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--------------------The Torn Prince------------------

"Goddamnit...havent I been here before?"

Royce had been taking frantic turns down hallway after hallway in search of Bobby. He knew Susan wouldnt be much of a threat (the worst she could do was frighten the poor kid to death with her ugly face) but Royce still knew he had to find the boy fast before any of the other ghosts were alerted of Bobby's presence.

Turning down what seemed to be the exact same hallway he had just been in, Royce looked as far as he could through layers of glass walls. The voices he had heard earlier seemed to be getting louder.

Finally he caught sight of the boy a few rows over through the glass. He looked about the same age as Billy. The boy was gently pushing himself forward on a scooter, looking around the glass house, seemingly in search of something. "Cute kid..." Royce thought to himself.

"Come on guys! Stop hiding!" Bobby yelled to whoever he was looking for. Royce assumed it was his sister.

Royce suddenly felt the presence of another ghost nearby.

Looking down through the glass to the hallway the boy was in, Royce saw Susan was slowly creeping up on the boy. Listening to Susan's cackling, Royce began to run for the hallway the ghost and the little boy were in. Royce watched as he ran, as Bobby turned around to face Susan and then yell out in terror as she began to seizure. Royce arrived in the hallway right as the boy took off as fast as he could on his scooter away from the Bound Women.

"What the hell is the matter with you?!" Royce roared at Susan, roughly spinning her around by the shoulder to face him.

"Ooh, so you like it rough, huh? How about we go find somewhere to have a little fun while were out here all alone?" Susan said with a suggestive smirk as she looked him over.

"What?!" Royce was baffled that she would even think of such a thing. He knew she was a slut but he figured maybe she had learned her lesson by now.

"Forget about Ol' Scarface, I'm way better looking then her anyway..." the Bound Women cooed, taking a few steps closer to Royce, swaying her hips as she went.

Royce snarled and pushed passed her and started off down the hallway Bobby took off down.

"What the hell is your problem!?" Susan screamed in frustration after him.

Royce spun around to face her, pointing his bat at her before saying, "That little boy you just scared off with your hideous face? That was Jean's son. I have to go find him before one of the others get to him. And if you insult Dana again, I will pummel you to an unrecognizable bloody pulp with my bat. And dont think I wont beat the shit out of a girl, especially a whore like you."

The anger inside of him continued to boil over as he walked away from the ghost of a cheerleader. He felt sick as the feeling that had been haunting him all night swung full force.

Glancing over his shoulder at her, he saw she seemed to be pondering what he had said to her. He could tell she wasnt used to be talked to like that.

Shaking his head in anger, Royce continued down the hallway. Deep inside he felt a twang of guilt. He didnt mean to sound as cold as he did. He knew old habits died hard and he had a feeling Susan was partially under the influence of the epidemic feeling that everyone else seemed to be under as well. Still, he felt she should have exhibited a little more self restraint. She also had no right to insult Dana.

"Dana..." Royce hoped she was okay.

Suddenly a scream of agony echoed through the glass halls. It sounded like Jean.

"Jean!!" Royce yelled out as he followed the sounds of the screams until he found her. The mother of two was crumpled on her knees, sobbing and clinging to the pole of her IV.

"Jean, what happened?!" Royce slid on his knees to her side.

"My b-baby boy....h-he's got him...the man in little Bobby..." Jean managed to gasp out between sobs.

"Shhh...It's gonna be okay...I'll find him...I swear..." Royce whispered, trying to calm the older women down.

It frightened him to see the once calm and collected women so broken. He felt the anger burn where his heart used to beat and with conviction he got to his feet, clutching the bat in his hand.

In the back of his head, a song echoed, leaving a dark void in his mind:

Marked for demolition, Im
Just a time bomb, ticking inside!
No hope for the hopeless,
I can see the pieces all laid out in front of me!
No point even asking why,
Couldnt help even if you tried.
Step aside or you might just be the next contestant to feel the brutality!
Devastation! Obliteration!
All to the point of exacerbation,
Theres no explaining my situation,
Now, why does this shit keep happening to me?

Ive held on too long, just to let it go now!
Will my inner strength get me through it somehow?
Defying the curse that has taken hold,
Never surrender, Ill never be overcome

Too dark for forgiveness, I
Cant seem to do anything right!
When I try to rebuild I see,
My humble shelter just fall to the ground again!
Object of an evil eye,
No point to let anyone try
Take heed, my friend,
Lest you be torn asunder like all thats become of me!
Decimation! Disintegration!
Now beyond the point of imagination!
No explaining my situation!
Why does this shit keep happening to me?

Ive held on too long, just to let it go now!
Will my inner strength get me through it somehow?
Defying the curse that has taken hold,
Never surrender, Ill never be overcome!

Ive held on too long, just to let it go now!
Will my inner strength get me through it somehow?
Defying the curse that has taken hold,
Never surrender, Ill never be overcome!

Ive held on too long, just to let it go now!
Will my inner strength get me through it somehow?
Defying the curse that has taken hold,
Never surrender, Ill never be overcome!

