Thanks so much Ace () and futurecullen26 for the names! I'm using them. You guys are amazing.

Jasper walked out of the therapist's room with a smile on his face. He was pretty sure that he had won the respect of the mother of the woman he loved. Which was good. He made his way over to Bella, who was waiting for him in the lobby.

"Hey, Jazz. How did it go?" Jasper smiled at her.

"Swimmingly." He said, drawling out the word. She laughed.

"When you said that it almost sounded like you had a Texan accent or something." She exclaimed, gathering up her ratting messengers bag and shoving her book inside.


"So is it cool for me to ask what you guys talked about?" Bella smiled at him, hoping she could get into her messed up brother's head.


"So… What did you guys talk about?"




"Oh." Bella was surprised by this answer.



"Are you in love with Edward?" Bella was surprised by this question.

"…No." She lied painfully, refusing to look at Jasper.

"Yes you are!" He teased, pushing her.

"Fine. I am." He smiled.

"Guess who's getting the big brother talk?" He sang as the walked down into the subway.

"Jasper!" She whined, hitting him lightly with her bag.

"Does he know about the…?" Jasper was refering to the street fighting. Bella laughed.

"How do you think we met?" She asked, looking down at the leathery black boxing gloves that rested in her bag.

"He street fights?" Jasper asked, confused. That would make Edward dangerous.

"No, but he followed me there. I almost fought him but then the cops came." Jasper laughed again.

"Oh." They climbed on a subway car, sitting down on the yellow and orange seats.

They got off at their stop, and as they exited who other then Alice and Edward would be waiting for them exactly above ground, laughing and pretending to talk.

"Hey guys." Alice squealed, as if it were normal for people to simply bump into each other in New York. Jasper's entire face lit up as he pulled Alice into a hug.

"Hi, Alice." Bella smiled at the two, and then turned to Edward.

"Hey, Edward." She whispered, blushing.

"Hi." He said, giving her a light peck on the lips. She smiled at him.

"We'd like you to meet our cousin." Alice said. Just then the little boy from the humanly tea shop came out.

"I'm Jasper and this is my sister Bella." Announced Jasper, shaking the boy's hand.

"I'm Dante." Said the boy, flipping some hair out of his face. His name was news to Alice and Edward, but they hid that.

"Dante's staying with us for a little while." Jasper nodded. Suddenly Edward's cell phone rang.

"Hello?.... Oh. Ok. …. We're in the Greenwich Village… Shut up, Emmett… Right near the river…. Ok, see you in a sec." He hung up the phone. "Emmett and Rosalie are coming." Dante turned and whispered in Edward's ear, low enough so that Bella and Jasper couldn't hear it.

"Which on of them is human?"

"Rosalie." Edward whispered back, nodding at the boy.

It was an ugly day, do when Rosalie and Emmett arrived they hid under a tree and talked for a while. Bella looked up, meeting the face of someone familiar.

"Hey, Jazzy, Rosie? Don't we know that girl?"

So there you go! His name's Dante now. Thanks to those who gave me names, you're amazing!