Chapter 21

Finally after looking frantically around she saw the back of Terry's head through the crowd. She hobbled down the stairs as fast as she could in an attempt to get to him.

Cassandra reached the main floor and started to weave through the crowd, which proved to be more difficult that she originally thought because everybody wanted to stopped and talk with her. Phrases of 'not now', 'where's Terry?' and plain ignoring finally brought her out of the crowd to the corner where she had last seen Terry.

He wasn't there.

Looking around she saw the King lying on the ground with a glassy look in his eye. She shivered as she backed away from the sight, she turned and started to walk away when a hand grabbed her arm and yanked her behind one of the curtains. Yelping in surprise Cassandra found herself encased in a fierce hug. "I thought that I had lost you." Terry murmured in her ear.

She smiled and hugged him back. "What about me? I didn't know how that duel with the King had gone."

His grip around her tightened before he spoke, "I killed him."

"I know I saw." Cassandra murmured back.

They stood holding each other for a long moment before Terry finally loosened his hold and held her out where he could see her face, "How are you?" One hand carefully brushed across her cheek where a bruise had formed.

"I am a little worse for wear, but I will be alright." Cassandra said with a smile.

"When we walked into the room and I saw Lord Pos doing that magic on you, I was ready to burst. John had to hold me back. He kept telling me to stick to the plan and all I wanted to do was to take Pos's head off." Terry said with a crack in his voice.

"Sorry. If it makes you feel better, your timing was great, they hadn't been at it for very long when you showed up." Cassandra told him with a smile.

Terry made a face, "That is because we moved sooner than we should have. Ryan, the guard that was with you earlier, came to us in a panic saying that we had to hurry because they were going to question you."

"Ryan, is that his name? I never got a chance to ask him." Cassandra said quietly. "You must remind me to thank him for all that he did when I see him next."

Terry smiled and leaned closer, "Do I get any thanks? Because I believe I deserve a big thank you from you."

Smiling Cassandra closed the distance between them, wrapping her hands behind his neck bringing his mouth down to met hers.

"Terry! Lady Cassandra!" A familiar loud voice made them jump, separating them. John called again, "Terry! Lady Cassandra! Where did the two of you disappear too?"

"Remind me that I need to give John a knock in the head next time I am alone with him." Terry whispered in her ear, before peeking out from behind the curtain. "Hurry he is looking the other way."

Giggling Cassandra followed him, when they were out Terry offered her his arm with a gracious bow. "My Lady."

"It would be my pleasure, My Prince." She said with her most gracious court voice, "Although it soon will be My King, won't it?"

"Don't remind me." Terry whispered as he led her over to where John was still bellowing their names.

"You called my Faithful Commander." Terry said mockingly when John saw them.

John's only reply was to give a face splitting grin and a clumsy bow.

"This won't do, John." Terry continued, "If you are going to stay at court and be an advisor, you really need to work on your bowing."

This only caused John to laugh as he fell into step with the two of them. "We have reports from the city. Patrick and his group did well and are cleaning up. Not many casualties, many of the guard in the city were ready to turn against the Old King. Unlike in the castle, here is where the Old King kept his most loyal dogs. We have I believe found all of them, they are either dead or on their way to the prison cells, to await your judgment."

Terry made a face, "I am not going to like that. Please continue John."

"Most of the nobles would like talk at you, to affirm their devotion to the new king. What should I tell them? That now is a wonderful time, or another time would be better?" John said with a grin.

"You are enjoying this a little too much, John." Cassandra remarked, "Tell the nobles that will have to wait until we make sure that the immediate danger has passed."

"A pretty answer, My Lady." John nodded before walking away.

Terry led Cassandra around the room to where the healer had set-up his clinic. When Cassandra saw where he was going, she tried to protest saying she was fine.

"No, I would feel much better if he looks at you. Most likely he will just order you to bed to get some sleep. But he still needs to look at you." Terry insisted.

Cassandra finally relented and allowed the healer to look her over, and he gave her the recommendation that Terry had thought he would. Cassandra with the thought of a comfortable bed and a good uninterrupted sleep was ready to take his advice. The days events were beginning to catch up on her.

Terry then led her out of the throne room, neatly telling everyone not now, and dismissing them. "I believe the maids have cleared out your old rooms for you."

"I have to say that I loved that bed." Cassandra commented as they walked down the hall. "That was one of the things that made working with the Old King bearable."

That caused Terry to laugh, "I am glad that you like it that much. Well here you are. Get some sleep, please."

