A/N: Noticed not too many fics on "End Game" out there. So I thought, what the heck

Chapter One

Tony shook his head. It had been a long day. First with the whole murder case, then with the whole Ziva situation. What was with that anyway? The whole big brother comment, then the flirting. He didn't get it. He leaned back in his chair, putting his feet on his desk. Where was McDork when he needed him? It was pretty late, and it was probably time to get home. Ziva had already left, and Gibbs... well Tony didn't know if he ever left. Grabbing his backpack, he made his way to the elevator.

The elevator came to a stop, and Agent Dunham got on. He nodded to Tony, before pressing the button for the ground floor. "So, heard the case went well." Said Dunham. What's this, trying for small talk? I'm really not in the mood, thought Tony, but faking a happy tone replied,

"Yup, thanks for the help pal." Dunham nodded.

"So, you and Agent David, huh." Dunham said, Tony could hear the smirk in his voice.

"Excuse me?"

"I can tell when I should turn off my southern charm. And I should have today. Sorry about that."

"Z-Ziva and I are just friends. Like family."

"If family members look at each other like you guys did, then there would be incest." Tony smiled.

"You noticed that, huh?"


"Well I think that it's just me with the creepy staring thing. In fact, Ziva said I was acting like an older brother."

"More like a jealous boyfriend," As the door opened, he turned back, "she knows, and I think she's waiting for your move." Tony stood still for a moment, then left the elevator with a smile on his face.