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The agitation with no release. The weight of this love

In the blue sky, lights reflects on particles

The sunsets, from the weakening light comes the mechanical sounds

Ah, the world is falling apart, but even so, I still love you

I understand that completely. What should I do

To make you understand this secret code

I am such a fool, I will

Protect you, this is a war

There is no way I will watch you get hurt

A suffocating love, that is a sin

I will let you know my affection for you

I tried to yell out, but this voice is weak

No matter how much I raise my voice, It probably still won't reach you


It was cold. Bitterly cold. This, however, was normal for the quiet, white-bred, redneck mountain town of South Park. Four of its residents sat on the new wooden bench at their usual bus stop. Though it was covered in a thing layer of ice, the four boys didn't mind; at least, they wouldn't have to stand anymore. The brightest of the boy's, Kyle Brofvloski, sat on the very edge, reading through a novel, something he often did.

"Hey Kyle, whatcha readin'?" asked the raven-haired boy sitting next to him.

The redhead turned to face his friend. Best friend, at that. Kyle placed his bookmark between the archaic pages, closing it afterwards.

"It's called Fahrenheit 451. It's about a future where it's illegal to read books, and they're burned to a crisp if even a page is turned... Interesting premises, wouldn't you say?" he explained, eyes alight with happiness.

"Yeah, yeah, they all burn like your Jewfag ancestors did!" shouted the husky brunette next to Stan.

Kyle's faced flushed with rage as he shouted, "Shut the fuck up fatass!"

Stan sighed as the two continued to bicker, hoping the bus would arrive sooner than later.

The quietest of the boys sat on the opposite edge of the little bench, as far away from his friends as possible. The boy's icy blue eyes scanned the road, inwardly shouting with joy as he saw the oncoming bus approaching. The blonde boy immediately leapt out of his seat to instead stand in front of it, rocking back and forth on his heels.

"Ay, po' boy! Why're you so excited to go to skewl? Not like you needa bother," said the brunette, already bored with verbally abusing his other "friend".

Kenny turned his head, glaring at Cartman, simply replying with, "Ffck yyu."

The chubby boy would've replied had the bus not driven up right then. As soon as the doors flew open, Kenny dashed inside, making his way to the empty back seat. Kyle, Stan and Cartman followed behind the blonde, taking seats next to him. Kenny huffed, rather annoyed with them. He didn't know why though; maybe it was the fact that he'd been kept up all night by the screaming and arguing of his parents.

"Hey guys!" said Stan, interrupting Kenny's train of thought, "I almost forgot to tell you; my parents are gonna be gone all weekend, so I was thinking of having a party on Saturday. There'll be drinks n' music, so it should be fun!"

Kyle Brofvloski frowned, putting his lips, "I dunno, dude. I doubt my mom will let me go unsupervised. She barely let's me go to school by myself."

Cartman heaved a long sigh before saying, "Kahl, I thought we already established that your mom is a bitch."

"Don't call my mom a bitch you fat fuck!" the Jewish boy replied, balling his hands into fists.

"Ay! Don't call me fat ya fucking Jew!" Cartman shouted back.

Stan laughed awkwardly, trying his best to prevent his friends from killing each other. Kenny glared forward, trying to block out the bumbling idiots next to him. Eventually, he got up when the bus stopped for a light, moving up several rows.

"H-Hey Kenny!" Kyle shouted, a bit unnerved by his friend's angry action.

"Keep it down there you brats!" shouted the bus driver, Ms. Crabtree. Even after these 8 years, she was still the bitchiest bus driver imaginable.

The three boys finally quieted to a whisper. Kenny could only imagine what they were saying now. It really wasn't that difficult to guess though. Kyle was probably whining about how Kenny needed help, Stan would be wondering if Wendy would come to his party, and Cartman would accuse the blonde of being on his man period; it was laughable how predictable they were.

The first bell rang as the bus drove up to the pathetic building that was South Park High School. The air was buzzing with excitement; the final year had begun. All the kids from Mr. Garrison's 4th grade class had grown older with each other, and never anyone else, After this, it was unlikely they'd all be together in one room ever again.

Kenny smirked at the thought. Yes, everyone in his class would grow up to be a doctor or a lawyer, rich and true. They'd all leave town to go to some place better, even if it was just Denver. But him? Ha! Hell no. He'd never be able to amount to anything, and he'd never be able to escape. He was doomed.

The other three boys were certainly having a better day than Kenny McCormick. Cartman had already called Bebe a slut, and Butters a fag; Stan had had Wendy Testaburger wave at him without puking from happiness afterwards; and Kyle had finished reading his book already.

The day went by in a blur; all it was were introductions and the handing out syllabi. Stan Marsh's proposed party, however, was growing in popularity. The entire senior class had heard of it by now, and everyone was talking about it.

Stan's nickname for the day had become "Stan the man", and oh how he loved it. "The man's" happy aura shout through the ceiling when he felt a tap on his shoulder, turning around to find Wendy.

"Heya Stan," she said, rocking on her heels slightly.

"H-Hi Wendy," he replied nervously, "What's up?"

The lunch bell finally rang, and Kenny was less than excited. He could never afford to buy any of the good food, and his fatass friend Cartman always enjoyed in flashing those things in his face. Like he was right now.

"Hey Kinny, you want my cookie? Come and get it~" he said with a snicker.

