Chapter 3: Unfortunate Swimmer

Misty's Dewgong was battling another trainer's Pokémon. Even though it was a Manectric, it could do nothing to stop Dewgong's powerful Ice Beam. The trainer had thought that using Thunderbolt would win him the battle, but it was to no avail; Dewgong overmatched him quite easily by just using Surf.

"Use Thunderbolt again, Spark!" yelled the trainer.

"Dewgong, create a wall of ice in front of you with Ice Beam!"

The ice blocked the lightning bolt. It didn't even leave a scratch.

"Drat! Spark, you have to use more force then!" the trainer yelled, frustrated.

With a calm voice, Misty proclaimed, "You won't get far as a Pokémon trainer if you don't keep yourself calm in battle."

"I don't want to be lectured!"

Misty shook her head. The younger the trainer, the more stubborn they became.

"Spark, use Thunder Wave on Dewgong!"

Waves of electricity flew towards Dewgong. Before they could connect, Dewgong dived into the depths of the water. Unable to affect the whole body of water, the waves of electricity dispersed.

Misty shook her head. "Hopefully you can do better."

The trainer gritted his teeth. The Cerulean gym leader wasn't taking him serious.

"Dewgong, it's time to go on the offensive. Use our Ice Combination." Misty commanded.

Dewgong, from underwater, caused a large wave in the direction of the Manectric's backside. Surprised, the Pokémon turned around and braced itself for the wave.

"Spark, stay strong! After the wave use Thunder!"

Standing still, the Manectric focused on just the wave. It barely noticed the shadow behind the wave. By the time the trainer realized what was coming, Dewgong had already come out of the wave.

"Spark, dodge it quickly!" ordered the trainer. The Pokémon moved to the left, away from the incoming Dewgong.

The Pokémon's movement amused Misty. "So many trainers expect me to use Body Slam when Dewgong gets closed. This part always surprises them."

The trainer's eyes widened. He understood what would come next; however, it was a moment too late. Dewgong released an Ice Beam at close range. The Manectric's instincts told it to move back, but his body bumped into the wall of ice that Dewgong had made earlier. It was too late to jump out of the way. The Ice Beam collided with the Manectric's body at point-blank range.

"Spark!" yelled the trainer.

Before it could get up, Dewgong was already charging up its next attack. A blast of extremely cold air shot out from Dewgong's mouth. When it hit the electric-type Pokémon, it knocked it out instantly. Sheer Cold never failed in making a Pokémon faint.

"I…lost? No! How could this happen?"

The trainer went and picked his Pokémon. He had tears in his eyes. "Why did you have to do that?"

Misty shook her head. "I was only finishing the match." She walked towards the trainer, hopping across each ice platform. "What you should do is take your Pokémon to the Pokémon Center. He needs rest."

The trainer nodded, though he continued to cry. Then, he asked where the Pokémon Center was since he wasn't from Cerulean.

"One of my sisters at the front desk can take you. They have to take some of the gym Pokémon for a checkup anyway." Misty told him. Her face softened and she smiled. "If you want, you can battle me again whenever your Pokémon is feeling better."

Misty walked to the left wall of the room and flicked on all the lights. She watched as the boy took his Manectric to the front. He'd probably be back tomorrow.

She let out a held in sigh. She had battled seven consecutive trainers; each trainer had been less entertaining than the one before. They all had tried to use electric types in order to have an advantage.

Unable to stop herself, she began to think back to the great battles she had in the past. Those were tough battles where a single moment decided whether it was a victory or not. She really missed those battles. Sadly, since she was the second gym leader of the Kanto area most of the trainers that challenged her weren't that experienced. She longed for the excitement of an intense match.

"Misty, are you going to do something or are you just going to stare into space?" Violet, her sister, asked.

Misty's thoughts returned to the gym. "Did any of you show that kid the way to the Pokémon Center?"

Violet nodded. "Daisy decided to go with him. I honestly don't like going there at night. I'm scared that I might be abducted."

Misty laughed. "Who would want to abduct you? The whole city would search for one of its mermaids."

