why didn't I think of this earlier for fuck sakes.

It had been fifteen minutes since I had called the others to me. While I waited, I kept running different scenarios to free myself…

…the last one worked.


Edward and I were about a half hour away from our former home. Maria had gone to the Seattle shipping docks to meet the arriving vampires, and was an hour behind us. We were about two hours ahead of schedule, but hadn't yet let the scouts know. Maria had received texts saying we had both Jasper and Charlie, so we decided to come early. I hadn't had any other visions since the flashes of Maria and Bella in a fiery field. I didn't know what the out come of the vision would be, so I hadn't shared it with anyone."Can you believe we are almost there?" I squealed adding a skip to my step. I truly amazed myself sometimes. Who else, vampire or human, could run through the forest in five inch Louboutins and not break a heal? "Not really." Edward answered solemnly.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" I asked, smoothing my shirt, when I came to a stop. "Soon we will be heading to Volterra with Charlie and Jasper, taking our rightful place as leaders."

"I know, I know. I am just not that happy about having to kill Carlisle. You are not the one who has to watch your sire parish." He turned away from me, pinching the bridge of his nose. So fucking annoying.

"Get a grip Edward. Yes, Carlisle is your sire, but he is also a pain in the ass with his patriarchal ways. We will be free now, we won't have anyone to tell us what to do. So stop being a little bitch, and come." I started walking in the direction of the house again, but he didn't."Edward. Come." I growled. "Wait." He held up his finger at me. "Come this way. We need to go this way." He said vaguely, pointing in the opposite direction of the house. "The hell we do. Now lets g…" I turned in the direction he was facing and began walking, wanted to go that way too.

Edward looked back at me. "Come Ali." He reached out, grabbed my hand and we took off.

I had no idea why he was leading me away from the house. I didn't want to go where ever we were going…but I couldn't help it.

"We need to go back. Edward stop. We need to go back." There was uncertainty in my words. I wasn't sure if I could."I can't. Can you?" Edward asked.

I didn't respond, he knew my answer.

We ran for about a twenty kilometres, never speaking, never veering off course. We were just north of Forks when we came to an abandoned warehouse and headed inside. "What the hell is going on? Why are we here? Why did you bring us here?" I pouted.

"You think I brought us here?" Edward snarled. "I didn't feel you resisting."

He was right, I didn't. I wasn't following him, I came here because I had to.

I looked around the nasty old building. It had been abandoned by humans for sometime now, but a vampire had been here recently. A vampire and some…deer? I took in the stranger's scent realizing it wasn't a stranger who had been here. It was Charlie. This is where William and the others had brought him, and where Eve was to bring Jasper. We had been CC'd on the text to William telling him to move Charlie to a cottage not far from here. The plan was to keep Charlie and Jasper separate until the others were destroyed.

"William and his sisters are more powerful than we thought. I guess Eve and Bartholomew must need some help with Jasper, and they brought us here." I said nonchalantly while trying to find somewhere to sit and not ruin my fantastic new blue jeans."No. She couldn't have brought us here. None of them have the ability to make us come here. Something isn't right. We need to get out of here." Edward walked towards the door, stopped, cawked his head, then walked back to me. "I can't open the door. I can't even touch it." He looked very confused.

"No way. Let me try." I walked towards the door and stopped arms length away. I tried to lift my arm to grab the handle, but I couldn't. "What the fuck?" I screamed. How did I not see this happening? What is stopping my visions? I must be that bitch Bella. Damn her.

"We're in trouble." Edward sighed, sitting gracefully on the disgustingly dirty floor.

I didn't answer as I slid down the wall and joined him on the floor, resting my head on my knees. To hell with my jeans. I could always buy more in Italy.


"This is fucking awesome!" Hollered Peter. He was having waaay to much fun with this.

Peter, Jacob and I had been heading north west for about fifteen minutes, when we crossed two familiar scents. "Bella and Jasper must have come here when they were hunting." I said, slowing my pace, as much as I could. Earlier we had tried to stop altogether, but the best we could do was slow to a leisurely pace, and that took some effort.

"No, they are here now, listen." Peter pointed to the left as he snailed along. Jacob yipped in the same direction. "See? There they are." Bella and Jasper flew out of the trees, zooming by with incredulous looks on their faces. They slowed looking back at us.

