Once upon a webkinz

This is my first story i have written. I have 28 webkinz, not 5. All i own is the characters not the company. I wrote this on paper beforehand and it'scoming out better than my in plain sight story. Yes, Mary is named after Mary Shannon on In Plain Sight. Sorry if there isn't any caps in the beginning of a sentence or misspelled words. Enjoy.

Chapter 1-The Night Before

Snowflake the lil' white poodle was trying to sleep because tomorrow was her 17th birthday and really wanted a car. A light blue mustang with white seat covers with blue snowflakes.

"What a wonderful day it would be. Don't you agree, Crystal?" Snowflake had asked.

"If you say so", Crystal replied

Crystal was Snowflakes twin sister and the only thing different was Crystal was taller and born the day after Snowflake. They had a younger sister too.

Lisa was the 3rd born and a pink poodle so she felt like an oddball. "Whatever!" Lisa knew that tomorrow would not go as planned and somehow she would not be an oddball anymore.

Sorry it's so short! :( It's a page long when you put it on paper though. I will soon add chapter 2. I promise