Jace walked casually down the corridor with his hands plunged deeply into his jean pockets, Isabelle walking silently beside him. He looked straight ahead, thinking of what Clary had just told him. It made sense now, all the weird conversations, escapes and lying. He felt bad for Clary and wanted to stop the pain she was experiencing. He knew Hodge wanted to speak to him urgently but he couldn't stop his mind from wanting to return to Clary and comfort her. Stop it, a part of Jace chastised himself. You sound pathetic.

"Why was Clary crying?" Isabelle asked abruptly. Jace was caught off guard by the question but he continued to look straight ahead, unnerved.

"Don't really know," he answered simply, shrugging his shoulders. Isabelle was going to ask him to elaborate but knowing Jace and how he'd most likely respond, she said nothing. After a few moments, she spoke again.

"Do you know why Hodge-?"

"Sort of," he replied calmly.

"Are you going to tell-?"

"No." He cut her off.

"Are you going to mention-?"

"No." Isabelle let out a small sigh of frustration. She hated how he kept cutting her off. Fine, let's see if you can answer this one, she thought smugly.

"Do you know why he wants to see Alec as well?" Jace looked at her in surprise, finally letting her finish her question. His pace slowed as he took in what she asked.

"He asked for Alec also?" He asked curiously. Isabelle nodded. "Well then that rules out my theory on why Hodge wanted to speak to me." Jace's mind started to try to conjure up other theories on why he would want to see him and Alec. Alec hadn't been at Dorothea's or at Luke's home. Jace quickly tried to think of different reasons. He didn't like being caught off guard. They finally arrived to Hodge's office and Jace still had no idea.

"Well, have fun." Isabelle told him before spinning around and darting out of sight. Where's she headed off to? Jace couldn't help but wonder. Jace mentally shook himself from his thoughts. Taking his mind off of Isabelle's sudden disappearances lately, Jace slowly entered the office.

As Jace walked in he noticed Alec was already seated in one of the chairs, the one Clary had sat in a while ago. What is wrong with me! She's just another girl! No different from the others! Stop thinking about her! A small voice chastised in Jace's mind. He couldn't help it though. He tried to pull his mind off of the small red head but it was if everything reminded him of her.

She's not just another girl. And she is most definitely different from the others. Jace thought back to the voice. Great now I'm talking to myself!

"Ah Jace, sit down," Hodge spoke cheerfully but he looked stern. Jace sat and shot Alec a look that said, 'what's this about?' Alec just shrugged at him, equally confused.

"Alec, Jace," he said quietly when they were both seated quietly. He leaned forwards, his forearm resting on his desk and his hands were clasped together. This can't be good, Jace immediately thought as he took in Hodge's appearance. "I asked you both to come here because I have a few questions for both of you."

"About what?" Jace asked cautiously. Hodge cleared his throat loudly.

"About Clary," he replied softly. Jace and Alec looked at each other in surprise. "I have this strange feeling that she's...Not quite telling me the truth about everything." Jace was absolutely astonished. How had Hodge found out?

"What do you mean?" Jace asked, sounding surprised. He decided sneak a glance at Alec who in turn was looking quite pleased.

"I don't believe she comes from France...Or maybe that is true but your reason for going to the vampires lair? Not so clear. Whatever happened with Valentine's followers? Not so clear as well. Do any of you know something I don't?" There was a long pause and Hodge cleared his throat. "The Clave needs every piece of information they can get boys. We need to stop Valentine and fast."

"I didn't believe the France story either," Alec spoke up and Jace shot him an infuriated look that he ignored. Hodge looked rather pleased at his words.

"Do you know where she really came from?" He asked, sounding intrigued. Alec frowned.

"No," he spoke with honesty. Jace was the only one who knew the truth about where Clary was from whereas Alec and Isabelle had no idea.

"I see," Hodge replied. He didn't sound convinced but trusted Alec in telling him everything he knew. "Anything else?" Alec jerked his head towards Jace.

"Ask him, he has spent much more time with her than I have," he said glumly causing Jace grimaced. Hodge's gaze fell upon Jace, focusing on him.

"Jace, is there anything Clary told you or discovered that I don't know about? It's very important if we know but don't worry, no harm will come to her. I just want to know about her. It's hard to trust people these days and I'd like to know that I can trust her. Is there anything?" Hodge finished, gazing at him as if he was trying to see right through him. His eyes looked honest, concerned and serious.

