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Summery: Yugi is the only one in her group of four 16 year old teenage girls that's single, who also never had her first kiss before. She's depressed about the fact that whenever she sees her three best friends with their boyfriend, she couldn't help but feel so alone. Even though she has family and friends, she still couldn't help but cry herself to sleep almost every night. Dreaming of what her dream boyfriend/prince would be like, but thinks that she won't have one. Until one Monday morning, a transfer student comes to her school. The main couple is YamixYugi. Also a little of RyouxBakura, MalikxMarik, and JoexSeto.

Warning: Yugi, Ryou, Malik, and Joe are all girls in this fanfic, so if you want yaoi (boyxboy) then find another story to read. Also that this will be rated T for now, so please enjoy my fanfic.

~Chapter 1 Prince Charming~

**Yugis POV**

I signed once again while I was walking home with my friends after school; while all of my best friends were just walking with their boyfriends left arms around them. While I just walk beside with no one with me, to love, to hold, or even to kiss me. I'm like the only single girl in the group. I mean in my group is me, and my three best friends Ryou, Malik, and Joe. All of us have been best friends since middle School; we all had lots in common. We all love to play Duel Monsters, we talk about cute guys, and we all have great since of humors. Right now the only thing that is different from me and my three friends is…well you get my point.

Anyways, what I'm saying is; I don't have a boyfriend. I mean no guy would ever want a very short girl like me, which my height is 5 foot tall. I mean I'm very short for my age; I've even been made fun of because of that. I mean come on, my life sucks enough as it is! Can't a girl have a boyfriend like their boyfriends, a great beautiful man with nice skin that it's so beautiful that you want to touch it.

And don't even try to say that my friend's boyfriends aren't like that, because they are. Joe's boyfriend is Seto Kiba, he's a very rich guy and handsome guy with brown hair and icy blue eye, but with a huge temper. And if you're thinking that Joe is dating him because of the money, then something's wrong with your head, 'cause even in middle school (While Seto was still rich at the time) Joe once said that she would never like him. I'm not kidding. Back then these two really just argue all the time, but the truth was that they argue just to get the others attention. They both liked each other and I knew it, so if your wondering how they ended up together. Well honestly I don't know how, Joe never told me or Ryou and Malik about it. (A/N: You guys will know soon of how they both ended up being together later on in the story)

Speaking of Ryou and Malik, I sould tell you guys about their boyfriends too right? Well before I tell you guys of their boyfriends, I'll let you know that Ryou and Malik are cousins. But they are more like sisters then cousins, so they've been living in the same house since Malik's parents died in Egypt. Which I think that it was ten years ago. So it was a tragety for Malik, thankfully that Ryou's parents let her stayand live with them, so Ryou and Malik have been like sisters ever since.

Well back to their boyfriends, Ryou's dating Bakura Lovett. His skin is very quiet pale, and his hair white as snow like Ryous. You know what; he actually looks like a boy version of Ryou. The only difference is that he's male, he's taller, and a few strain of his hair up. And he actually sometimes looks like a crazy guy sometimes, but really he's a great guy to be with (If you get to know him better of course). And now for Maliks boyfriend, his name is Marik Ishuzu. He has blond spiky hair, and his skin tan as Malik. He also looks like Malik; the only difference is that he's a guy, and that a few strain of his hair is spiked up. Oh, did I mention that he's Egyptian like Malik, I didn't did I? Oh well, now you know (A/N: Or that you already know.)

So yeah, I'm sad? Just because all my friends have someone to love, I then sighed once again. Little did I know that Ryou turned her head around, and noticed my sighs. Everyone else turned to look at me also with concern in their eyes too.

"Yugi, what's wrong?" Ryou said with concern in her eyes. Heh, she's also the caring type. And that's what so great of having her as a friend.

"Oh it's nothing Ryou; I'm just tired that's all." I lied

"Are you sure Yugi? You've been like this for a while now." Said Ryou

"Aw you know that I don't like getting up in the morning, so I would just get tired all the time in the afternoons." (A/N: That is so what I'm like.) I said

"You sure?" Ryou asked again, seriously she's like a mom sometimes.

"Yes, I'm sure Ryou." I answered

"Well ok, if you say so Yugi." Ryou said, still looking concerned of me. The others also did the same that Ryou did. Man I really need to stop looking so depressed every time when I'm around my friends.

~~At Yugi's house~~

I then got home from school again, my grandfather Solomon Moto then noticed that the look on my face again. He then came to me and asked me what's wrong, and I of course simply told him that I'm fine and that nothings wrong with me. I've been using that excuse for a while now.

Anyways I went straight to my room and just lay on my bed, luckily for me that I don't have any homework to do for today. I never really did like doing homework. (A/N: Join the club) I then looked at a drawing that looked like that it's been drawn by a 7 year old, it was a drawing that I did when I was little. There were two people on it, a young girl with a crown on her head with a man that seemed to be holding her hand, that's also wearing a crown.

The girl is supposed to be me, and the man supposed to be my prince charming. I remembered before my parent's went into a car accident and died, my mother told me that I would one day find my prince. Oh yes, I definitely remembered the words she said to me 9 years ago.

-Flash black 9 years ago Authors POV-

"Mommy, mommy, look at what I just draw!" The 7 year old Yugi said, holding a drawing that she just did.

"Oh honey it's beautiful, did you do that yourself?" Her mother asked her

"Yep I sure did, it's me and my prince charming." Yugi said happily

"It is? My, he's a cute one." She then looked at the clock and realized of how late it was, so she told young Yugi that it was time to go to bed. So both of them went to Yugis room, and then her mother tucked her to bed. After finishing reading Yugi a bed time story, Yugi asked her something.

"Mommy, will I have a prince charming someday?" She asked

"Yugi of course you'll have a prince charming, every girl does." She said, surprised that her daughter asked something like that. I mean she had already answered Yugi the same question not to long ago, and thought that Yugi already knew.

"Really?" Yugi asked

"Really." Mrs. Moto answered. "Now go to sleep now, you have school tomorrow."

"OK, goodnight mommy" Yugi said before yawning.

"Good night Yugi." She said after kissing her daughter on the cheek, then went to her own room to sleep.

Yugi then soon fell asleep with a smile on her face, but little did she now that that was the last night that she talked to her mother with.

-End Flash back Yugis POV-

Yeah the next morning before I went to school was the last time I saw my mother and father, and that I could never forget my conversation I had with my mother before she died. Heh, kind of sad isn't it. But I got over it a few years later, when I became friends with Ryou and Malik in second grade at my old elementary school.

I then realized that it was getting late so I got my night gown on, and lay down on my bed. A few tears escaped from my eyes, and then I was laughing a little bit of how pathetic I am. I then soon cried myself to sleep again. I was then dreaming, the same dream that I've been having almost every night now.

There was with a young man, about 4 inches taller then me. I was laughing and giggling with him, I couldn't see his face. But I know that he was my dream prince, the one that I would love forever. I new that he wasn't real though because I soon woke up, finding myself in my room.

"Who is he?" I asked myself, and of course no one answered.

~End of the chapter~

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