E/O Challenge: Jaw

One for general:

"Sam, I am so sorry!"

Sam rubbed his sore jaw. Inside, he was smiling.

With some recent muggings on campus, Sam decided to teach Jess some defensive moves. With the pop she just gave him, he wasn't so worried about her.

Jess came to him, bag of frozen peas in hand.

"Guess I don't know my own strength," she said with a chuckle.

Sam smiled back. "Ow."

"So who taught you how to fight?" Jess asked, hoping at last for a piece of her boyfriend's reluctantly-shared story.

After a pause, "Dean."

And Sam finally opened up to Jess. A little.

And, for FallenAngels218's birthday:

Some Dean thoughts in "Bloodlust."

He took the punch.

I couldn't help it. He was defending friggin vamps, for cripes sake, and it pissed me off. Then he dared to say I was trying to replace Dad…

Just had to hit something. And unfortunately, Sam's jaw was my immediate target.

That look on his face … but damned if I was going to apologize then.

But he took the punch and still kept after me. Guess he really wanted me to see his side.

Turns out the kid was right about Gordon. Crap.

Gonna have to give him a freebee. Damn, that's gonna hurt…