Okay. So I can't find any stories written in Zuko's point of view, which is why this story is being made.

It's a regular old capture story, but I'm hoping to make it original, although I'm not sure how great it will be from Zuko's eyes, but please keep reading and give me lots of reviews, even if you hate it. I'm open to anyone's opinion. It's based when he still has his ship and just so you know, I'm seeing him with his shorter hair after he cut off that dreadful ponytail.

One more thing, this is my first Avatar story so if I don't get something right, please feel free to tell me.

In My Eyes

Chapter One

She stepped on another stone and I could tell that I was gaining on her. I couldn't help but let a small smile creep upon my face; this was easier than I thought it would be. They never would have expected me to come after the water bender which made this even better. I came after her on her walk back from a river she was bathing at, and of course she led me away from the Avatar, but I wasn't after him this time. She didn't have any water on her either; I was smart enough to attack her when she got further into the woods.

It was cold in this part of the Earth Kingdom and she had lost a shoe a while back. She wasn't pacing herself very well, and I'm sure she was only thinking about leading me far away from her other friends. I lit another tree on fire and she tripped over a branch. This was too easy. She started coughing and now tripped again to fall onto the ground. She let out a small yelp. Her mistake was her panicking, if she had just relaxed and though, maybe she could have escaped.

Her head finally turned to face me, and it was filled with horror. I continued to smirk as I slowed down and strolled towards her. She locked eyes with me while she tried to get up and run more, but I'm sure her legs were numb by now and she wouldn't be able to last much longer if she did get up.

I was finally right in front of her. "What do you think you're doing?" I asked.

"Get away from me," she spat out. Now her expression was a bit more confident. It was no longer fear, but disgust.

She tried getting up and I grabbed her arm and yanked her into my chest. "That's no way to treat a prince," I whispered to her with harsh air, making a piece of hair get thrown back out of her face.

The light from the tree burning behind me lit up her face. I shook her and now all of her hair fell behind her shoulders. She had a certain beauty about her, and those big blue eyes were piercing.

"You don't deserve that name," she told me. Now, she showed no fear, but I was about to change that.

"You need to learn your manners, filthy peasant." With this comment, I took out my sword and hit her over the top of the head with the back of the handle. I held her limp body up and threw her over my shoulder.

When I finally got to the ship, I threw her down into a cell and locked it. I passed by one of my guards and headed towards the stairs. As I walked up them I heard a squeak of a door, and turned around to please my curiosity. I slowly made my way to the cell to see it open, with the guard advancing on the unconscious girl. This quickly sickened me. He had only seen her thirty seconds ago and was already taking advantage of her.

I came up behind the man and pulled him up roughly by the back of his shirt. "You're disgusting," I told him and threw him hard against the wall.

"But Prince," he started as he sat up, "She's only a prisoner."

I ignored this as I went over and picked her up. The only thing he had done was run his hands over her, but at least no clothing had been taken off. I walked out of the cell and shut the door.

"Now you can be treated like one," I finally answered and locked it.

"Please, Prince," he begged and he put his hands around the bars. I kicked his hand and he pulled it so his chest with a sound of pain. I figured being a Prince, I would get more respectable people to be working on this ship.

She was now being carried in my two arms and I looked down at her face. I was happy she hadn't awoken because for some reason, I didn't want her to know about that. Even if she was a prisoner, she was still a woman. A beautiful woman, at that, which is what made me so scared to have her on this ship now.

So, I walked up the stairs and decided to place her in my bedroom, until I could find a better place for her. As I laid her on the bed, a man approached me.

"Uncle," I greeted him.

"Ah, so you see the cell isn't a place for a woman," he told me as he sat on the end of the bed.

"A guard tried advancing on her. I don't know where I'll keep her now," I stated. I stood there looking over her body. She was suddenly becoming an inconvenience.

"Well perhaps it's best if she stays here with you. Then she'll be even closer under her watch. Although, you know I am completely against this."

"Yes, I know Uncle," I tried to stay calm. He was always so annoying when he would disagree with me.

He stood up and started to head for the door, "You should aid to her wounds, young prince," and with that, he was gone.

I hadn't noticed anything wrong with her before, but now, as I scanned her body again, I realized her shoeless foot was gushing blood. The blood was flowing all over my bed too.

"I should have kept you in the cell," I said to myself as I went to my bathroom and grabbed a towel. I wetted it and came back to sit on the bed by her feet. I lifted her right foot and placed in my lap as I started to clean it off. Her whole body was covered with dirt, I started to notice.

I dislodged a stone stuck in her foot and finished cleaning off the blood. I realized I didn't have any sort of bandage on me, so I tore off a piece of my shirt and tied it tightly around her wound. Her skin was strangely soft, and it was such a beautiful color I couldn't help but to let my hands wander a bit longer than needed.

I quickly snapped back into reality and got up. There was other business to attend to.