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The Big Picture 5

Double D suddenly burst out laughing.


"I'm just imagining myself punching you. I'd probably fracture my wrist! And you wouldn't even get a bruise!" Double D continued to laugh hysterically and Matthew just grinned.

"And another thing," Matthew added, looking a little awkward, "I can wait for you as long as you need. You know what I'm talking about."

Double D blushed. "Well it just so happens that my birthday was last week. I'm eighteen now."

"I can still wait if you want."

"Okay, thank you. Would you take me home, please?"

Matthew turned on the car and they drove home. He parked in front of Double D's house to let him out.

Double D looked at Eddy's brother, who was staring out the windshield. His shirt was unbuttoned at the top, showing off his collar bones and the chiseled curve of his chest. The smell of cigarettes made Double D's mouth water. He slid closer to Matthew, leaning over and kissing his shoulder. Matthew turned toward him with surprise, and Double D scooted even closer. He pulled off Matthew's hat, timidly touching his blue strands of hair.

"I can't believe I'm allowed to touch you," Double D giggled. His hand travelled over the man's face, moving his fingers over the stubble. "Why don't you come in and stay for a while?"

"Yeah, okay."

They headed in the house and Eddy's brother looked around. "Wow, you weren't kidding. This place is really clean. It's pretty quiet in here too."

"I did tell you, mother and father are never at home. Please, come upstairs with me. " They went up the stairs and into Eddward's room. Double D paced around. He wanted to say it, but he wasn't sure how.

"So what did you want to show me?"

Double D stared at a bookshelf filled with math and science books, and a few comic books Ed had given him. "I wanted to show you that I'm ready."

A long shadow grew around him as Matthew approached from behind. He leaned his arm against the wall above Double D's shoulder. "Look at me."

Double D turned and glanced up at Matthew, but darted his eyes away quickly. "I wanted to say that…"

"Eyes on me."

Double D slowly met Matthew's gaze. "I… I…"

"You nothing. You can't even say it to my face."

Spontaneously, Double D put his hand on Matthew's stomach. Matthew looked down, confused. Double D pulled up his shirt and touched the warm skin. He slid down to his naval, looking at the blue curls pointing up from the hem of his pants. Double D was secretly a big fan of men with happy trails, and he was both frightened and thrilled that he could finally touch one. And he did, twirling the soft curls with his fingers. Matthew's face flushed, and Double D loved it. Matthew looked off to the side.

"Look at me," Double D said playfully, still moving his fingers around the hem of Matthew's jeans. Matthew's jaw clenched. "Come on, I can see that you like this."

"Alright, you want to play that way?" Matthew grabbed Double D, lifting him off the ground.

"Ack, what are you doing? Put me down!"

"Sorry. But as as much as I liked that, I really hate losing control." Eddy's brother threw Double D onto his bed, grinning as the mattress squeaked. Double D sat up, scooting back towards his pillow. From this perspective, Matthew was even more of a giant. He couldn't be shorter than 6'5", or less than 300 lbs. Matthew leaned forward and kissed him, pressing his thigh between the smaller boy's legs. And it was Double D's responsive whimper that fired Matthew up. He pulled Double D closer, kissing him hard. Double D pushed him away to unbutton his red, plaid shirt.

Double D gaped. "Oh my god."


Double D couldn't really find words. He touched Matthew's neck, then his thick pectoral muscles, and down to his washboard stomach. He slid the shirt back, exposing Matthew's broad shoulders and arms, finally taking off the shirt. "You have a… positively outstanding body."

Matthew nervously ran his fingers through his blue hair. "Yeah I work out a little."

'No kidding', Double D thought. Matthew moved to take off Double D's shirt, but he clutched it tightly. "No! I… I can't let you see me, not after me seeing you!"

Matthew snorted. "Well, tough shit! Take it off!"




Matthew grabbed the shirt and pulled it up. They both heard a long ripping sound, and the shirt was off, and dead. Double D waited in silence as Eddy's brother looked him over. Matthew was expressionless. He reached down and undid Double D's pants.

"Wait, what are you doing? Is it really so soon?"

"I need to see the rest of you." They shifted around as Matthew pulled off the remainder of Double D's clothes. He sat back and stared, still expressionless.

It took everything Double D had not to flip over and hide under the blanket. He was absolutely exposed. "Matthew, could you please say something?"

Matthew leaned close and kissed Double D's stomach, then the center of his chest, then his mouth. "You are so pretty," he whispered. The blue haired man pressed his forehead to the younger's. "Are you ready?"


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