Author's Note: You asked for it and you got it. Introducing the full-blown multi-chapter sequel to my other Prince of Persia one-shots. Major thanks to everyone who requested this, I really appreciated all your kind words! I'll work hard on this so please bear with me!

And the powerful Ormazd turned to the Ahrua and said:

"My light shall forever be yours,

As will be my protection and guidance,

For you,

The Ahura,

Are destined to guard Ahriman for eternity."

And a young child in the crowd,


"What if he should escape?

We are not Gods,

We cannot trap him.

What would we do?"

Great Ormazd smiled and addressed the child and said:

"Little one, you make a good point, but you needn't worry.

For there will always be a

Child of Light

To defeat the darkness and restore balance."

And with that,

Almighty Ormazd left and the Ahura began their duty

Of guarding against the dark.

Author's Note: Short, I know, but I needed to put this up first. Next chapter will be longer, I promise! Review please!