A/N: Drabble fic title taken from biblical verse 2 Samuel 1:25.

Word Count: 100 on the nose, if you ignore the words above the line.

Summary: E/O CHALLENGE. Drabble word: Jaw. It's fallenangel218's birthday! Have a happy one! Dean discovers that sometimes vaccinations work, and sometimes they don't. Two related drabbles, with shameless Sick!Dean and caring!Sam.

Part 1 – if you love me, kill me now

"According to my immunization records," Sam says smugly. "I'm safe."

"Who the hell keeps them after all these years," Dean growls. He's trying for macho. The effect's kinda ruined by the fact that Dean's face and jaw is swollen. He looks like a cute, grumpy chipmunk with light stubble.

And freckles.

It's funny, but it's not. The mighty hunter, bad ass Dean Winchester, laid low by the mumps.

" 'm burnin' up," Dean moans. He scowls when Sam brings him water and aspirin. Says he'd kill for a cheeseburger and a beer.

He gets chicken broth instead.

Bobby tries not to laugh.

On to the next one.