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Another day done. As I get in to the cruiser to head home, I think about what Bella's mood will be tonight. Hopefully she would be sleeping and getting some rest, but since it is Friday night probably not.

Man alive I hope that she is having a "good" day. Although things are getting better, the days that she doesn't see Jacob she is still sad and moody. And this week she has only seen Jacob twice.

Don't get me wrong things are definitely better than before she started hanging around him four months ago. The nightmares and screaming have subsided a bit. She was still having them but not every night.

God damn if I ever see that little shit Edward again, I will blow a gasket. I would definitely have a few choice words and I am sure my fist would too. He had better not return to Forks with the rest of them. I smiled at the thought of what I would say.

Yep that is right. There are a few Cullens hanging around here again. I'm not sure which ones were here and I hadn't run in to any of them yet, and I don't think that Bella has either. Actually there have been very few sightings, but I had heard through the Forks Gossip Line AKA the Diner that they were back.

So I wasn't surprised to see one of them at the gas station when I pulled in at almost midnight. It was the blond one, aw hell, what's his name… well whatever, the one that never smiled, never spoke and always looked like he was concentrating on something really hard. He was filling up his shiny new truck. And a nice truck it was. Black Dodge Ram Laramie.

I really didn't want to speak to him but when he saw me pull in to gas station to fill up the cruiser, he came right over. He had a smirk on his face when I first pulled up but as he started walking over he look like someone had just killed his dog. I was hoping that someone had killed his little brother, actually no I wish that was me. God I hate that boy. Who the hell did he think he was coming in to this family and destroying my little Bells. I swear on all that is holy…..

I realize that the other Cullen is standing at my window now looking like he wanted to flip my cruiser right over and I honestly think that he could. Why does he look so pissed off?

"You want something Cullen?"

Wow that was harsh. This one had never done anything to Bella, he didn't deserve that. Hell, none of the others had ever done anything but love her and welcome then in to her home.

I look up at the boy and he seemed to have calmed down and looks more sad than anything. God, this kid seems to change his mood every thirty seconds. Ha, him and Bella would be a match in heaven. I shake those thoughts out of my head real fast. I don't even want her to know that they are back in town.

I am just staring at the blond Cullen now as he is at me. He now has a slight smirk on his face. "I'm sorry son, that was not very nice of me. How are you? Is Carlisle and the rest of the family back?" I grip the steering wheel tight waiting his answer.

"Hello Chief Swan, I am ok and no Carlisle isn't here but some of us are." If I had the strength I would have snapped the steering wheel clear off the steering column. He was back I knew it. There is no way he is getting near Bella, no way in hell.

Easy Charlie.

"Oh that is too bad it would have been nice to see Carlisle, they sure miss him up at the hospital. Who else is here? Not all of your sisters and brothers I hope." I said through clenched teeth. I could feel the rage building up inside me, I am sure I looked like I was about to have stroke. I know my face went through its various shades of anger… pink, red, purple.

Jasper looked like he was going tear my head right off.

I flinched and released my grip on the steering wheel and leaned back in my seat. "Son, are you ok?"

He shook his head, as if he was clearing a thought and took a step back. "Yes Sir, I'm fine. Don't worry HE isn't back, neither is Alice…" He took another step back and swallowed hard after saying their names. "It is just Emmett, Rosalie and myself. Carlisle and Esme are staying in Vancouver for a while, and the other fuckers…I mean Edward and Alice are traveling over in Europe."

Wow, there is some anger there. Huh? Seems he is not too happy with his brother either. Or his sister for that matter. Wonder what she did? I always really liked Alice. She was a great friend to Bella, but I know that it hurt Bella when Alice left without a good bye. Not as much as when shit head left but definitely a lot.

"So will the three of you be here long? Are you going to go back to school?" I wonder what that would do to Bella seeing the three of them there at school again. She never really spoke about those three. Maybe it would be ok. But probably not and she was so close to graduating. I wanted that for her. She has worked really hard at her school work these past few months.

