have this baby born and adopted to one of Japan's finest families before you can say deoxyribonucleic acid." With that said he left the room making damn sure to slam the door behind him.

L bashed his fist into the door. Damn you Light. He had just as much right as that brat. He deserved a say in this. He did.

Light ran his fingers quickly through his hair attempting to look presentable. He was only going to be aloud this one day to be completely alone with Mrs. White. Stratton-er-Thomas, told Light that he had explain the entire situation to her and that she understood and wouldn't judge him. Light hoped so.

He cleared his throat and approached the woman sitting on the couch in the sitting room. Light instantly thought she looked kind and sensitive to the situation. He bowed respectively. "Hello, I'm Yagami Light."

She stood with a warm smile. "How do you, Light. I'm Carrie White." She returned the bow, sitting back down. Next to her feet was a red bag full of folders. Light felt himself begin to sweat as he sat in the spot next to her.

"Dr. Stratton told me all about you. You're almost eighteen, correct?"

"Right. February twenty-eighth."

"And you're due….on the…"

"July sixteenth."

"Mm. Three months." She smiled sweetly, "I bet you are experiencing new changes."

"Understatement of the century."

She laughed. "The first pregnancy is always the worse."

Light fidgeted. He never planned on the first baby, he sure didn't plan on anymore. "Uhm, could we kind of get started." I'm trying to avoid someone. That someone being L.

"Of course. Lets go over exactly what we will be doing together. Now, I am a case worker. Dr. Stratton told me you are looking for parents to adopt the baby out to, yes?"


"Aright then." She slid a folder out of her red bag. "I have a few things for you to fill out: a questionnaire, a form, and an information packet. We can go over it together. Then I'd like to go over the process of how this works."

He nodded, "Okay."

She opened the folder and began pulling out the papers and lining them up side by side on the coffee table in front of them.

He watched her until the first paper was laid down. Then he tried to read it. It seemed to be a series of questions. Light began to hope L would change his mind, come down stairs and hold his hand through all of this. That was wishful thinking, but one could hope.

The click of a pen got his attention. She held the blue ink pen out to him and asked, "Which would you like to fill out first? Most find it easier to fill out the information first, then take a few days to fill out the questionnaire."

"I guess the information packet then." The first lines were easy. He knew his name, social security number, age, birthplace ect. His family's medical history was a snap as well. His father was the only one who ever experienced any real serious health issues, but when it came down to questions about the pregnancy it caused him to pause.

He had to list the father.

Light's ink pen hovered above the blank line trembling. He had made a promise to L that he would tell no one. Was the name of the father really important? Thinking quick he said, "Is every question necessary?"

"Every question with a red asterisk beside it, yes."

He could feel his face heating up. "What if you don't have an answer?" He asked timidly.

Carrie leaned over the teen and read the question. "Stratton told me that you knew who he was."

"Well….He was wrong."

"Oh?" She sounded surprised. " Look, Light, no one will know. I promise you. No one."


"No one." She assured him faithfully. "It will never leave this paper."

He wasn't stupid. "Who has access to this paper?"

She laughed softly. She hadn't expected him to catch that. "Well now, the people you choose to adopt the baby. They automatically get to. It's their right according to law. There's you and me of course. There's the judge. Any lawyers who come into play. In twenty years or so, the baby might have the right."

"That's a lot of people."

"A lot of people that won't judge you. Light, it's necessary. A father needs to be listed."

To say he didn't know who would be a lie, and he would feel like the biggest whore in Japan. To be pregnant before graduating college was bad enough, but then have to say out loud that you don't know the father's name? Good grief he wouldn't be able to look her in the eye.

But it was that lie or break the promise he made from the very beginning to L. Light's feelings towards L caused him to say, "I don't know who the father..uhm is."

He knew she knew that it was a lie. She sighed. "Light…be careful. You realize what you are saying? Perhaps we should wait until your parents are here with you."

"No." He protested. "They don't even know I'm pregnant yet. Don't get them involved."

Her eyes softened and reminded him his of his mother. "Light… It's going to be tough going through this all alone."

"He's not alone." L settled down on the couch across from the two.

"And who are you?" She asked.

Light quickly answered, "Nobody."

"The father." L corrected.

She nodded, beginning to understand. "What's your name?"

Light smiled at the question. L was either going to have to lie and give his child a fake father, or speak his true name out loud in front of the original Kira suspect. Oh this was simply too delicious.

"L Lawliet."

Light's lips parted speechless. He never thought for a second L would give his true name. Or was it just another fake? The two men locked eyes and Light tried to read that serious expression on L's face.

Carrie White smiled, asking L, "Can you be Light's support through all of this?"


"Are you sure?" She looked doubtful. "Because he is going to need someone strong to lean on. It wouldn't be good for anyone if you were to opt out in the middle of procedures. He's not giving up a favorite shirt to charity here. He is giving up his child to a whole family that he won't be apart of. Can you really be there for him when he needs you? Because like I said, it will not be good for him if you-"

"I said yes. Am I needing to sign anything?"

A little taken back the woman pulled another folder out of her red bag. "Yes, actually. This will be your half of the documents. You must sign and fill in every question."

Light watched in surprise as L actually began to sign 'L Lawliet' on the dotted lines. "L…Ryu…" He was at a loss as to what to call the man now. He shook his head and said, "We need to talk. May we have a moment?"

The lady nodded, "Yes. I suppose."

Light grabbed L by the arm and led him into the kitchen. "What are you doing?" He demanded.

