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Chapter 1

"Tony." Ziva David growled, her fingers pressing down harder on the keyboard as another paper football whizzed inches past her cheek, "Stop it."

"It's just hazing Probie."

"Well I call it annoying." Her hand snapped up to grab another folded paper as it arched over her computer on a path toward her head "And do not call me Probie."

Tony DiNozzo pushed himself out of his chair and strolled casually around the bullpen to the Israeli's desk, a smirk teasing the corners of his mouth. "But you are the Probie, Probie."

Ziva was on her feet in an instant, her finger pointed at Tony and her mouth open to reprimand him, but the words died on her tongue as the lights in the room suddenly snapped off. Before the echoing click had died, Ziva's hand had instinctively flown to her waist, her fingers brushing the hilt of the knife concealed there. "We should find the main…" She snapped her fingers, trying to come up with the right word.

"Circuit breaker?" Tony offered, voice tinged with amusement, "Relax Probie, it's just a power outage…or is it?" There was a curious hitch to his voice, and Ziva could imagine Tony's eyebrow arching suggestively. "It could be 'Friday the 13th'—don't leave the cabin Ziva, the big scary monster might get you!"

"What are you talking about?" She groused irritably, her patience wearing thin at his inability to take any situation seriously.

"Friday the 13th? Jason Voorhees?" Tony offered, obviously hopeful that the Israeli's knowledge of American pop culture had improved in the years they had been working together. "You know, hockey mask, cuts the power then starts—"

Before Tony could finish, Ziva felt the ground beneath her feet rumble. Without a second thought, she lunged at her partner, tackling him and sending them both crashing to the ground as a deafening explosion erupted, shaking the building and tearing the ceiling above them apart, shrapnel raining down upon them.


Ziva was dimly aware of the voice just beneath her, the tone laced with barely concealed anxiety. And it was getting louder. Damnit.

She gingerly raised her head, wincing at the throb of her headache, pounding just behind her eyes. Biting back a groan, Ziva groped after her muddled senses in an attempt to collect herself. "What Tony?"

"Oh good, you're awake. As much as I love a woman on top," Tony wheezed cheerfully, and if Ziva wasn't so sore she'd seriously consider finishing him off right there, "can you get off of me? I'm laying on something sharp."

It took more effort than she anticipated to push herself off of him, but Ziva managed to roll to the side, blinking her eyes open against the darkness surrounding her. Not bothering to stifle her groan this time, she sat up. "We need to find a way out. How much debris do you think is above us?"

The crunch of debris and relieved huff of breath told Ziva that Tony had pushed himself up beside her. "Ziva, what are you talking about? There's a way out right here." More shuffling and she could hear him climb to his feet. "We're practically outside."

"Tony, it is tar black in here."

There was a pause like he was going to correct her English, but instead his reply was slower, more serious. "Ziva, it's really light in here."

She tilted her head towards the sound of his voice, jaw tightening in sudden irritation. "I cannot see anything Tony," she informed him coolly. "Maybe you hit your head and are seeing…what is it? Stars."

"Ziva…" Tony's voice was closer, and Ziva felt a hand on her upper arm, gently tugging her to her feet. The hand moved up from her arm, warm fingers curling around her cheek to carefully cup her face and tilt it up towards him. "I'm right here," Tony said, all joking gone from his voice, "Can you not see me?"

"No Tony, I cannot." She opened her mouth to say more, but was cut short when she heard Gibbs shouting their names.

"Over here boss!" Tony called, his hand dropping down from her cheek.

The sound of crunching rubble filled her ears and she quickly turned her head to the direction of the noise. "Gibbs?"

"Are you two injured?"

Ziva shook her head. "No, we are—"

"Boss," Tony cut in, something akin to panic seeping in his voice. "She can't see."

Ziva's head swung back to Tony, her eyes narrowing, "I told you Tony, it is dark in here."

"No Ziva, it's not." She could feel the ex-marine's eyes on her as she turned back to face him. "Ziva, look at me."

"I am," she quickly replied before her voice cracked with insecurity. "Am I not?"

"Can you see anything?"

She shook her head, her breath quickening as the reality of what they were insinuating began to dawn on her. "It is light yet I cannot see." Ziva closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. "I am blind?"

Tony exchanged a troubled glance with his boss as Ziva continued to stare into her own personal darkness.

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