I smiled at the thought of my Bells going of to college. "No Sir, we are gonna finish through correspondence. That is what we have been doing since we left." He was smirking again. Seriously this kid IS just as moody as Bella. He seemed nervous all of a sudden.

"So uh… how is Bella doing? Bet she is excited to graduate." I frowned. Do I tell him what them leaving did to her? No. I am not going to tell him and let it get back to HIM that she was so broken. "Yes she is very excited. She has been doing great, very good, couldn't be better!" I threw him a huge fake smile.

He looked at me with his eye brow raised and cocked his head. "Really Sir?" He stared at me. "Are you sure that she is great?" Shit, how did he know I was lying? My face went red from being caught in a lie. I huffed and opened the door to start pumping my gas. George was looking at us through the window, tapping his watch, waiting for us to finish up so he could get out of here.

After I started pumping my gas, I turned back to him "Well if you must know Jack…er… John…" Crap what was his name again. "Jasper…my name is Jasper, Sir."

"Oh Sorry, Jasper… no she is not great. She was a complete wreck when your shithead brother left with you and your family. She was….was… catatonic, to be honest. After finding her in the woods, where he left her I might add, she was a shell of her former self. She was a zombie. I thought I was going to have to commit her for Christ sakes."

I felt bad as soon as I said it. I should not be telling this to him. Crap, Bella would hate me if she found that I told him. Holy Hell what will she do if she knows that I spoke to him. She can't know. EVER. I am not "allowed" to even mention their names around her. I stood there for a minute with my hand on the pump, thinking about what this would do to her. Jasper cleared his throat. "Umm Sir, you are spilling gas all over your pants…" I snapped out of it and realized that this was true. Shit. I put the pump back up and turn to go pay George.

"Hey Chief, that Cullen kid isn't giving you any trouble is he?" George inquired as I handed him the cash for the gas. I looked back out to where Jasper stood leaning against the cruiser still. And he once again look like he wanted to flip my cruiser right over and stomp on it. "No not at all. Have you seen any others around? I heard that they were back but this is the first time I have seen one of them". "Sure. That one comes in here a couple times a week at this time. Sometimes he is with the other two, in the Big SOB's jeep, or in the hot girls…er…young lady's BMW. Man alive those Cullens have some nice cars. Remember the other boy and his Aston Martin? Edward, I think his name was…you know the one that went out with your…." I glared at him and slammed my hands down on the counter. "George don't ever mention that little shit to me you understand?"

Two seconds later the bell on the door rang and Jasper was standing beside me. "You ok Sir?" He still had that scary look in his eye. "Yes, I'm fine. Sorry George touchy subject, I'm sure you understand. I will see you tomorrow."

Jasper followed me out to my car. "Well Jasper, it was nice to see you again. Good luck with finishing your schooling." I got in to the cruiser and turned the key. "Thank you Chief, it was nice to see you and if you are willing please tell Bella that Emmett, Rosalie and I say hello and that I am sorry." He looked sad all of a sudden. "I don't know if I will Jasper, I am sure you can understand…besides what do you have to be sorry about? It wasn't you that broke her heart. Take care Son and say hello to Carlisle and tell him that they miss him terrible at the hospital. Bye."

I drove off heading towards home. As I was stopped waiting for the only lights in Forks to turn, I saw a flash of red in my side mirror.

What the hell was that?

I turn to look behind me and saw nothing. Weird I must be seeing things again. Damn it when is this light going to change? I'm going to miss the sports highlights. Just as I was thinking about going through the red light something crashed down on the cruiser. Collapsing the roof in.

As I went to get out of the car I look ahead and saw a sea of red hair on the windshield. WHAT THE FUCK.

Just then a face appeared.

It was a girl, pale as a ghost with gleaming white teeth. She was snarling at me. I looked in to her burning red eyes, what the hell is this chick on. She was clawing at the window now.

She punched through the window, and grabbed me by the throat just as I pulled my gun from its holster.