Authors Note: Love Trauma, but I don't own anything from the show because if I did it would not be cancelled. GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! But anyways this is a little Tyler/OC story action. Sorry, my medical knowledge is none and the characters are a little OOC.

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Tyler walks into the garage of the SFFD carrying supplies for the start of a new shift. Like always Boone leaning against the side of the rig was on his phone talking to his wife. He gave a head nod acknowledging Tyler's arrival. Tyler puts everything in the back of the rig and shuts the doors with a bang. His frustration is evident from the look on his face. He goes to the driver's side and starts up rig. He taps his fingers on the steering wheel impatiently as he waits for Boone to get in. Boone jumps in, "What's up with you man?"

"Nothing just nothing." Tyler steamed.

Boone was about to say something when the speakers barked orders, Medic 78 report to intersection of South Main and Dewey. Bicycle vs. Cab.

They put their business faces on as they pulled out of the garage. "Medic 78 reporting ETA 5 minutes."

When they make it to the scene quite a crowd has gathered. The cabbie pacing near the cyclist screaming obscenities while a another individual is crouched near the cyclist. The cylclist looks like he is in his late 20's. He is holding his left arm but that looks to be the only major injury besides a cut on his head. Next to him is his bent up bike and a tattered old green backpack. Boone approaches him first with Tyler right behind carrying the equipment.

"Hey sir, I'm Boone and that's Tyler, we're here to help. What's your name?"

The cabbie is getting red from anger and Tyler goes over to try to get the man to move away. "Sir I'm gonna need you to back up. Everything's gonna be cool, you just need to calm down."

The cabbie yells, "Everything's not 'cool'. Because of this fucking fag I'm gonna get my license taken away."

"SIR, I don't want to have to say this again, move back right now or I actually will have to call in the police." Tyler says in a stronger tone glancing at the injured man.

The cabbie moves quickly after the threat of the police.

Calmly, the man with dark curly hair looks up from his arm to respond to Boone, "My names Ryan."

Boone is now inspecting Ryan's arm, "Well Ryan it looks like you have a broken forearm we're gonna have to cut this jacket off so we can splint it, I'll take a look at this head wound and then we'll get you to the hospital."

"Oh hell no, not my jacket, I've had this thing for years." Ryan says in a serious voice.

"Well if we try to take it off the regular way it's gonna hurt, a lot." Boone says as he's checking Ryan's pupils with his light.

"It's ok I can handle it." Ryan says in a gruff voice.

"Alright," Boone huffs, "Tyler give me a hand. We're gonna save the jacket."

Tyler walks behind the Ryan and chuckles, "To be fair it's a really nice jacket."

"Thanks," Ryan hisses as they move his arm to start taking off his jacket. Once the jacket is off Ryan has on only a dark grey t-shirt which allows them to splint the arm. Boone pulls up the t-shirt on Ryan's left side and there is a large bruise forming.

"Alright Ryan are you good to walk? We should get you to the hospital to make sure everything is ok internally, you've got some pretty bad bruising here"

"Yeah, but do you think somebody could grab my backpack all my stuff's in there."

"I got it," Tyler says as Boone helps Ryan up and they all proceed to the rig. Boone goes in the back with Ryan and Tyler gets into the front after putting the gear in the back. Boone radios the hospital telling them what's going on and that they're bringing in Ryan.

Turning to Ryan, Boone says, "Next time, try not to bike into traffic."

"Yeah," he chuckles, "This would be my day. I'm a very unlucky person," leaning back on the gurney in the ambulance.

"Well hopefully you're luck will turn around." Boone says as he puts some gauze on the cut on Ryan's forehead.

"Thanks for saving my jacket. I know you think it's a stupid request but that jacket means a lot to me."

"No, problem man." Boone replies as they pull up to the emergency room. The doors swing open and from then on it's on to the chaos of the emergency room. Ryan is whisked away into the hospital by Boone and a nurse leaving Tyler alone outside the rig. Closing the doors, Tyler moves the rig from the entrance waiting for Boone.