A knee-jerk reaction to The Waters of Mars. Spoilers abound, obviously.

Time can feel you.

It wraps you up in its arms, cradles you from birth, then drops you into the abyss come doomsday. Every moment of your life, every second of wishing and hoping, first kisses and last days at work, every smile and laugh and tear and sparkle of life, it knows. It runs its fingers along them lightly, never changing, only watching.

Time is in flux.

But time is not a fair mistress. Time plays favourites.

One of those favourites is Adelaide Brooke.

Her time is set. It ends on this day at this moment and causes this to happen. It cannot be changed. It cannot be moved.

And no-one, even you, Time Lord, can 'fix' that.

I should leave.

She was right. You should have left them to die. Because you do not choose who gets to live.

If you could choose… that would make you a monster.

Adelaide Brooke dies. Fact. Humanity reaches the stars because of the events on Bowie Base One. Fact. The Time Lords are gone and there is no-one left to overrule you. Fact.

No-one to stop you.

Are you happy, Time Lord? Now that you no longer guard the future but create it? Now that your wishes, your every whim, can be made reality with a snap of your fingers?

You need someone to stop you.

Donna saw it. Adelaide saw it. But somehow, the others never did. They let you merrily wind along your way, saving or damning at a whim because of course, you can't change this, this must be fixed, this must happen the way history records.

Your cosy little world can be rewritten like that.

Time Lord Victorious. Last man standing at the end of the War, and is this how you finish? The legacy of the Time Lords, all that good your companions saw, wasted on a man who could not leave well enough alone.

You spent years telling everyone that you were the Last. The Lonely God. The highest authority. The man who stands beyond all others.

It stops with me.

You want your victory? Take it. No-one can stop you because there is no-one left. The power, the pain, the bitterness every waking moment brings when you remember that those events cannot be undone, it has finally dragged you under.


Adelaide knew. Knows. Will know. All it took-takes-will take is a single shot to put right what you choose to alter. She is-was-will be braver than you, in the end.

You will not choose death. She will not choose life.

Therein lies the difference, Time Lord.

Some people accept that time always wins. But you are a winner, no? And you choose to fight time itself.

I give you this, Time Lord. The end of a song.

Time will not be denied.

It is coming for you.