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Staring out a window is not a boredom remedy, as Abby learned. The glass fogged under her warm breath as she sighed. Outside was what might have been considered a winter wonderland by some, but it was quickly melting under the shower of rain that had surprised even the most advanced weathermen. It was days like this that made her wish she was four again, old enough to have her own bed, but young enough that she could snuggle up with Cree, back when her big sister was her best friend. Some days, Abby wondered if things would have been different if Cree hadn't been chosen, if they would still have had such closeness. She could still remember the pride on her sister's face the first time Abby had successfully pinned her, could smell the peppermint gum on her breath as Cree kissed her forehead every night until she was seven, the smile when she graduated the academy. A stray tear traced a crooked path down her cheek and she swiped at it angrily.

Stop thinkin' like this!

As much as she'd loved the Kids Next Door (and she loved being chosen for the Teens Next Door as well) the organization had stolen her childhood and torn her family apart.

And they don't care.

The rain pattered down the window heavily, dripping off the eaves of the new headquarters. The last one had perished in an incident involving a new music-based villain. The sound waves of his weapons had torn the sturdy building clean off its foundations and thrown the operatives into nearby trees. The gleaming kitchen was as posh as could be expected, stainless steel glinting in the fluorescent light and making her skin look sickly and washed out. Abby was burning out, and she knew it.

How long before I completely die inside? Her groan echoed in the empty room as her forehead rested against the cool glass.

"Nasty day, huh?" His voice made her spin around. Behind her stood Abby's best friend, mortal enemy, secret crush, and partner in crime, Hoagie Gilligan. His lanky six foot frame was leaned against the counter, auburn hair sticking up in all directions, glasses sliding down his nose, arms folded across his chest. Abby nodded in agreement before facing the storm again. Hoagie understood, but pushed himself onto the counter, waiting. She knew he wasn't gonna take the hint and sighed.

Can't ya leave me alone?

"Ya ever wish things had been different? That ya hadn't been chosen?"

He had heard the break in her normally smooth voice. The question hung in the air between them, piling tension as she turned to face him again. He saw her eyes turning glassy with tears that wouldn't, be shed. "Not really."

"Not really?" A kicked puppy couldn't have looked more confused. Hoagie slipped off the countertop and took two quick strides toward her, wrapping her in a hug.

"If I hadn't been chosen, I couldn't have been friends with you." His words broke the dam and her tears stained his shirt. He rubbed soothing circles into her back.

"Cree and I used to be so close. And they took it away." She murmured. "They took away my sister." She pulled away suddenly and made a beeline for her room. Hoagie watched her go with sad eyes.

He doesn't understand.

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