Just Rest by asesina

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a/n: I finally gave in and wrote a short Sick!Dean oneshot. Let me know what you think!

Dean blinked groggily and wiped the sleep from his eyes with the back of his hand. He sat up far too quickly and was instantly rewarded with a pounding pain in his temples and forehead.

Bad idea.

Dean swung his legs over the side of the motel bed as he felt for the solid surface of the thickly-carpeted floor.

His toes finally crossed the seemingly interminable distance between the bed and the floor.

Dean stood up on unsteady feet and was overcome with a sharp pang of dizziness. He swayed slightly and put a hand on the night table for support as he lowered himself back to the bed.

He could do this. He just had to rest for a minute.

Dean's eyes drifted to the adjacent bed. Sam was still asleep, but Dean could see that his eyes were beginning to move restlessly under his eyelids.

"Damn it, Sammy," he muttered. Sam could be such a worry wart sometimes. Dean had to make it to the bathroom to get dressed before Sam could wake up and mother hen him to death.

Dean groaned inwardly as he felt a cough coming on. He did his best to suppress the wheezing cough, but it caught in his throat and he emitted a sputtering choke instead.

Sam's eyes flew open.

His plan was foiled.

"Dean, what's the matter?" Sam asked. He blinked blearily several times as his eyes adjusted to the dim light of the motel room.

"I'm fine, Sammy. Just a cough," Dean offered weakly. Sam narrowed his eyes in concern.

"No, you look tired too. You should try to sleep some more. We don't have to meet Bobby until 8," Sam said. He stretched his arms and legs before getting up from the bed and approaching Dean.

Dean had only gotten three feet away from his bed. His slumped posture served as an excellent visual representation of his internal aches and exhaustion. Dean's annoyed, sullen stare didn't fool Sam at all. His brother was sick.

Sam put a hand on Dean's hunched shoulder. He guided his brother back to the bed and made him sit down.

"Dean, I'm going to get some aspirin and orange juice for you. Do you want anything else?" Sam asked with concern.

"Just let me do it, Sam. I've felt much worse than this, believe me," he said with a grimace.

Dean's tough guy act wasn't fooling Sam.

Sam shook his head in impatience as he went over to his bag to retrieve the medicine.

When he returned, Dean was in the middle of another coughing fit. He didn't make any attempt to suppress the hacking as his body shook violently with each cough.

"Hey, Dean. You should take it easy. That sounds like bronchitis," Sam said softly.

Dean shook his head in annoyance as he fumbled through the sheets for the remote.

With a resigned sigh, he turned the TV on and glared up at Sam.

"Fine, I'll stay in bed for a little longer, but it's only because The Dukes of Hazzard is on," Dean said with a frown as he accepted the aspirin and water.

Dean took the pills and laid his head back on the pillow.

It was surprisingly inviting and warm.

Dean did the best that he could to fight off the wave of exhaustion that washed over his body, but it was a losing battle.

Within five minutes, he was asleep. Sam was glad to see that Dean's sleep was far less fretful than it had been a few nights ago.

Sam settled back on his own bed and watched the exploits of Bo and Luke Duke for the next two hours, but not before he put a gentle hand on Dean's forehead to check for any signs of fever.


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