New York City hadn't changed much over the last few months. Granted, some lives had to be rearranged due to various circumstances, but other than that, it was pretty much the same. Which was good for tourists. And one of the main attractions was none other than the Statue of Liberty. And on a bright and sunny Friday afternoon, a family was enjoying a tour around the Statue. They were walking around the crown and enjoying the view, when one of the children noticed something down below.

"Mommy, someone's down there," the little boy announced.

"It's probably one of the security guards, honey," the mother replied.

"But, he's not moving," the boy added.

The father, mother and sister went to look.

"Jack, call security," the mother said. "I think someone's injured."

As the family of four rushed down the stairs, the father hurried off to find a guard. Meanwhile, his wife and kids went to check on the person they had just seen.

"Mommy, is he okay?" the girl asked.

"Kids, go back towards the base," the mother instructed.

The boy and girl did as they were told. Their mother, being a nurse, began examining the young man. He had light brown hair and his skin was a golden tan. The woman pulled back his jacket and saw that he had been shot and that it looked like someone had recently operated. She checked for a pulse and was rewarded with a faint, but steady beat. Just then, her husband returned with not only the island security, but also the paramedics.

"He's been shot," the mother told the paramedics. "But, he's still breathing. I think someone already took the bullet out. He's bandaged up."

A faint moan escaped the young man's throat.

"Son, can you hear me?" one of the paramedics asked.

Another moan answered him. The victim's eyes flickered open and gazed up at Lady Liberty with glazed, dark brown eyes.

"There he is," the man said. "Hey, buddy. Long time no see."

"You know him?" the father asked.

"I was on the response team that helped him after he was thrown from his car after an accident," the medic answered. He turned back to the wounded boy. "Hey, can you hear me?"

The victim turned his gaze toward the buzzing voice.

"That's it. Stay with me," the medic instructed. "Hey, Leo, welcome back to New York."

To Be Continued...

Maybe. I'm not sure yet. Depends on what the readers want.

Let me know what you think. If you want me to continue on with a sequel (I have one in mind), message me and let me know.