"Being apart of this." L tried to relax, to show Light he didn't want to argue anymore.

"But you made me promise never to tell who the father is."

L remembered. "I am aware of what I told you Light."

"Ookay, then explain what you are doing now."

L smiled, then wrapped his arms around Light's body. He expected the boy to pull away. Instead Light eagerly fell into his arms. L announced, "I am giving you what I promised you. I said you could have whatever you want. If this is it, then I support you. I just realized upstairs that maybe…well, maybe that you're right."

Light nuzzled his face in the crook of L's neck smelling that sweet smell of sugar that belonged only to L. "You don't have to do this you know."

"I want to."

Light told himself not to be fooled by this moment. They were friends. They were the parents of the baby growing inside of him, but they were not lovers. It was getting difficult to keep reminding himself when L was all too eager lately to slip into these affectionate positions. "Thank you, L. So much."

L released the boy from his arms. "No. Thank you. For being my first ever, real, friend."

Light smiled. "You're mine too." He said, swiping a lose strand of hair behind his ear. Then, getting nervous and scared he might slip up and say an embarrassing 'I love you' again, the teen took L's hand and walked them back into the room where Mrs. White was waiting. "We're ready to continue now."

She looked at their hands as they sat across from her. "So we are all going to work together to find a home for this baby, correct?"

The two men nodded.

She smiled and asked, looking directly at L, "We aren't going to get scared and opt out in the middle?"

L shook his head firmly. He cared for Light, maybe even loved him. That was enough to keep him there. "No."

"Good." She clapped her hands for finality and suggested, "Why don't I go make a phone call while the two of you fill out the forms and information packet? Then I'll come back and talk about the questionnaire and how the procedure works."

She didn't leave them alone for long. She gave them just enough to time to fill everything out. As they finished, Light was amazed at what he now knew about L. If L was being totally honest, which he had insisted he was being, Light now knew that the man he knew as the infamous L had allergies, past surgeries and a past that was as mysterious to Light as it was to L himself.

L was a simple human being after all.

Mrs. White put their forms and information away, then flipped to the first page of the questionnaire packet. Light shifted uncomfortably. This was it. Trying to make him feel better, L tightened the grip he had on the boy's hand.

Mrs. White began, "I always begin with my clients filling this out. The questions are basic and simple and over all give me a basic guideline to go on. It tells me what I'm going to be looking for in the field of potential parents for the baby." She used a pencil to point to the first question, "They're fairly easy, as you can see the first question is simply asking the financial status you prefer from the potential candidates. There's a few more questions about the marital status and financial status, then the questions drift off into religions, beliefs, traditions, those types of things."

Light hadn't given religion a single thought. He never imagined the possibility of an atheist, or a couple with a different set of believes raising the baby the way they saw fit. That was something he'd really need to think hard about.

Mrs. White carried on, "You'll fill this out completely, I'll create a summery according to your answers, and then I will go through the database we have of those wishing to adopt. Then I'll more or less create a little list for you of what I believe will be perfect candidates. Then we can meet up again, and I'll go over the list with you and you can learn more about the couples and eventually, I'll set you up with an interview with the couples you like best. Then you can simply choose from there." She smiled brightly, "Any questions?"

L and Light felt like the breath had been taken out of them. Their was too much to process. L said, "So we can choose who we give the baby to?"

"Of course. Oh and you'll also have to decide if this will be an open or closed adoption. That's in the questionnaire though. Several questions about it actually. Do you need to go over the differences?"

Light said "No.", just as L said, "Yes."

The woman laughed. "Okay. Mr. Lawliet, an open adoption means that you will be working out a system with the adoptive parents for possible visitation. They can send you updates and letters and photos. You may call or write to the child."

L was shocked to hear that. "You mean, we give someone this baby, they raise it, but Light and myself may still interact with it?"

"Yes, of course. But very few wanting to adopt care for this type of adoption. It's rare to find a couple willing to agree to any of those terms."

"Then what's closed adoption?"

"Closed is where you and Light will sign all your rights away."

"I thought that's what it meant." L sighed. "We won't know the baby, see the baby, ever know it's name."

She frowned as she saw the disappointment in Light's eyes. "I'm sorry. If that's not what you are looking for then do state that in the questionnaire. You have the right to be apart of the child's life if you wish."

L began shaking his head. "No." He turned his body so he could face Light completely, "Closed adoption is best. Do you not agree?"

Light didn't answer right away. His hand was on top of his belly. It was becoming a habit like biting ones nails, or mindlessly chewing on the end of a pen without thinking about it. He didn't know what he wanted.

L feared that sorrowful look in the boy's eyes, "Light think very carefully before you chose an open adoption."

Light knew it was a bad idea, but he felt like it was a slap to the baby's face if he said closed adoption.

Mrs. White could see the distress in his face. "You don't have to choose now. I can give you a couple weeks to think everything over."

"Thank you."

She smiled at Light. "In fact, if you ever change your minds about the adoption all together, just let me know."

"No." L said. "We're firm on this decision."

Light didn't seem so sure now, but he agreed with L anyway.

They showed Mrs. White to the door, thanked her for coming, then went to the kitchen for lunch. They had a lot to think about over the next couple weeks. Not to mention they were still trying to get Stratton invited to that damned valentine party so he could get close to Obana.

L knew the next few months of Light's pregnancy, mixed with the stress of the Kira case, was going to be like living in hell. He was beginning to sweat over it when arms wrapped tenderly around his waist from behind. "L…I don't know what I'd do without you."

L smiled, immediately relaxing.

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