Cassandra chuckled at his request and said, "I will." Before she went through the doors into her old room she went on her tip-toes and gave Terry a peck on the cheek. His hand caught her waist and pulled her in for a much longer kiss. "Sleep my love." He hoarsely whispered into her ear when they finally pulled apart, "for tomorrow is going to be a long day."

"Remember to take your own advice." She stated back as she slipped through the doors and closed them.

Cassandra looked around the room in wonder. They were the same as when she left. She was knocked out of her thoughts by the sound of water in the next room. Curious she walked in and found two maids filling up the tub. Cassandra smiled at them and asked, "How did you know that I would need a bath?"

One of the maids said, "We saw you in the throne room and knew that you would want one before would go to sleep."

She thanked them sincerely for their forethought before she dismissed them to make sure the bed was ready. They tried to stay and help but she was adamant in her decision and sent them off. When they were gone, Cassandra gingerly took off her clothes and stood in front of the mirror and whistled at the bruises that were already appearing on her side from the King's kicking earlier. There were also marks on her shoulders from the charm Lord Pos had used. These would be very good things to keep hidden from the maids in case they felt the need to tell Terry. After that Cassandra very happily slide into the bath and then into bed.

The next week was busy, Terry and Cassandra had to sort through paperwork, and testimonies. Assigning new staff to replace the old corrupt one. John was made the new head advisor, Abram was the new agriculture advisor, Tobias was made the advisor over the scholars, Max turned down the opportunity to be the palace security advisor turning the job over to Captain Wade, a loyal guard from the city.

"Where's Patrick?" Terry asked the day after the battle.

John just shrugged, "I haven't seen him."

"Is he hiding in town? Because I want to see him. Go find him and tell him that." Terry commanded.

John nodded and walked out in search of Patrick.

When John returned he had Patrick walking to the side of him. Patrick walked up to Terry and gave a graceful bow. Terry smiled and commented, "Maybe I should make you my chief advisor, you bow much better than John does."

Patrick laughed at the joke before asking, "You asked for me?"

"I did Patrick. I want you to head a project that I would like to start. Are you up for it?" Terry asked.

Looking at him suspiciously, Patrick cautiously said, "I was planning to return to the job I had before this lovely diversion came along."

"Return to being a thief and a smuggler? Why would you want to do that, my friend?" Terry asked him.

Smiling crookedly Patrick responded, "You found out what I did?"

"You gave me enough hints." Terry flatly said.

"Considering that I am usually on the other side of the law, are you sure that you want me working for you?" Patrick asked.

"Patrick, you have saved my life several times, and I think you will like the project that I have for you. You will find it a challenge." Terry said secretly.

"You are not going to ask me to turn in my colleagues, are you?" Patrick asked suspiciously.

"No, I wouldn't put you in that position, besides you're going to need them." Terry said off-handily.

Narrowing his eyes in puzzlement, Patrick couldn't resist asking, "Why am I going to need them?"

Terry smiled, "Are you interested? Will you help me?"

"I am in. Besides if I am not about who will keep you out of trouble." Patrick said with a gleam in his eye.

"Keep Terry out of trouble? I thought that was my job." Cassandra said as she entered the room. When both men looked at her, she added, "Sorry, I overhead that last part and felt like I needed to set you straight, Patrick." She gave the man a hug and remarked that he was looking good.

"Ah, Lady Cassandra. I am afraid that you have that backwards." Patrick smiled as raised one of his eyebrows at her.

"Backwards? How so?" She asked.

"You are usually the cause for the trouble, so I have to keep you both out of trouble." Patrick said with a straight face.

Cassandra stuck her tongue out at Patrick before saying, "I guess than I shall have to prove you wrong and get in no more trouble." She said in her primmest voice.

That caused both men to burst into laughter.

Three weeks after that they held the coronation for Terry to become King.

At the dance after, Terry finally managed to get a dance with Cassandra. "I hope finding time alone with you, won't be as hard as it has been the last week or so. Especially since I announced that our engagement at the coronation. I am hoping that people don't feel like we need chaperones." Terry looked down with a look that said 'I love you'.

Cassandra smiled with the same look on her face, "Make sure you don't mention that fact to John or he will do it just to annoy you."

"Ah, yes. I will make sure to do that." Terry remarked not taking his eyes off of her.

"It will be a while before we can actually have the wedding," Cassandra commented. "We need to pull this country out of the hole that stupid man put it into."

"Yes, we have a lot of work ahead of us. Are you ready for it, My Queen?" Terry asked while pulling her close.

"With you, I am ready for anything, My King." Cassandra answered back.

The end.

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