A/N-It's been a few months and I apologize for it. I've been pretty busy, but I don't ever intent on not finishing a story so that is that. Hope you like this chapter.

1 year earlier

Sara walks into her house after school had let out. She has a smile on her face and looks in thought when her ma stands in front of her with her arms crossed over her chest. Faith snaps her fingers and Sara looks at her ma.

"Hey ma," Sara says with a smile.

"Sar bear, who caught your eye?" Faith asks with a raised eyebrow.

"Just a guy, it's no big." Sara starts to walk away when Faith grabs her arm and points to the couch.

"Sit and explain before Buffy gets home."

Sara and Faith sit down on the couch and Sara looks at her mother with a smile.

"His name is Casey and he is new. Oh, my gosh. He is so cute momma. He asked me out today."

"Baby, you are 15 years old. You know the rules."

"But momma they are mom's rules and it's not fair. I mean she dated a vampire, why can't I just have this one guy a year earlier."

Faith sighs.

"I'll talk to your mom, but I am not making any promises."

Sara stands up and cheers.

"Thank you momma, thank you," Sara says before kissing her cheek and running upstairs.

"Don't thank me yet," Faith whispers.

Present Time

Buffy looks at Faith and sees that she is in her thoughts.

"Faith, what is wrong?"

"Sara is crying."

"We should go see her than."

"No, she's fine. Someone is with her."

Buffy nods her head.

"Baby, what are you thinking about?"

Faith turns to Buffy and sighs.

"I should have listened to you, B."

"This is about Casey isn't it?"

Faith nods her head.

"True, but I was the one that ended up agreeing in the end."

1 year earlier

"There is no way!"

"B, you have to let her do this."

"Nope that was one rule we actually agreed on Faith. This can't be happening."

"She threw out the vampire card."

Buffy sighs.

"Tell me again why we believed that telling Sara everything was for better parenting."

Faith sighs and sits down next to her wife.

"Buffy, I think we should let her see him because if we don't she is going to rebel and we won't like it."

"You think?" Buffy asks as she looks at her wife.

"She is half Lehane, isn't she?" Faith says with her teasing voice.

"Yep. Alright, but I want to meet him and stuff."

"Oh absolutely that's a given. I have to make sure he isn't a demon trying to take our daughter away from us."

Buffy laughs and kisses Faith quickly.

"We should go tell her than."

Present Day

"I still wished he was a demon," Buffy says with a sigh.

Faith looks at her.

"He is a demon B. Anyone who messes with our kid is a demon."

Buffy nods her head.

"Sounds like we should go say hi to our guest/guests."

"I thought it was just one."

Buffy leans next to Faith's ear.

"Angel's here too."

Faith nods her head and kisses Buffy.

"Nice to see ya, Fangboy," Faith says before leaving the room.

Buffy laughs and Angel comes in through the window.

"Hello Buffy."

"Hi Angel, what are you doing here?"

"We wanted to see how Sara was doing?"

Buffy stares at him for a moment.

"That maybe true, but you have other reasons. Now spill."

Angel sighs and starts pacing the floor.

"I wanted to tell you instead of just Faith."

"Now why wouldn't you tell my wife what you have to tell me?"

Angel stops and looks at Buffy.

"It involves Casey."

Buffy takes a calming breath and stands up from her bed.

"What happened?"

"We don't know. It's like he vanished."

"Angel, are you telling me that almost murdering bastard is walking around out there."

"Buffy, we are doing the best we can."

Buffy shakes her head.

"I should've let Faith kill him," Buffy whispers.

"No you don't. Buffy you know what it was like for her when the Finch thing happened."

Buffy starts crying and Angel hugs her.

"We'll find him Buffy, I promise."

Outside the door, Faith wipes away the tears and walks out into the kitchen where she sees her daughter and Spike.

A few minutes earlier

Sara wipes away her tears when she hears a taping on her window. Sara opens it up and Spike comes through.

"Hey Niblet," Spike says.

"Hey, what are you doing here?"

"Came to check on you, is that so bad?"

Sara laughs and hugs him.

"It's possible, but I'm glad you came."

"You know me, I love to interrupt the family fun," Spike says with a laugh.

Sara smiles.

"I think I saw some pigs blood in the fridge. You want some?" Sara asks with a raised eyebrow.

Spike nods his head.

"I'll follow you niblet."

Sara looks up from her spot at the counter when her mom enters the kitchen.

"Hey," Sara says.

Faith smiles and kisses her daughter's forehead.


"Hey Slayer, sorry to interrupt the family fun."

Faith smirks at him.

"No you're not."

"True, but I haven't seen this one in forever."

Sara's voice interrupts the little reunion when Buffy and Angel walk in.

"He's coming for me isn't he?"