This is my first multi-chap fic. It's only gonna be about 5 or so chapters.

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It was after school on a Friday. A long boring, mind-melting week of junior year had just been completed. Only about 20 more to go. Sam and Carly were wiped out, reduced to a vegetative state on the couch watching reruns of Girly Cow. Or so it seemed.

Carly was watching, but Sam was thinking hard. Not a common occurrence on a Friday afternoon, but nevertheless, the blonde girl's thoughts were completely focused. And not on food. No, the reason for Sam's usage of brain power was one Freddie Benson.

For lately, the boy had been plaguing her mind. At the most randomest of times, such as English class, in the shower, or even right now, when she was supposed to be enjoying the ridiculous antics of a teenage bovine, Sam was entranced with the vision of ruffled brown hair and sparkling golden-brown eyes. She wasn't sure if it was love, for she had never felt that most fickle of feelings before. All she knew was that he had all of a sudden infected her with constant reflections on how cute he looked or how nice he was.

It wasn't he who had changed. It was her. One day Sam just... noticed. Freddie was still the same, but he was different. She couldn't explain it. She still beat him, but it was, even if only for the slightest of moments, to be able touch him. She still insulted him, but it was to hear his voice in retaliation. She still took his stuff to make him mad, but it was to make her the focus of his undivided attention.

And Sam thought they had been making progress. After every beating, every fight, every not-so-subtle theft, she thought she saw a tiniest of smiles grace his features. His proclamations of love to Carly had gradually ceased to exist. He always had a pack of fat cakes in his backpack just for her. He laughed at her jokes even when sometime they were about him.

Which was why she was thinking on a Friday afternoon. She was planning to tell him. How hard could it be? Just say 'I've been thinking about you a lot recently. I was thinking we could maybe spend more time together, you know, as more than friends.' He'll be here after he gets home from his AV meeting. I'll tell him then. The way he's been acting, surely he feels the same way. I will definitely tell him.

The door burst open. She felt Carly jerk awake. Sam turned and saw the object of her thoughts run into the room. Freddie yelled, "I DID IT!" He danced around the couch singing an off key rendition of "We are the champions".

Cary and Sam glanced at each other, unsure of the overly energetic demeanor of their usually placid tech producer.

Carly asked, "What did you do?"

Sam answered, "This is Freddie we're talking about. The most exciting thing he could ever possibly do is make some new nerdish video effect. Remember the time he figured out how to get the Icarly graphic to dance the Tango? He nearly wet his pants."

Freddie abruptly stopped moving about and scowled, "Hey, that was cool and no, Sam, this isn't about some nerdish accomplishment."

Carly was impatient. "Well, c'mon, spill the beans."

Freddie grinned, "I asked Jenny Madigan out and she said yes."

As Carly and Freddie were jumping up and down, Sam was on the couch staring in disbelief, thinking.


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