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One year later

"Ziva slow down!" Tony gripped the door handle of her red mini cooper as they flew through the streets of Georgetown. He turned in his seat to face his wife of one year, who beneath the frame of her black square glasses, sported the biggest grin he had ever seen.

She laughed, "Tony this is my first time driving in more than two years. I feel so free!"

He chuckled at her child-like joy. "Okay Ziva. But if you go too fast you won't be very free behind bars for reckless driving." He chuckled again as her smile morphed into a childish pout and she slowed to the speed limit.

She stuck her tongue out at him before taking the exit to the NCIS building and parking in the garage.

It had been exactly one year since Ben Gidon had shot Ziva at her own wedding and as she looked at the walls of the NCIS bullpen she reflected on where the last year had taken her.

Her vision wasn't exactly perfect, but with glasses she could see almost as well as she did prior to being blinded. And 20/20 vision or not, she was just happy to see. Work had returned to normal in the last year and even more exciting to the Israeli, was the fact that she could once again carry a gun.

After taking one last look around the bullpen, she slid into her seat and powered up her computer, getting ready for the day ahead. As the smell of coffee filled the air, she looked up to see her husband standing in front of her.

Grinning he placed a cup of her favorite brew on her desk before leaning over and quickly writing something in sharpie on the white lid. When he pulled back, she could see what he had scribbled.

Chuckling, she read his sloppy note. 'Happy Anniversary!' She smiled, running her fingers over the words before looking back up at him. "Happy Anniversary Tony. I love you."

"I love you too Ziva." He stole one quick kiss before returning to his desk.

As she watched him walk away, she thought about what she had learned in the two years since the day of the bombing and her sight had been taken. It wasn't what you saw that was important, but rather what you felt from family and friends that made all the difference. One doesn't need to see with their eyes to believe in good. Simply they must feel in their hearts what is right.

The End

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