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~Chapter 15 Happily Ever After~

-6 years later-

**Yugis POV**

It had been six years since me and Yami gave each other our first kiss. Because of that we explained my friends of what happened. They were then very happy that me and Yami are together.

After that one year later Yami and I were still together, and that we graduated from school. We also went to the same collage together too.

Now it's been four years and we're still together.

Today is actually our forth anniversary of when we first kissed. Yami tolled me that we're going to celebrate it at his apartment.

Having dinner together and everything, when I got there Yami opened it. I then blushed a little because when Yami opened the door I realized that he unbuttoned his shirt a little so that he unbuttoned it to the lower part of his chest.

When he saw my facile expression he kissed me on the lips softly and chuckled a little.

"Like what you see little one?" He asked while pointing at his chest. I then blushed twice as more.

"Oh be quite! You unbuttoned your shirt so what." I said while walking in the door. Yami then stopped from walking any further inside by holding me by the waist.

"Not yet Aibou, I want to lead you to the living room." He said he also tolled me to close my eyes. I did what he said and he was leading me to the living room.

"Ok, now open." He said I then opened my eyes and gasped at the site I'm seeing. It was a small dinner table with a white table cloth and candles on top of them. There are also two plates of food on either side of the table.

"Yami, did you do this all by yourself?" I asked still looking surprised.

"I sure did, but it wasn't that hard though. Come on let me take you to your seat." He said while leading me to my seat. I sat on the left side while Yami sat on the right. I then smelled the food in front of me.

"Mm, it smells good. I didn't know you can cook." I said while looking at the soup in front of me.

"Well Ryou taught me how to make this soup the other day. So I did kind of had help from her." He said while taking a small sip of the soup he made. I did the same and it tasted really good.

"Oh wow it even tastes good." I said Yami then smiled at me.

"I'm glade you liked it." Yami said while eating the rest of his soup. When we finished eating the soup we then had some desert too.

When I was going to put away the dishes Yami tolled me that it wasn't necessary. He out them away and came back.

Instead of sitting on his seat he was standing in front of me of where I was sitting. I then looked confused.

"Yami…why aren't you sitting at your seat?" I asked while wondering of what he was doing.

"Yugi there's something I've been meaning to ask you." He said while kneeling down on his left knee. He then pulled out a small box that had the color of Amethyst on it.

"Yugi, we've been together for so long now. And I thought that maybe this day was perfect to ask you this question." He said.

'Oh my god, is he saying what I think he's saying?' I asked my self in my head.

"Yugi…will you marry me?" He asked while opening the box and reveling an engagement ring. A few tears now coming down my cheeks. Yami then looked worry.

"Yugi, are you-" He said before I interrupted him.

"Yes" I said, he then looked shocked.

"What did you say?" He asked.

"Yes…yes of course I'll marry you!" I said as loud as I can, I then hugged him with all my might.

"Y-you will? That's great! Oh Yugi, you don't know how long I've been waiting for this moment to come." He said.

"Me too, I've been waiting for you to ask me that question for so long now. Yami, not only did you become my boyfriend, you became my lover. I love you…Yami." I said still hugging my now fiancé.

"I love you too, my dear Yugi."

-Two years later-

"Gosh Yugi, you look beautiful in that dress." Ryou said while smiling at me.

"Yeah Yug, wait till Yami see's you in that dress. He'll probably think that he is the luckiest guy in the world." Joe said while carrying my wedding bouquet.

"Man if only I wore that dress to my wedding instead. But it's too late I'm already married." Malik said while laughing a bit to herself.

"Thanks you guys. I'm a bit nervous though, but I'm also excited. You guys don't know long I've been waiting for this moment." I said while smiling at the others sweetly.

When it was time for me to come out, I was making sure that I'd looked my best out there. I then wondered if Yami would think that I looked really beautiful in this dress.

My Grandfather then was the one who lead me out to where Yami was. When Yami saw me he widened his mouth then smiled happily at me. I soon was standing next to Yami.

(A/N: So yeah we're just going to skip through to the last part.)

"Yugi Moto, do you take Yami Atemu to be your husband and be there for him for all eternity?" The man looking into the bible asked.

"I do" I answered.

"And do you Yami Atemu, take Yugi Moto to be your wife and be there for her for all eternity?" He asked again, but this time to Yami.

"I do" He answered

"Then I pronounce you two husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride." After saying that Yami immediately kiss me, and I did the same. Everyone cheered and became as happy as we are.

"I love you Yugi. And that we'll always be together forever." Yami said while hugging me.

"I know my love. I know that we'll always be together too." I said while hugging him in return.

-Four years later-

**Authors POV**

"And so the princess kissed that little frog, and because of that the frog turned into a prince. And the two of them got married and lived happily ever after. The end" A young women said to her young four year old daughter.

"That was a great story Mama; can you read it to me again?" She asked.

"Now Luna, you know that it's time for you to go to bed." The Mother said to her daughter.

"I know but I really like that story." She said.

"I know you do, and so do I. But there are times when people need some sleep now a day." The young women said while tucking Luna to bed.

"Ok, I understand." Luna said.

"That's my girl, good night sweet heart." The Mother said.

"Hay Mama." Luna said.

"Yes dear?" Her Mother asked.

"Will I really find my prince charming one day?" Luna asked, her Mom then looked surprised but she then smiles and kissed her daughter on her forehead.

"Of course you will I found mine. And so will you." She said before turning off the lights and leaving the little girls bedroom.

The Mother then went to her room finding a man on the bed. When he saw the women come in he smiled at her.

"So how was it?" He asked.

"After reading her 'The Frog Prince' story she wanted me to read it to her again, but I told her that it was her bed time so I couldn't read it to her again." She said.

"And she did what you said and went to bed right?" He asked again.

"Yep, she's so perfect nothing like those spoiled children now a days." She said while lying on the bed next to her husband.

"She then asked me the same question that I asked my Mom when I was seven before she died." She said.

"What was that?" The man said.

"If she will ever have her own prince charming in the future" I said.

"And what did you say?" He asked again.

"That one day she will find her prince, just like I found mine." She said before kissing her husband on the lips. He then smiled at her.

"I love you, my lovable Yugi."

"I love you too, my dear Yami."

And so just like in the stories; Yugi and Yami really did have a happily ever after.

~The End~