There is no substitute in the world for music. Nothing expresses emotion quite so well. It is not just the lyrics, as Ariel understood, that makes music soar, but it is the glorious notes and melodies that come out of it.

Music, she felt, was liberation itself. You can't soften a joyous noise, because then it would turn into something else entirely, something more about regression. Music, wild happy music, is freedom. And now Ariel, and all other people in Atlantica had that beautiful freedom.

Just below her she heard delightful echoes of spectacular sounds, created in celebration of her father's new law. A law, that without the little mermaid, never would have existed. How proud and happy she felt.

She was swimming dangerously close to the ocean surface, still a restricted zone to all merpeople.... But what a lovely place it must be.

Yes, what exactly was up there, anyway? The last time she had visited was many years in the past, so many that she had no recollections- except for the sun.

It dried your whole body, and made you feel warm, but most curious of all, it lit the whole place up. As Ariel gazed at the sky above, she noticed that it was not sunny and bright. It looked dark, even desolate.

Yet how could things change that much? Surely it wasn't as all awful as her father had said. He never seemed to realize the truth about anything. Nothing at all. So chances were high that if she went up there, right now, she'd be safe.

Good idea. Right?

Ariel braced herself, and readied to jump out of the water. But...

What if Daddy was correct? What if she ended up like her dear mother?... But her mother loved the land, and music, so if music was still wonderful, surely the land would be too.

This time, Ariel jumped.

She couldn't believe it. She was the first merperson in over ten years to break the ocean current. Wow. How enthralling. This is what freedom must really feel like.

Ah! How relaxing! Yes there was even music up here! Alien noises like whose! and caw! and crash!. How stunning it was to hear all this.

She found a grainy rock and rested her tail on it. Now she realized not only were there new sounds, but also sights, most strikingly the ones above her.

Instead of the huge yellow disc had often been told about, there was a wonderful medallion of white in the night, next to a set of wonderful smaller white medallions that filled the sky. To live here must be enthralling....

Ariel stayed on the rock for a little less than an hour, fearful that she may be caught by her father- which ruin the whole celebration. Regardless, for the rest of her life, the little mermaid would remember that night, and the starry sky above her.