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Halloween Kisses

"See you later big brother," Mary called as she ran out the door.

Cain sighed, it was another year for Halloween, but this time, Mary was with them. Now, he'd have to think of a way to maybe get some of her candy...

Riff set down the tea, and handed Cain a cup. "Is there something on your mind Cain?" He asked as he smiled...Cain loved it when Riff smiled. Cain's expression lightened a little, as Riff started to tease him a bit.

"No, not really," he answered, but Riff saw right through him. He wasn't Cain's butler for nothing.

"You want some of Mary's candy, don't you?" The older one questioned.

"Yes," Cain answered simply. Riff smiled as Cain leaned up against him. For some time now, they both crossed the line between the "master and servant" relationship, but it didn't matter, because it was more than they realized.

Soon, Mary returned home and there to greet her was her older brother Cain, Riff, a cup of hot team and a plate of scones. Once she sat down, Cain asked, "So, how was trick-or-treating?"

"Fun and I got a lot of candy," she answered as she showed her brother and Riff the full bag. Riff smiled and pat Mary on the head, while Cain started to mentally swear.

Mary then started to dig through her bag of candy and she pulled out a mini Twix, and was about to open it, when Cain asked, "Didn't you have enough candy on the way home?"

Mary pouted. "How did you know?" She wondered as he gave her a knowing smile. "I just know," he answered as she put the Twix back in the bag.

Finally, Mary went to bed, and once the house was silent, Cain took Mary's full bag of candy, and started to go through all of them, until at the bottom of the bag, he found what he was looking for: a Cherry Hershey's kisses.

"Hey Riff, I found them," he said, while taking them all out and also slipping out Riff's favorite candy-second to Cherry Hershey's kisses: Snickers!

"Do enlighten me Cain," Riff requested as he sat down next to his enchanting master.

"Close your eyes first," she ordered, and Riff did as he asked, sitting perfectly still, while Cain quietly unwrapped the sweet little chocolate, and popped it into his mouth, then without warning, he kissed Riff as the Hershey melted.

While this was happening, Riff's body started to move on its own accord, because as she wrapped his arms around Cain's waist, and pulled him onto the couch. The fight continued between them-Cain first being the dominant one, but soon giving into Riff, which surprisingly was fun.

They both finally broke apart, while Cain laughed as Riff licked his lips, because he still had some chocolate left.

"Hershey's kisses on Halloween, I like it," Riff commented as Cain ran his fingers lightly through Riff's light blue hair.

"I'm gild that you do, besides Hershey's kisses are sweet on Valentine's Day, but are just as good on Halloween, don't you think?" Cain wondered as Riff absentmindedly hugged him.

"Yes, especially if they're Halloween kisses," Riff agreed as Cai just closed his eyes and fell asleep in Riff's arms.