"What are you guys doing out here?" Asked Jasper as the three of us ran to catch them.

"Going to Charlie." I answered.

"Guessing since you aren't stopping, he called you too." Bella was looking forward with a determined look on her face.

"Yup." I answered.

"Well, I am glad you guys are here." She said. "Do you know where we are going?"

"No. You guys?" I asked.

"No idea. But since you are here, lets keep slow and figure out what to do now." Jasper was moving slower than Bella was. She was getting further and further away as we moved. "I have a feeling we aren't going to be able to stop until we are right by him. There will be at least four other vampires with Charlie. We will need to go for the twins first, then the others. Once Bella shields Charlie it will be over." Jasper sped up a bit to catch Bella, the three of us hot on their tails.


I wasn't paying much attention to the other four as we ran. I was just concentrating on getting to Charlie. Actually, I couldn't focus my attention on much else. Charlie had taken over…everything.

It was amazing that we couldn't stop moving now that he had called us to him. It felt the exact same as when he called me to him right after his change, now that I knew that was what he had done.

Excitement, anger and curiosity was flowing through the group as we ran. Jasper was constantly on guard, while Peter tried different ways to get himself to stop. He grabbed trees (ripping them from the roots), ran in to boulders (they turned to dust) and threw himself on the ground. That was the one that actually made me laugh, once he hit the ground he just kept rolling.

"Enough." Jasper was back to being in charge. Peter straightened up and continued along with a satisfied smile on his face, saluting to Jasper behind his back.

"So what do you think of your new and improved mate? Pretty hot eh?" Peter chortled. Hot didn't even describe him. Deliciously sexy was more like it. I just smiled at Peter and kept my focus in front of me. Wanting to be ready I put up my shield.

I immediately stopped running, the other continuing on.

"Bella?" Jasper slowed as much as he could. "How did you do that?" The others slowed their pace.I started walking after them, it was either that or they would go with out me. Unless…

I put my shield around Jasper, but nothing happened. I tried with the other three, and still nothing. "I put up my shield." I had caught back up to them. "I put my shield on you guys too, but nothing happened." No one said anything as we reflected on what that meant. "Seems as though once Charlie sends out a command you can't stop it. But maybe you could block a command placed on others while they are shielded." Rose said.

"Ya maybe, but I was able to stop myself from following the command. What is that all about?" This was so confusing. I can disrupt a command placed on myself, but not others. Would my shield stop him from commanding me? Could I shield others from not falling under his command? Probably not if my shield wouldn't stop the command like it had with me.

Damn, my head hurt. "We will have to discuss this later. We are here." Jasper slowed again, Charlie's scent was wafting lightly through the trees. "Don't use your shield on us, you need to conserve your strength." He turned to me for my answer, his eyes slowly dilating.

I nodded in response.

We stepped through the trees on to a long narrow driveway leading to a small cottage. I could smell Charlie and four other vampires. I reached out feeling the emotions of those in the cottage.

Anger, frustration, and amusement.

We were about a hundred feet from the cottage when the five of us stopped dead in our tracks. We were all taken aback by the abruptness of stopping. Jacob let out a low growl and moved towards the back of the cottage. "Jake." I hissed. Where the hell was he going?

"He is fine." Said Jasper. "Rose go with him. Go in through the back. Peter, find a side window. Bella, when we get in the front door go straight to Charlie and shield him."

"Okay." I said nervously. Rose nodded, and Peter saluted again.

They took off and when they were out of sight Jasper turned to me. "Don't shield anyone else but Charlie and yourself, no matter what happens. Do you understand?"

I nodded again.

"You aren't to worry about anyone else but you and Charlie." He repeated. Duh. I am not deaf. "Peter, Rose, Jake and I will take care of the others." I was worried to say the least. I wanted to climb in his arms, but I knew now was not the time.

We started moving and were maybe fifteen feet away when Peter's laughter erupted from inside. "Hot Damn Chief!"Jasper turned to me and I shrugged my shoulders. The front door of the cottage flew open and Rose was standing in the doorway, a human Jake behind her.

"Charlie is the shit!" She exclaimed as Jasper moved at vampire speed to the front door, me fast on his heels.

He stopped abruptly in the doorway and I ran right in to him causing us to both fall to the ground. Laughter filled the cottage as we pulled ourselves up. "Hey guys. How's it going?" Asked Charlie.

