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"Aya-tan, we're not going to do anything about the boy right now?" Hyuuga stated as he looked at Ayanami's impassive face.

"There is no reason for us to act. We shall wait until he leads us to our goal." Ayanami's cold lavender eyes showed no hint of emotion as he said this. In his mind the only thing he should be concerned with is finishing the mission assigned to him and reaching his goal. Miroku was right in saying that he should wait a bit before killing Teito. Teito was an intriguing person and made Ayanami curious as to why Teito was that way.

It might also be fun to play with his mind. Teito was such an easy target for Ayanami. He could be eliminated in less than a second if it was Ayanami's wish to. But why end the fun when it's only just beginning.

"Leave and get back to your work," Ayanami said to Hyuuga.

"Sure, sure Aya-tan. If that's what you wish for then I shall."

The first time Ayanami ever saw Teito didn't leave that much of an impression on him. That was until he defeated the criminal with minimal help. Ayanami wasn't that surprised that he didn't kill the guy. Teito was too soft. He may have been a sklave but that didn't mean anything if he couldn't kill without mercy. That was the reason why Ayanami had rejected him at first. But when he met him again, while controlling Mikage, he was surprised at the amount of pride and feelings he could express. He was surprised that Teito still seem so innocent even though he's killed so many people. Considering the greedy and evil nature that exists in every human being, he never expected to find someone so pure.

Teito reminded him of someone whom he had considered dear. That person doesn't exist anymore though. There was no point in thinking about it again. Even if there was no point in it, he couldn't stop them. The thoughts just came to him one after another, unbidden. He had blocked it out years ago but somehow, they would break the lock he had put it on all the memories he had. He had never wanted to experience the pain that came with those memories. But nowadays, he would feel every cut and every slice all over again each and every day. Why couldn't he just let them go? Maybe it was because secretly, he didn't want to.

Maybe Teito was somehow linked to that person. If he wasn't then there would be no reason for those memories to come up.

He was going to keep an eye on that boy and see what happens. He might just lead him to something interesting. Maybe there was a way to bring that person back and it was very likely that Teito would lead him to the answers he wanted. All he could do now was to just wait and maybe give a little push every now and then. If the situation becomes favorable then he'll make his move. If it becomes unfavorable then there's nothing he could do but force the hand. Everything will go his way no matter what. He was the one who decided things. It was through his manipulation and brilliant planning that everything was going smoothly. Now it was just time to observe.

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