E/O Drabble Challenge

Challenge word: Jaw

Length: 100 words

Happy Birthday to fallenangel218 who requested some hurt!Dean for her big day.

"S'my? Zat…you?" Dean groaned, trying to lift his head as spikes of pain hammered into his temples.

"Don't move, Dean."

"'m fine." Dean struggled into a sitting position and managed to open one eye, squinting at Sam. "See?"

Sam's jaw twitched. "You just fell down a flight of stairs."

"Pushed, S'my. I was………whoa, are you spinning? Gonna….be….sick."

Sam's firm but gentle hands held him as he vomited. Dean fell back against his brother, panting.

"Hurt, S'my." Pain radiated throughout his whole body.

"I got you, Dean." Sam's breath was warm against his ear. "I called 911. They're on the way."

A/N: Shameless plug--if you're interested I posted another story earlier this week called Sick Cycle Carousel. Hurt!Dean, angsty!Sam and brotherly schmoop....all my faves. :)