Double D was nervous as he walked up the steps to Eddy's house. He knocked, but no one answered. He could hear the TV going, so he thought perhaps they hadn't heard him. He knocked again more forcefully, and still, no one answered. He frowned and hit the door harder, and finally it swung open.

"What?" Eddy's brother said with irritation. Double D's eyes had to rise to meet his. Eddy's older sibling was very large, his shoulders broad and thick from growing up doing hard labour. And with his dingy wife beater, the pronounced muscles of his arms were especially prominent. He had the same navy blue hair as Eddy, but he let it fall on the sides of his face, whereas Eddy kept his hair slicked back. Eddy's brother had ruggedness about him, his face always dusted in stubble and his eyes slightly narrowed. And god, Double D thought, his ice blue gaze was almost too painful to look at.

Double D looked away, fidgeting with his fingers in embarrassment. "Greetings Matthew. Does Eddy happen to be home?" Matthew took a puff of his cigarette, letting the smoke stream out one corner of his mouth. "Eddy, your brother?"

"I know who Eddy is." Matthew said. He turned and went back in the house. "He's not home." Matthew sprawled out on the couch, changing the channel from Myth Busters to NASCAR on the TV. Double D stood at the open door, wondering what to do. Matthew hadn't invited him in, but he hadn't shut the door either. Or maybe it was obvious he should leave, since Eddy wasn't home.

"Are you coming in or not?" Matthew yelled without looking away from the television.

"Um, I'm coming in!" Double D said in a panic, stepping in the house and shutting the door. "Do you happen to know what time Eddy will be returning home?"

Matthew shrugged. Double D stood by the door, wondering if he should leave.

"Do I look like a damn leper to you?" Matthew finally said. "Stop creeping so far away and sit down."

Double D obeyed quickly, rushing over to the couch and taking the seat farthest from Eddy's older brother.

"The Squirt will be home in a little while. He's out getting milk."

"Okay, thank you."

They sat for a while, Matthew watching the car race and Double D staring at the TV screen. Ever since Matthew had come home, Double D's stomach would fill with butterflies. Matthew's presence was like a microwave oven, radiating over him and affecting his very cells.

"So, how are things going for you, living at home again? You must be saving plenty of money not having to rent. I think that's a wise decision."

"It's shit." Double D glanced over at Matthew, who was still staring at the TV. "Living here is total shit. I'd rather eat ramen and live in a dump trailer than live with these people. The only reason I'm here is because I can't even afford a dump trailer, not with the amusement park closing down."

"Are they difficult to deal with?" Double D said tentatively.

Matthew didn't speak. Double D noticed finally that he wasn't looking at the TV, rather he was only looking in its general direction. "This family is stupid. It's a bunch of dip shits, and there ain't nothing worse than that."

Double D was surprised by that comment. It was unfortunate to think that this person who didn't even finish high school was calling his family stupid.

"I know you're thinking, 'who am I to talk?' I'm not as stupid as you think I am."

"I don't think you're stupid."

Matthew laughed, and looked at Double D. "I bet my IQ is higher than yours."

Double D's face fell smooth. He had a very high IQ, and he didn't want to 'piss off' the temperamental brother of his childhood friend.

"So what is it?"

"I'd rather not say," Double D murmured.

Matthew laughed. "Afraid of a challenge? Maybe you're not as smart as you act. I bet you're the type that has to study every waking hour and reads the dictionary every night to sound intelligent. You make up for natural smarts with effort."

"My IQ is respectable, thank you very much." Double D said.

"So what is it?"

Double D hesitated. "You won't be angry if it's higher than yours?"

Matthew laughed, his grin showing off his yellowed teeth. Double D had to smile. He loved the sound of Matthew's laugh, even if he was laughing at Double D's expense.

"I won't be mad."

"Okay, it's 129."

Matthew's blue eyes widened. He looked away contemplatively.

"So what's yours?"

"You'll have to try this cigarette for me to tell you."


"Come here and try it, and then I'll tell you."

Double D frowned. "Nicotine causes lung cancer, you know. The second hand smoke in this situation is bad enough."

"Actually, second hand smoke is worse than direct smoking. I have a filter between me and the goods. You don't."

"Why do you want me to smoke your cigarette?"

"Oh just do it! One time isn't going to destroy your lungs." Matthew slid closer to Double D and wrapped one of his massive arms around him. Double D's little heart pounded. "Do you want to know my IQ or not?"

Double D thought. He was very curious about Matthew's IQ, but there was something else tempting about the situation. He'd be putting Matthew's cigarette in his mouth, one that had previously been in Matthew's. Double D sighed.

"No, I'm sorry. I would really prefer not to smoke. I'll just have to forgo finding out your IQ."

Double D glanced at Matthew, who was leaning very close. The corner of his mouth turned up in a smile. "I like you. You've got spunk. Alright, I'm 130."

Double D's jaw dropped. "You're 130? What are you doing living at home? Why aren't you out curing diseases or cracking codes or even building missiles?"

Matthew grinned. "IQ doesn't have shit to do with motivation. I couldn't give a rat's ass enough to even finish high school. But you're a busy bee. You're gonna go somewhere."