I looked up and couldn't believe my eyes.


I knew I couldn't control the twins, but why not William and Mary. I thought hard about what I would get them to do, and made sure it wouldn't back fire. I finally decided I would have William and Mary take the swords from the twins and remove their limbs. I wouldn't have them kill the twins, I didn't know if I could. I mean I know I could, but I didn't know if I was capable of killing someone, vampire or not.

The twins were sitting at a little dining table, across the room, playing some weird card game, and William and Mary were silently still, one on either side of me.

I watched with fascination, as the two of them got up from the futon we were sitting on and walked over to the twins. Their faces contorted in confusion as they picked up the swords. Even when the twins saw William and Mary with the swords, they didn't realize what was happening . It wasn't until they were both lying on the floor, nothing but torsos with heads, did they scream. After William and Mary moved the twins' limbs to the small bathroom, I had them put their bodies back in the chairs at the table. I then had them bring me the swords, which I shoved under the futon, and had them sit on the floor across from me. William opened his mouth to speak, but he couldn't. I made sure that neither of them could. I was quite proud of myself, and once I knew nothing was going to back fire, I decided to have a little fun.

Just as I was finished playing around Peter came crashing through the little window in the kitchenette.

He straightened up, taking in the scene before him. He was hunched over laughing hysterically when Rose came in through the back door, followed by wolf Jake. They surveyed the scene, Jake shifting to human and slipping in to a pair of shorts that were tied to his leg. "Hot Damn Chief!" Peter had finally calmed down.

"Oh. My. God." Rose was having a hard time forming words. "We better get Bella and Jasper." Rose nodded at Jake and he followed her. She threw open the door. "Charlie is the shit!" She yelled out to the yard.

I looked around at what I had done.

Yes. Yes I was the shit.

Bella and Jasper came crashing through the door. Once they had straighten up, they too took in the scene around them while moving further into the cottage. Bella ran, laughing and threw her arms around my neck.

"Dad! I am so glad you are okay. They didn't hurt you did they?" She pulled back looking me over for wounds. "Does it look like they could do anything?" Peter asked. He had gone to the bathroom and retrieved the twins' limbs. He walked over to the small stove that was against the wall. He opened it, threw in their limbs and turned it on.

The twins' both opened their mouths, I assume to scream, but nothing came out. After they had been attacked with the swords, the twins had fallen under my silent command with William and Mary, I am guessing the were to weak to reflect my commands.

"Now, now boys. Keep calm, it will be over soon." Peter said patting them each on the head as he passed by.

"So Chief, what have we got going on over here?" Peter sat down cross-legged in between Mary and William. "Was the cross dressing really necessary?" I had made William and Mary switch clothing amidst my fun. "What else did you make them do?" Jake asked sitting beside Bella on the futon. "Well they did some dancing, they are quite good. Would you like to see?" William and Mary rose from the floor and began to dance. All I had to do was command them to dance and they took care of the style on their own. The must have both been fans of the eighties because they were performing a scene from an eighties movie, the one when they are all in the library. Even though Renee used to watch it every week, I could never remember the name. Peter and Rose thought it was funny, but nothing like Jake and Bella. They were laughing so hard I thought they were going to explode.

"Guys, I admit they look like idiots, but geez get a hold of yourselves, its not that funny." Rose had stopped laughing and was staring at the two hyenas beside me. "Haven't you seen the Breakfast Club?" Jake asked between snorts. "No." Peter and Rose answered together. "Oh my god. We have to watch it Rose. It is the best movie ever." Bella had calmed down, but Jake was still in hysterics.

"Charlie, make them do the dance from Thriller. You know the music video that used to scare the shit out of Bella." Jake had gotten up from the couch and moved to stand beside the gyrating vampires. "Fuckin' eh. Do it Charlie." Peter was in on it too.

I was wondering if I could be that specific in which dance they would do, when Jasper came in to my view. "Enough with the games. We need to find out everything we can from them." He hadn't been enjoying the show like everyone else. In fact he looked pissed off. I had never seen Jasper look that way before. He was freaking me out. What was with him?

He was right though, we needed to focus on finding out all we could from them. I had both William and Mary's phones beside me on the end table. I picked one up and was scrolling through the messages when a new one appeared.

Damn it all to hell.