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Chapter 1

Lightning crackled down from blue sky into the grassy crater. When it was gone a tall boy with emerald green eyes, black hair and very tanned skin stood where it had hit the ground. None of the people moving about so much as flinched, they were too used to this youths coming and going in his slightly odd fashion to take much notice.

"Look who got a tan!!! Harry! Right on time as usual. How are you?" Harry smiled at Aram, the other was hurrying about attempting to organize a bunch of people working on some project or other. Aram was the Order of the Phoenix's director for muggle murders by Voldemort and such.

"Hello Aram." He walked on past, stopping to watch some new recruits practicing fencing. The instructor, Yotrisk, was shouting at them from the side lines.

"Hey, is that Fred and George?" Harry asked in astonishment, it was, it could be no one else. Sitting on the benches across the court were Angelina and Lee, cheering their friends on.

"Yes, it's a good turnout this year, twenty of them." Yotrisk said, taking his attention off his pupils for a few moments. His gray, hawk-like gaze focused on Harry. "How are you Harry? Keeping in shape?" Harry grinned, Yotrisk might be the Order's swordmaster but Harry had beaten him quite a few times, no one could match a well-trained Lightdancer. Harry was a Lightdancer, and a good one. The only living one as well. The Lightdancers were an ancient cult, now long gone, that had had the best sword fighters ever in their ranks. Harry had discovered them last year and trained himself to be one.

"Harry old bean! Good to see you!" Harry greeted Fred and George with faked dismay,

"Who am I going to find to replace you two on the team?"

"Oh that shouldn't be to difficult, Gryffindor has a way of turning out good players just when they're needed. Say hi to Ron for us will you?" Fred managed to say before he was called away by another instructor.

"Of course I have been keeping in shape Yotrisk." They both watched as the twins left and another two walked in. Harry smiled as he felt Jewel rub against his leg, she'd returned to a Fire lion pride, and would be staying at the Fortress. Jewel, or Jewelanarah, as her actual name was, had been caught by Voldemort, Harry had rescued her from certain death and they had become friends. Harry winced almost before the fight started, the young man on the right was not meant for blades, he was meant for archery. He told Yotrisk so and the other agreed. Harry, seeing the patrol he'd been looking for clustered around a great white, gold, black and purple dragon hurried over to them.

"Ah Harry! Do you have the sketches?" Asked the patrol leader, a rather short woman named Shenya. Harry held up some drawings. They were attempting to find a good saddle for the dragons so they could be ridden. So far they weren't having any luck, but Harry thought he might just have the answer.

"Yeah, see if you shift this strap around to here, and add a buckle here…" Harry went on, explaining his reasoning, changing the leather contraption already on the dragon with waves of his wand as he went. When he was finished he stood back to let them see his work. The dragon's head swiveled around to look at them.

"Well Nirath? Is that good?" Shenya asked curiously, the great head bobbed up and down and a low rumble of satisfaction came from the great beast. "Alright then Harry, good job, this should work fine. Now lets see, gear, we'll need…" Harry didn't listen to the rest, much as he would have liked to stay he had to get back to Hogwarts before the feast. He walked away from the patrol, pausing to greet Lightning, his War Unicorn friend. Flame was out with a patrol in Norway. Hello Lightning, it is good to see you again. The unicorn answered by rubbing his nose against Harry's shoulder. Harry chuckled and patted his neck in return before continuing. He walked a little way until there was no one near him, then he vanished as he had come in a blast of lightning.

Harry appeared again outside Hogwarts, noting with approval that the storm he'd sent away earlier was turning the sky blue again. He went inside and headed to the great hall. Professor Dumbledore entered soon.

"Hello Professor, do think it would be okay if I went to Kings Cross and rode the train back? He asked, he knew this wasn't what had been planned, but still…

"Um, that's a little odd, but okay, go ahead." Dumbledore said, looking at Harry curiously. Harry vanished in a flash of lightning.

Harry arrived at the station before anyone else, appearing in the shadows where he was less likely to be spotted. He sat down on a bench and waited as people streamed in. Eventually he saw Ron and Hermione.

"Hi, I just came down to ride the train with you, I was getting bored waiting around at the castle." He explained, they claimed a compartment in the back of the train and in a few moments the whistle blew and they started off.

"Drat it! I forgot to do my Potions essay!" Ron pulled out some parchment, a book, and ink, and went o work, trying to ignore Hermione's glares. Suddenly something jumped from a basket across the room onto Harry's knee.

"Hello there Crookshanks, so how was your summer Hermione?" Before Hermione could answer Ira entered the compartment.

"Hi Ira, how was your summer?"

"From your tan I can say that it wasn't as good as yours, my family went camping for two weeks." Ira replied, sitting down across from them.

"I went to America for four weeks. It was really fun! Do you think Professor Binns will mind if my essay is two rolls of parchment longer then he asked for?" Hermione asked, sounding worried, Ron snorted. He turned back to his homework and Ira dragged Hermione off to see her little sister's new pet cat. Harry decided to go with them.

The cat was a small Siamese kitten, Ira's sister Mariana was petting it to sleep when they arrived.

"Oh, it's so cute!" Harry thought about Tiger and compared the two, Tiger was definitely cuter. The little kitten sat in the crook of Mariana's arm, asleep and snoring faintly. Harry quickly lost interest in the little cat and went back to their compartment. Ron was done with his homework so they sat down to a game of exploding snap. Hermione soon joined them.

"Could you please keep the fireworks on that side of the compartment? I'm trying to brush Crookshanks!" Harry glanced over, Crookshanks was leaping about trying to avoid Hermione, Ron rolled his eyes, at that moment the train car shuddered and rocked. Harry leaped to his feet, another, and a loud bang, they were all thrown to the floor as the car rolled over and off the tracks. Their luggage came falling about as the car rolled over and over, with them inside it. They were crashing down a steep slope, the windows broke and glass shattered in, Harry rubbed his arm as a sliver of glass cut him, he bashed up against the ceiling as the car rolled again, then stopped.