Jace knew there were so many things Hodge didn't know about Clary, so many things they had lied about. He knew that telling Hodge everything was the right thing to do. Informing the Clave was the right thing to do. Lying to the Clave has always hurt him in a way, as if he was lying to everything he lived for, lying to himself. Jace thought back to the girl who had cried on his shoulder, trusting him and begging him to keep her secret. With that memory fresh on his mind, Jace looked at Hodge straight in the eye and calmly answered.

"No. Nothing at all."

Clary finally made her way back to her room. She had stayed in the music room for quite some time, marvelling at the instruments and thinking. Jace's tune kept replaying in her mind repetitively giving off a soothing effect. She didn't dare try and play the piano herself.

When she finally arrived to her room, she reached for the doorknob when suddenly, a loud ringing noise echoed in the Institute, indicating there was a visitor at the door. Curious, Clary turned away from her room and headed to the elevator slowly where Isabelle had already entered. She followed her up to the doors, traveling by different elevators to avoid questioning about what she saw in the music room.

"What on earth are you doing here?" Clary heard Isabelle's astonished voice echo through the corridor. She was unable to see who was at the door.

"I'm here to talk to Clary," a familiar voice replied calmly. Clary froze in shock, her body stopping completely in its tracks. It only took her a moment before she sprinted down the corridor. Pushing Isabelle to the side, she flung her arms around Simon.

"What are you doing here?" She asked in shock when she pulled away she was smiling largely. Isabelle, on the other hand, looked sour. Clary noticed an abnormally large bag slung around his shoulder.

"Just making sure that you were here," he answered, smiling at her. "You didn't answer your cell phone." Clary scowled.

"Yeah, I had some complications with that..." She remembered throwing her cell phone across the room. She shook her head before opening her mouth to speak again but loud footsteps behind her interrupted her.

"Who's here?" Jace's voice echoed through the corridor. When he finally arrived to the door, he looked at Simon once and grimaced. "What are you doing here?" Simon glared back.

"I'm good thanks for asking," he snapped sarcastically but Jace continued to stare him down.

"He's here to talk to me Jace," Clary explained then grabbed a hold of Simon's wrist and tried to pull him into the Institute but Jace stepped in front of her.

"What do you think you're doing?" He asked plainly.

"Well it's either let me go with him and talk or let him inside," Clary replied simply as if Jace should've already figured this out. There was a pause. Jace looked at Simon then back at Clary before, with a sigh, moved to the side.

"Jace," Isabelle chastised and he shrugged.

"We can't let her leave Isabelle," Jace said causing Isabelle to frown.

"Fine but if Hodge asks, I wasn't involved." She huffed out in irritation.

"Thanks for the support," Jace replied sarcastically. Isabelle shrugged, her shoulders gracefully moving up and down. Does she do anything not gracefully, 'cause I want to be there to see it! Clary thought lightly. Isabelle turned on her heel away from them and left; her footsteps soft and barely noticeable from years of training to be a stealthy killer. Clary gestured for Simon to come in, her whole body humming with excitement.

"Congratulations," Jace said to Simon as they entered the elevator. "You're the first mundane to walk past these doors." Simon rolled his eyes dramatically before responding.

"Really? Wow, I couldn't imagine why no one else wanted to enter this..." He examined the place briefly as if searching for the right word, although you could hear the sarcasm dripping from his voice. "Dungeon."

"You stupid mundie, you're just blind." Jace snapped.

"I'm not blind, Blondie. According to my doctor I just need to wear these," Simon pointed to his glasses, "and I've got 20/20." Jace scoffed loudly.

"You just can't see what's really in front of you."

"I can. Right now in front of me is a jackass." He stated looking directly at Jace. Jace growled lowly at him.

"Watch it mundane. You're pushing buttons that you don't really want to push."

It was then Clary decided to ignore their bickering. The elevator came to a stop and the thick doors slid open slowly. They exited the elevator and headed down the corridor. After a few moments, they arrived to Clary's room and she turned to look at the boys.

"Enough," she declared, her voice holding an edge to it. Simon looked at her in surprise whereas Jace looked quite amused. "We can talk in my room Simon." He nodded.

"I'll tell Hodge we have a special visitor," Jace proclaimed, looking as if he wanted to call Simon something else. "You realize he can't stay here long right?" Clary rolled her eyes and shuffled Simon in her room.

"Yeah I kind of figured that out from the start of this conversation," she admitted breezily then entered her room herself, closing the door on Jace's surprised face.

"How did you find the Institute?" Clary plopped herself down beside Simon who was sitting on her bed. She lay beside him on her back staring up at the ceiling.