Violet pretended to sigh. "The whole town would be in chaos without me!"

Misty's laughter filled the gym.

"Now, now, are you going to do something or not? I have to turn off the gym lights."

Misty answered her sister. "I'm going to go swimming in the forest."

Violet was shocked. "Are you crazy?! There's many different Pokémon there and you could be attacked!"

Misty shook her head. "All the Pokémon there are friendly. Actually if something happened, they would protect me."

Before her sister could argue, Misty hugged her and walked away to get her stuff ready. She grabbed some clothes and a towel. She glanced at the Pokéball that held Starmie, but decided not to take it. She trusted nature.

When she left the gym, she saw that all the streets were empty. Only a few stores were open and most of them were about to close. That meant the lights would be dimmed for the night. She quickened her pace towards the northern bridge that lead to the northern forest.

She reached her favorite clearing with the small pond in less than ten minutes. However, it was late enough for the moon to reach the center of the sky. She could see only a few yards past the encircling trees due to their thickness. Everything inside the circle was illuminated perfectly.

She giggled as she took off her blue top, revealing her developing, cream-colored breasts. She slipped off her shoes, followed by her shorts. All that remained were a pair of pale blue panties. She slipped those off slowly, and then placed them in a neat pile with the rest of her clothing. Her hair loose from the ponytails she usually wore, it framed her face as she walked towards the pond.

"Ah! That is cold!" Misty squealed as she placed her left foot into the water. She slowly walked deeper into the pond until her body was submerged up to her collar bone.

Misty sighed in relief at the soothing feeling of the cold water. She splashed some water on her face before dipping her hair in the water. She combed it back with her hands.

"I wish I could do this more often." Misty stated, to no one in particular.

A soft wind was blowing through the trees, chilling Misty. "Crap! I better stay mostly under water or else I'll get a cold!"

Misty moved back to the edge and laid her body against the shallow, wet ground. Cooled by the water and the wind, she closed her eyes and relaxed.

Thoughts about battling invaded her mind; she sat up, unable to stop the thoughts. She wanted a good battle where her whole mind was challenged to its limit. To have an unstoppable force challenge her…she'd be in ecstasy.

"Ooh…" Misty moaned. She was getting excited. Her lower lips were heating up from just her thoughts.

"Hmm…" Misty looked around her. When she saw that no one was around her, she slipped her left hand down to her abdomen. She placed a finger on the entrance between her legs. She traced her lips with it and pleasured herself. With her ready, she placed her fingers inside.

Misty's moans trailed through the clearing as she slowly rubbed her inner walls with her fingers. Her other hand rubbed her left breast, paying close attention to her hardening nipples. When she couldn't hold it in any longer, she placed her fingers in her mouth and sucked on them as the other hand continued their job. It didn't take long for her hips to buckle towards her hand. Her orgasm caused her to moan even louder than before.

"Ah!" she yelled, in pleasure. A stream of her juices covered her fingers. Not wanting to waste her liquids, she took her fingers out of her opening and placed them in her mouth. She sucked them until all her juices disappeared.

Misty licked her lips. "That was good."

Misty placed her head fall on a patch of grass. She was about to close her eyes when she heard a small plop. At first, she was going to ignore it, but many more plops followed.

"What the hell was that?" Misty asked, confused.

When she looked around her, she saw that she was surrounded by multiple Wartortles. Each one had a crazy expression and was glancing in her direction. Being a water trainer, she had no immediate fear; however, she was wary by their stares.

"So…um…hi, guys?" Misty squeaked.

She tried to move her arm, but a Wartortle slammed into it. Before she could yelp in pain, a second Wartortle slammed into her other arm. A third, much bigger Wartortle pounced on her lower half. The rest encircled her closely.

Shocked, she tried to understand her situation. A thought occurred to her when one of them tugged at a strand of her hair. With the moonlight glistening off her wet skin and her hair shining above her hair, she resembled a female Croconaw. Since she had just squirted underwater, they could probably smell her sexual juices.