He was gonna to find that kid, and no one was gonna stand in his way.

No one.

--------The Angry Princess-------

Dana walked silently through the cold, glass hallways. It was quiet in the part of the massive labyrinth she was currently in, making her wonder where the other ghosts were lurking.

Slowly stepping back down the stairs, Dana looked around for any sign of anyone, but found none what so ever.

Walking down a few more hallways, Dana stopped when she saw something move out of the corner of her eye.

Turning around to face whoever it was, Dana let out a low growl as she poised her knife so she could swing it easily down upon anything unlucky enough to get in her way.

The small figure cowered, as it obviously saw that she was ready to attack.

"B-Billy?" Dana asked barely audibly, suddenly feeling distant and confused.

"Dana!" The young boy lunged and wrapped his small arms around her thin frame. Dana felt awkward but patted the boy on the head gently.

"Dana, I'm scared! I cant find Jean!" the little boy trembled as he looked up at the Princess.

"I....umm...I'm sure she's somewhere around here, Billy..." Dana said quietly trying to comfort him.

"Are you feeling funny too? I've had this scary feeling ever since I left my box, and I just can't get it to go away! Its like someones in my head and trying to get me to do really mean stuff!" Billy said looking around nervously.

He felt it too? He was so young and innocent, Dana had no idea he would be capable of feeling the same sort of anger she was feeling. Come to think of was the same feeling she had felt when the man in the suit had captured her in her old house, while he played that tape with the voice that spoke in a different language. Something was definitely wrong.


Dana jumped at the boys voice. "What? Whats wrong?", she said looking down at him.

"Its the psychic..." Billy said hiding behind her slightly, pointing at the man.

Dana saw him. He was walking through the glass halls with the "Maggie" woman from upstairs.

"I got an idea. I'll distract them, you go over there and get them from the side."

Dana could not believe the words coming from Billy's mouth. The Billy she had known, back when everyone was stiill in their cells, would never suggest something like that.

Suddenly she felt an over-whelming feeling to attack something though, so she found herself sub-consiously complying.

Dana watched from the corner of the adjacent hall of the hallway Billy was in, as the two people entered. The psychic, who wasnt really watching where he was going at first, reeled backwards at the sight of the young boy with an arrow through his head, who was currently standing on the cealing.

"D-Dont speak! Dont move!" the psychic stuttered to the woman, who began to panic. "Somehow...we are behind enemy lines..."

Billy flashed and then re-appeared on the floor.

"Hey, little guy...How-" the psychic was attempting to appear friendly when the woman interrupted him.

"I dont think you should be teasing him!"

"Will you shut up!" The psychic snapped back at her.

"You shut up! You're the one who keeps pissing them off!"

Billy disappeared again.

The psychic began to panic, "Go...go...GO!!

The two turned the corner into the hall Dana stood in.

Slowly she began to stalk forward towards them. Anger and the urge to attack the psychic and anyone he was associated with had complete control of her.

Finally the psychic caught sight of her. "MAGGIE!!"

"What?! What?! I can see without the glasses you idiot!" the woman was panicking again.

Dana tilted her head to one side as she began to close the distance between them. She held her knife at the ready. She was ready to kill.

The psychic got an irritated look on his face, "Well I can see and I think you should go this way...GO! GO! GO!"

Dana swung but only struck air as the woman dodged at the last second. The two took off down the hallway as far from her as possible.

Dana sighed. She had missed her chance.

Her was so foggy...all she felt was anger and the urge to kill. It bothered her. She wasnt usually like this.

"Billy?" Dana said quietly as she looked for the boy. He must have ran off. She hoped he was okay. He wasnt acting like himself either.

Walking down a couple more hallways, Dana didnt see anyone else around.


Dana jumped and swung back her knife, only to let it fall back to her side when she realized who it was.

"'re still in your cell?" Dana looked at the Hammer where he stood in his glass cage.

George nodded, "Listen Princess, the people here, the man and the two kids, they're Jean's family!"


"We need to keep them safe! Jean was good to us..."

"W-what should I do?" Dana ask nervously.

"Ryan was just let out of his cell. He attacked Jean's daughter. She was pretty badly cut up..."

"The teenage beauty from the bathroom..." Dana thought to herself, her eyes widening.

"They managed to get the girl away from Ryan, but the man in the suit took her while her father wasnt paying attention."

Dana gasped. The man in the suit was still here? It made her really nervous.

"Princess you need to find that know how much Jean cares about her family...I think the man in the suit already has her son, but I think the Prince is already trying to save him."

"Royce!...I hope he's okay..." Dana thought to herself.

"Okay...I'll do my best..." Dana said softly and distantly.

"You can do it Princess...I believe the girl's name is "Kathy"...I think I'll be out soon, and I'll help you from there."

"Okay, thanks George..."

The Hammer gave her a nod and then motioned for her to go. Walking swiftly down the halls, Dana contemplated what she needed to do.

She needed to find that girl.

And she needed to do it fast.

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