"Luke told me where it was and said to come check if the Clave took you or not." He replied, looking deep in thought.

"Yeah well Magnus's trick worked," Clary said, staring at the curling above her. She took some comfort in having her best friend with her.

"What do you mean?" He asked slightly worried.

"The day I got the block removed," she explained as she sat up to look at him. "Ragnor Fell and him did something with my mind to create a barrier that didn't let anyone in. The downside about it is that it knocks me out when someone tries to get in. Bad side effects," she shrugged even though this new revelation did bother her. By the look on Simon's face, he felt the same.

"What was the Silent Brother's reaction?" He asked, staring at her in concern. His glasses were perched on the top of his nose and Clary felt so comfortable with him sitting beside her.

"I don't really know but I'm guessing shock," she leaned back against the bed and Simon lay beside her. It was like the old days where they'd lay side by side, legs and arms touching and talking about random things. "They are going to send a Silent Brother to check on me again after they finish investigating everyone else." She turned her head to look at Simon who was staring at the ceiling. "Has Luke found out anything about where Madeleine is?"

"He's looking," he replied, his still examining the white curling. "He asked a few people about her and he thinks she's still in, uh… What's the name? Um… The shadowhunter home country." Clary's mind formed the name he forgot, Idris. She never went there before but she has seen plenty of photos and Luke and Jocelyn both spent a while telling her about it.

"Has he done anything else?" Clary badly wanted to hear that Luke had found out where Valentine is, what he wants and everything they needed to know. She tried to hide her disappointment when Simon shook his head.

"He has no idea where Valentine could be hiding so right now he's just keeping an eye out for any disturbances and stuff," he explained and Clary shot up from her bed.

"I know something that can help him!" She exclaimed breathlessly. She felt stupid for forgetting what the vampires told her when it was so important. "When I went to the vampire's liar to get information, one of them told me that Valentine was staying somewhere that has a portal." She looked eagerly at Simon who had also sat up. "There aren't a lot of places with portals in New York right?" Simon shrugged then got off the bed.

"I have something for you," he said over his shoulder as he grabbed his green bag he brought with him. His back was facing Clary so she couldn't see what he was rummaging around for.

"What is it?" She asked curiously and glanced at the drawer where her cell phone lay in pieces. "A new cell phone?" Simon shook his head and finally took something out of his bag.

"The Cup," he said as he showed her the Mortal Cup in his hands. It looked the same as always, gold and the size of an ordinary wineglass. Simon handed it to Clary who gripped it tightly close to her, as if it would fly away.

This is the reason Valentine took her mother. This is the reason he's wreaking havoc all of the city. It was the Mortal Cup. The Cup that she swore to protect for her mother and for all shadowhunters. She knew she's required to keep it away from Valentine's clutches no matter what.

"Why did you bring it back?" She asked quietly, her eyes examining the cup. She never really sat down and examined how beautiful it was.

"My mom found it and started to ask questions," he admitted causing Clary to look up at him in surprise. He looked a little sheepish. "I told her it was for a project. Yeah I know, not a good excuse but I panicked," he added at the look of Clary's face. "I couldn't risk it so I asked Luke if he could keep it but he said Pangborn and Blackwell are still watching him. The last resort was to give it to you and Luke agreed, he said that it would be better if it was in an Institute, having the protection of five shadowhunters." Clary nodded absently in agreement and looked around her room for a hiding place. She bit her lip. There were no good places to hide something that could be used as a deadly weapon. Finally, she resulted into stashing it under her bed and throwing a bunch of stuff over it.

"There," she announced as she got up from the floor. Everything looked normal. Simon was behind her where he had been handing things to her. They both dropped onto the bed again.

"Well, Luke will be delighted to hear you weren't hauled away by the Clave kicking and screaming," Simon mused and Clary gave him a light punch.

"Shut up," she laughed and then sighed. "That doesn't mean I'm safe from them."

"Yeah, we know but at least you aren't in jail yet," he pointed out then looked thoughtful for a moment. "I wonder how many years you'd get for stealing one of the mortal instruments." And like that, they dissolved into laughter similar to the old days.

The topics were random and useless but it brought them joy to sit around like the old days instead of worrying about Valentine. Clary couldn't tell how long they were talking for. Finally, a knock on the door interrupted them. Clary, who had been reminding Simon about the time she broke her leg and he basically forced the paramedics to take him with her to the hospital, walked over to the door. She opened it, expecting Jace, but instead Alec stood in the doorway, looking smug.

