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Summery: This is a naruhina its about how Hinata's perents were killed when she was 8 and they cut a part of her neck during it and she was left mute. She movs to a foster hinata turns 19 she leves to live by her self in Konoha were she lived when she was that time she can speak but very little and with a stuttering problem. Ok and there she meets Naruto who at the time is a playboy and the whole crew thats when the drama might start.

"Blah" talking

"Blah" thoughts

"Blagh" screaming

"Tick" Hinata writing on her bored.



It was like any other night at the Hyuga house hold all fast asleep ,but tonight would change a family's life forever. There lurking in the shadows was a man dressed in black holing a shiny thing in his hand ready for any one to get close. This man was good he would have token what he wanted with out disturbing the sleeping but what he didn't expect was to hear a child's cry and the sleeping parents foots steps. The man tried to hide but to late he was. There the small light was light by the Hyuga women and there they stared at each other both afraid.

Hiashi walked into his two little girls room with a 2 year old Hanabi crying and 8 year old Hinata waking up from her sisters crying.

" why are you crying hanabi"

" had a sccary deam"

"Its ok daddy's here" Hinata spoke comforting her sister

" Hinata's right its ok Hanabi daddy's here now"


"What was that!!" Hiashi whispered so he wouldn't frighten his girls

"Girls stay here"

Hiashi stood up in a hurry to see what was up but the man in black beat him to the door of the girls bedroom. For a moment every thing was silent the but then the man lifted the gun and fired but Hiashi was to fast. Hiashi gave him a punch in the gut and the man grunted dropping his weapon .Hiashi took advantage of this and graved the man by the coaler

"Why are you here"

The man grind and Hiashi stood stiff for a moment. Blood started dripping to the floor and Hiashi

fell to the floor.

"DADDY" Hinata ran to her father kneeling next to him giving soft cry's.

"sorry kid but thats what happens when you don't listen to people who are bigger then you."

"yy..ou big meanny" little Hinata screamed at the big man and kicked him right in his jewels.

The man groaned

"Come her you stupid bitch"

The man garbed Hinata by the hair yanking at it

"no let me go let me go"

"shut up"


"fine then ill shut you up myself"

Hinata was crying and panicking she didn't want to die like her father. Hinata started scurrying around trying to set her self free. The man picked up the blade used to kill her father.

"Hanabi run get help run g..cough"

Hinata screams were cut short as the man slits her neck. Hinata put her small hand to her neck and felt warm liquid pour onto her hand. Hinata took her hand off and looked at it. That liquid was blooded her blood. Hinata slowly started losing continuousness she fell to the floor. Last thing she saw was her sister race to the door. Then she heard the man whisper into her ear

"See you should be more respectful of big people" and everything went black.


"Dame I not that nightmare again" Hinata sighed and got out of bed.

"Ok your back in Konoha and now you decied to dream about of that is in the past I need to move on."

Hinata walked over to her calender scratching out yesterday.

"ok so its the beginning of march and your starting a new school and you live alone now, so at lest try to look maybe you'll get some friends of who know maybe you'll see some of you friends when you where 8. Maybe you never know what you'll get out of life, and come on you don't have to be from foster to foster. I might even consider looking for my sister."


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