Kenny only rolled his eyes, looking away. His eyes widened as he spotted Stan rushing into the room, skipping over to the table, and twirling once before sitting down next to Kyle.

"Yyu seem happi," the blonde said through his hood.

"Yes~" sighed the dark haired boy, "Wendy finally asked me out!"

"Nice dude," said the redhead next to him, seeming rather uninterested.

Kenny raised a brow at the Jewish boy's comment. ~I thought Kyle would like that... His best friend is finally dating the girl of his dreams for chrissake!~

"Yeah, yeah, kewl, you're dating a fucking harpy now, big deal," said the chubby boy across from Stan.

Stan glared at Cartman, ignoring his comment as best he could. Kyle suddenly stood up, slamming his hands on the table.

"I'm going to the library," he announced, slinging his book bag over his shoulder and walking away.

Kenny frowned and got up as well, running after his friend.

"Fags..." Cartman muttered under his breath, pulling the boys' trays towards him.

Kyle had lied to his friends. Even if it was just about where he was going, he had lied. He felt awful. The redhead made his way out of the back entrance of the school, running down the concrete steps, over the snow-covered field, and into the darkened forest.

He found a flat rock, immediately sitting down. The boy clutched his brown bag to his chest, biting his lip and trying his best not to cry.

"Fucking Stan... Fucking Wendy...!" he muttered, wetness finally escaping his eyes.

Kyle jumped when he heard the crunching of leaves and twigs approaching him.

"Stan?!" he said, turning to face the noise.

"Lsst tmm ah chkkd, ah wzz Knny," replied the hooded boy now standing before Kyle.

Kyle's excitement noticeably died down, smile fading back to a frown. Kenny narrowed his eyes.

"Well god, sorry I'm not your douchebag best friend," he said as he revealed his face.

Kyle winced. "Don't call him that. Besides... I'm the one being a douche."

"And why's that?" Kenny asked absentmindedly, taking a seat next to his Jewish friend on the frozen rock.

"Well, I'm upset over nothing... I should be happy my best friend is dating the girl he loves! But I-I can't h-help it..." said Kyle, squinting his eyes shut.

"He's your best friend. With a girlfriend, he won't be able to spend as much time with you anymore. You don't like that. I don't see why you need to bawl over it, but you shouldn't feel like you're the bad guy."

"I shouldn't be upset though... Normal guys are happy when their friends get the girl they want. Right?" Kyle questioned, face willed with worry.

"Maybe you care about Stan a it too much...?" Kenny replied.

"And what do you mean by that...?"

Kenny shook his head, waving his friend off. Kyle sighed, turning his attention to the forest ahead of him.

How 'bout a change of subject? Like... Why were you so pissy on the bus this morning?" the redhead asked.

Heaving a sigh, Kenny replied with, "I'm probably cranky from lack of sleep... Your and Cartman's bitch fights were a lot more annoying than usual. I had to try really hard to not just scream at you guys~"

Kyle's eyes widened an immediate apology escaped from his lips, "I'm so sorry! I didn't know, you're always so quiet..."


"... was being an asshole! You know..."


"... can't stop myself when he..."



"You were rambling again. I get it, you're sorry," he chuckled, "Don't worry about it, really."

"Ah, sorry... But if you don't mind me asking, how come you didn't sleep...? Anxious for school? Insomnia?"

"My parents were ripping each others throats out again. Had to wait an hour or so before they stopped screaming at each other. Then I laid in bed contemplating my future, crying my eyes out when I realized that I'm destined to end up just like them..."

Kyle furrowed his brow as he grabbed Kenny's sleeve, pulling him close enough that their noses were almost touching.

"Look here, you! I don't wanna hear those words come out of your mouth ever again! We're all gonna get out of this town, and you will not end up like your parents."

Kenny's eyes widened when Kyle got in his face.

"Dude, fuck off," he said, shoving his friend off of the rock.

"What the hell Kenny?!" the Jewish boy shouted, landing in the snowy underbrush with a THUD.

"You and I both know that I'm going to be miserable for the rest of my life. May as well start accepting that and have fun while I can," the blonde hissed.

"I don't believe that! I would've though that you'd actually try to change your future... but you aren't! I'd almost say you want to end up like your fucking hick parents!"

Kenny scowled; balling his hands into fists so tight his knuckles turned white. He used all of his energy not to punch his friend in the face.

"Fuck you Kyle!" the boy said, running back towards the school building.

Poor Kenny McCormick. He was cursed with the worst luck, constantly dying and coming back to life. And today was no exception. There was a gruesome SPLAT as a tree suddenly fell, flattening him against the ground.

A few moments later a group of students came rushing out to see what had happened, including Wendy and Stan. Kyle frowned when he noticed a red blotch on the dark haired boy's neck. He glared at the pool of blood forming under the tree as Stan shouted his signature line.

"Oh my god, they killed Kenny!"

Kyle rolled his eyes, "Bastard deserved it."


Ah, before I realize it, the dawn is already coming. Time, please stop

I cannot make you understand my feelings, what can I do?

How should I proceed?

I can see you, who I cannot reach


I will protect you, this is a war!

Whatever it takes, there is no time to choose means

In order to let you understand the extend of my love

I will protect you with all my might

Prepare for the final blow

The battle is not over yet

Love is war

Until this song reaches you


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