"Um, guys…I'm not a Pokémon!" Misty tried to explain that she was a human, but it was in vain. They didn't care.

With a Wartortle holding down each of her arms and legs, she was vulnerable to whatever the Wartortle had in store. Soon, a Wartortle positioned themselves above each of her hands, her breasts, her face, and above her vagina. She began to whimper, knowing what would occur.

Without wasting time, the largest Wartortle penetrated her virgin lips. Its penis was only a few inches, but it was very thick, causing her walls to stretch.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" Misty yelled in pain.

They stopped her screaming by shoving a penis into her mouth. The other erected Wartortles, who were above her hands, grabbed a hand and forced it to pleasure their individual organs. The first two Wartortles started their onslaught of thrusting.

With her hands, mouth, and vagina occupied already, the remaining Wartortles humped any crease that offered friction. There was a Wartortle rubbing against each of her breasts, rubbing against the underside of her knee, and rubbing against her armpits. They didn't care where or what they were humping; all they wanted was to release as much as possible.

After minutes of continuous thrusts, the Wartortles ejaculated. Misty hoped they were done, but they weren't. Each one, excluding the largest, switched clockwise. After getting positioned, they started again.

Their juices quickly covered the majority of her body, including her hair. After each having a turn at a different place, they all stopped to let the biggest Wartortle get a new area. He withdrew from Misty and flipped around. Her back was facing up, with her ass pointing towards him. Wartortle's eyes gleamed with desire, his member quivered in anticipation.

The Wartortle was about to anally rape her when Misty kicked him. Wartortle squealed in pain. Since she was no longer held down, she could move freely. Being a Pokémon trainer, she was normally against hurting them, but she was in a special situation. They had not only hurt her, but also violated her. No amount of apologizing would fix that pain.

Angry, Misty grabbed a nearby branch and swung it at the Pokémon. It was easily swept off its feet and into a tree. She repeated this with the other Wartortles that violated her.

"Idiotic, horny, stupid Pokémon, take this!" Misty yelled at them.

When she reached the last one, she chose to swing the branch downwards toward its head. The branch broke from the impact, while the Wartortle was knocked out. A fleeting Wartortle dragged him away.

Exhausted, Misty's legs gave in and, she collapsed on top of the grass. Her mouth was sore from being open, her throat stung from the acidic juices she had to swallow to avoid drowning on cum, her hands felt bare from being forced to rub all their organs, her breasts were developing rashes, and her lower half hurt whenever she tried to open her legs even a little.

Even though she had all these pains, she didn't cry. She had enjoyed some of it – not any of the violent parts – while it had happened. Her face became flushed in shame. She had enjoyed being raped multiple times by wild Pokémon. She barely realized that she had experienced more orgasms than each Wartortle had. Could it be possible that she enjoyed being screwed by Pokémon?

She trembled in discomfort. The cold was getting to her. She went back into the pond to clean herself. Afterward, she grabbed her towel and quickly dried her body. Her clothes came next.

When she was fully clothed, Misty began to walk. She stopped after a few feet and sat down at the base of a tree. She was too tired to walk. Tired, Misty let her mind wander for while. The first fear that occurred to her was that she might be raped again. Her fear disappeared when she realized that she smelled like a Wartortle's mate. No other Pokémon would bother her due to the strong stench. Misty thought, even if another Wartortle appeared, it would no longer smell my juices, right?

Her eyes began to close as fatigue overwhelmed her. She heard a rustling in a bush near her. A tear formed in the corner of her eye, fearing the worst to happen again. When a warm muzzle rubbed the tear away, she sensed no danger. The mysterious fur-covered beast sat down and covered her body with its fur. It helped keep her body warm against the chilling wind.

She pried one eye open slightly, only to see bright red fur. Her nose smelled a hint of sweet berries in the fur. Sensing that she was conscious at the moment, the creature looked her in the eye. Fierce, almond-colored eyes stared at Misty. There were no evils in those eyes.

Feeling safe for once that night, Misty smiled as she fell asleep. She snuggled closer to her protector for the night.