"That's nice of you to say." Double D said, blushing because of the close proximity.

Matthew frowned. "Are you sick, Sock Head? You're face is all red."

"N-no, I'm fine."

Double D looked at Matthew just in time to see his expression turn from confusion to something else. His eyebrows smoothed out and the cigarette drooped in his mouth. Double D's pulse was racing and the butterflies in his stomach had turned to bats.

Matthew took a puff of his cigarette and grabbed the back of Double D's head. The younger boy's eyes widened as the older guy leaned in to kiss him. And it was so good. Their mouths fit in just the right way, and although Double D had no previous experience, he knew this was a really good kiss. His whole body told him so. Matthew tasted strongly of cigarette, but something about it just drove him crazy. It was disgusting but so hot it made him dizzy. He could feel Matthew's hand slip under the hem of his shirt, tracing circles on his tummy that sent shivers up his spine. Double D breathed without pulling completely away from the other, and that's when Matthew blew a cloud of smoke into Double D's expanding lungs. Double D coughed hard.

"You! You tricked me!"

"Sorry, I couldn't help myself," Matthew said, laughing the laugh which Double D adored.

"What a great extent you went just to get me to inhale poison."

Double D tried to slide away but Matthew pulled him close again. "Hey, you think I did that just to get you to smoke? What the hell do you think I am?"

"Well certainly not stupid," Double D muttered, thinking of Matthew's generous IQ. "But you are, perhaps, just a little bit crazy."

Matthew grinned. "I can deal with that." He went back to tracing circles in Double D's skin, the circles sliding a little closer to the hem of the younger boy's pants. Their faces were very close, enough that Double D could feel Matthew's breath on his skin. That awful taste was drawing him in. He bit his lip and Matthew frowned.

"You have to kiss me this time."


"You have to do it. I kissed you last time. It's your turn." Matthew leaned away a little, draping both hands on the back of the couch.

Double D gulped. "W-what should I do?"

"The hell do you mean? Just do it. I'm right here." Matthew grinned.

Double D was determined to not be laughed out. He turned over and leaned toward Matthew, and on a whim he moved a leg over Matthew's waist to straddle him. It was somewhat of a difficult feat; Matthew was probably twice his weight in solid muscle. His small chest pressed against Eddy's brother as he leaned close. The expression on Matthew's face thrilled Double D to no end. He leaned in and kissed him, surprised how easy it was to do. Soon Matthew had wrapped his huge arms around Double D's waist, and their mouths crushed in a quicker rhythm. Matthew's hands began to stray, sliding down the younger boy's hips, behind his knees and up his thighs, giving his butt a tight squeeze.

"Ngh," Double D squeaked in surprise. Double D began to fidget when he realized where they were heading. Matthew kissed him again but Double D couldn't return it, and when Eddy's brother pressed his mouth to the boy's neck, he tensed up. Finally Double D jerked his head back, staring at the blue haired guy.

Matthew looked mad. He sighed, letting go of Double D and draping his arms on the back of the couch. "Make up your mind. Do you want to move forward or not?"

"Perhaps not." Double D began to stand up and Matthew looked shocked. The last thing Double D saw when he walked away was the pissed-off expression on Matthew's face. He opened the door, thinking of how awkward seeing Matthew would be ever after this. He'd led him on and chickened out, but Double D had to remain honest with himself. What would he accomplish by sleeping with Matthew? It would just be some forbidden nonsense between a seventeen year old boy and a twenty seven year old man. All the roads Double D could think of led to heartache.

Five feet out of the house the door opened behind him. Matthew grabbed Double D's wrist. "Wait! You don't have to…" But both of their attentions were drawn to Eddy, who was standing by the car with a gallon of milk in his hand. He stared at them in confusion and Matthew let go. He scratched his head nervously. "You don't have to go buy me cigarettes." Double D met eyes with Eddy's brother, something intimate exchanging between them. "I don't really need 'cigarettes'. There are more important things than 'cigarettes'. I… I just really like socks."

Double D blushed. Matthew did too, but just a teeny little bit. He crossed his arms and stood up straight.

"What are you talking about?" Eddy finally chimed in. "I thought I just bought you cigarettes. And Double D can't do it anyway. He's not eighteen yet."

"Really? He never mentioned being underage." Matthew took a casual step closer to Double D. "But like I said, cigarettes aren't everything anyway."

"And you like socks." Double D mumbled.

"Yes," Matthew said, turning and walking back into the house. "You can bring me socks any time you want."

Matthew shut the door and Eddy and Double D exchanged looks. "Did my big bro do anything weird?"

Double D shook his head. "Nothing out of the ordinary from his usual conduct."

Eddy's eyes narrowed. "I'm going to go put this milk in the fridge then we can go get Ed."


Eddy went in the house and walked past his brother, who was watching NASCAR. Eddy knew that Matthew always turned on NASCAR when he was nervous, that his older brother never really liked the races. And like usual, Matthew wasn't actually looking at the screen. Something told him Double D would be visiting a lot more often.


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