"Time for the mundane to leave," he announced and Simon came over to stand with Clary.

"What time is it?" She asked.

"About nine," he replied simply. "Get him going." He nodded to Simon then turned on his heels and left.

"I'll walk you home," Clary said and Simon grabbed his bag. No way was she going to let Simon walk alone at this time of night while Valentine's men and maybe even himself are walking around. There's a chance Valentine saw pictures of Simon in her house too. Simon didn't argue with her, knowing she's capable of beating up anything that came her way. That's one thing she liked about him, the fact that he doesn't treat her like a child. As they walked down the corridor, they bumped into Jace. He looked at them then pretended to be sad.

"Leaving already?" He said causing Clary to roll her eyes.

"I'm walking with him home." Clary informed him and he looked slightly taken back.

"Excuse me? The whole point of him coming in here was so that you don't have to go outside and now you stand here asking me if you can go outside?"

"I wasn't asking you," Clary snapped even though she could see the meaning in his words. "I was just informing you so that you don't start a hunt for me when I leave."

"Same thing," he replied dismissively.

"His house is only a few minutes from mine. We'll be fine and I promise I won't run away again," Clary didn't mention the fact that she had nowhere to go anyways.

"Why do you have to go? Is the mundane afraid of the dark?"

"No," Simon snapped, face flushing with anger. Clary gave him a calming look before moving her gaze to Jace.

"It's the middle of the night and I don't want anything to happen to him," Clary explained firmly. "Valentine's out there, you know."

"And what would Valentine want with a simple mundane?" Jace challenged and Clary looked at him for a second. "Forget I said that," he said, realizing how stupid he sounded. They were talking about a man who wouldn't care if he killed innocent little children.

"Exactly. So if you would so kindly move out of the way..." She gestured with her hand for him to move to the left but he didn't budge. After a pause, he spoke.

"I'm coming with you." Clary raised her eyebrows even though she kind of expected him to say that.

"I'm perfectly capable of walking my best friend home thanks," she sneered. Jace looked at her acknowledged.

"I know. I didn't say you weren't but with Valentine out there we can't take any chances." Clary almost felt touched by his concern. She finally realized that he wasn't just trying to be the hero of the day but was really concerned for her safety. Hiding a smile, she nodded her head.

"Okay," she agreed. She could tell Simon was staring at her with his mouth wide open but she ignored him. She was suddenly looking at Jace with new eyes. He smiled at her then turned around, heading off towards the door. Clary and Simon hurriedly followed after him.

"We need to be home by dinner though," he said as they rounded a corner. "Hodge gets mad if we aren't on time." They entered the kitchen to see Isabelle standing by the stove, staring down at a big pot of something that was giving off a weird smell. It wasn't an unpleasant smell but it wasn't exactly great either. With one glance at Isabelle, Jace whispered to Clary. "Actually, I don't mind be a few minutes-or hours-late."

"Where do you think you're going?" Isabelle demanded, still staring at the pot. Clary was a little surprised that Isabelle heard them walking across to the door over the raging steam coming from the pot and beeping microwave,

"Out," he said simply and continued walking towards the exit. Isabelle turned around.

"Jace," she warned, her voice stopping him from leaving the room. "Where is 'out' exactly?"

"Just walking for a few minutes, we'll be home for dinner," Jace explained even though he had no intention of being on time for dinner. "Tell Hodge too."

"Why should I tell him?"

"Isabelle," Jace said in exasperation as he looked at the wall. Clary and Isabelle had both expected him to snap a remark but when he didn't, they looked at each in surprise. Isabelle realized something was wrong and backed off.

"Fine," she agreed and turned towards the pot again. Jace started to move but Isabelle spoke again. "You know, Alec is going to be angry when he hears you went out hunting again without him." She stirred the pot absently and glanced behind her at Jace as she spoke. "You're supposed to be parabati."

"I'm not going hunting Iz," he replied stiffly and Clary could tell he felt kind of hurt by her words. She could tell he never wanted to hurt Alec.

"You're going outside at night Jace," she stated, staring at him. Strands of her black silky hair were falling before her face. "Even walking to the store is basically hunting. You never know what you'll meet on the way these days." Jace frowned then sighed.

"Yeah I know," he said tiredly and rubbed his temple. "Tell him I'm sorry and not to worry. I'll have Clary for help." Jace walked out of the door, followed by Clary and Simon. As Clary passed Isabelle, she swore she could hear her mutter into the soup,

"Somehow, I don't think that'll make him feel any better."

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