Title: Sweet William

Author: Kelley (beanyb1999@hotmail.com) . . . actually part of the Kelley and Shelley writing duo.

Rating: Uh, PG or PG-13?  There isn't anything really naughty in this.

Distribution: Hahaha.  Someone would actually want this?  Heh.  Ok.  Tell me first.

Feedback:  Please!  Try to avoid flaming if you don't like it though. 

Summary: After Tara and Spike figure out what is wrong with Buffy, it is up to Spike to fix the problem.  Takes place after "Wrecked" and perhaps "Gone".  Possible spoilers for an upcoming episode, but I really doubt this would actually happen.  B/S

Disclaimer: I own nothing.  Joss and Mutant Enemy own all characters of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".  Spike will be mine one day though.  I'll make sure of that!

Dedication: For Christy who has taken time out of her busy schedule to give suggestions and make corrections for this story.  You're awesome, Christy!


"I . . . did . . . NOT . . . come . . . back . . . wrong!"  Buffy cried while giving the punching bag a sound beating.  Spike was wrong.  He had to be!  She took a deep breath, trying to forget Spike's words after he hit her without his chip going off.  "Stupid vampire!"  She punched the bag again, showing no mercy.  "I WILL prove you wrong!"

"Prove who wrong?"

Buffy jumped and turned around.  "Oh . . . hi, Tara.  Um, no one.  Just having a bad day . . . as usual."

"B-Buffy, are y-you ok?"  Tara asked, looking concerned.

"I'm fine, Tara," she sad, smiling weakly.  "Really," she said with emphasis.

Tara stared at the Slayer for a long time, frowning.  She wished she knew how to help Buffy.  Staring into her cold eyes, she asked, "Where'd you get those bruises?"

Buffy's eyes shifted away from the blonde witch.  Great.  She tried to think of something to say that did not involve Spike and sex and . . . "Demons, really BIG demons.  They were tough," she said quickly.

"H-How many of them?" Tara asked uneasily.

"What?"  More questions!  Aaaah!  She shook her head.  "Uh, three?"

Tara bit her lip.  "Did Spike help you with them?"

Spike.  Why can't he go away?  "What makes you think Spike was there?  We aren't always together, ya know?"

"S-Sorry.  I just know that he's been helping you patrol a lot lately."

Ha!  Buffy bit her tongue to hold back that Ha too.  "It's ok.  Sorry.  I've just had a lot on my mind lately."

Tara looked down.  "Yeah.  I-I understand."

Buffy nodded slowly.  "I suppose you do.  Sorry about the problems you and Willow are having."

"It's not your fault.  She's getting carried away.  I can't b-believe she got involved with Rack.  It's k-kinda scary," Tara replied quietly, eyes downcast.

Both girls were silent for a moment.

"Did you need something, Tara?" Buffy finally asked.

Anya had told her that Buffy walked into the shop and rudely ignored her, going straight to the training room.  "No, I guess not."  She left.

Buffy watched her walk up the stairs.  She sighed heavily after hearing the door close.  She knew she should have felt bad for the way she acted around Tara, but in all honesty, she felt indifferent. 

Automatically, her thoughts drifted back to Spike.  Aaaah!  She mentally screamed in frustration.  "Stupid vampire!" she mumbled.  "I did NOT come back wrong!"

Wanting to push thoughts of the annoying bleached wonder from her mind, she turned around and angrily began her tirade on the defenseless punching bag yet again.