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Just about a week later…..

"I cannot believe that you don't like Power Rangers was a good show! There are heroes, monsters, and not to mention Rita best bad guy who wasn't a guy ever. That shit is classic." Tyler says throwing his hands up in disgust.

"It's a stupid kid's show, Tyler. There's no need to get so upset. Could you please keep your hands on the wheel! You don't want to pull a Glenn," Cameron yells. He turns to look at his partner who has been acting very oddly lately. Yesterday along with other days he's caught Tyler drifting off, not really focused on the job. Cameron is starting to get concerned.

"Oh I'm making you nervous eh? Ha that's so funny. The great stoic Cameron Boone is nervous about my driving. I have been driving for like a million years you know." Laughing Tyler is interrupted by the call of the radio.

Medic 78 you have a call at 1638 Merchant boulevard, apartment 13. Domestic Disturbance, unconscious male, police are already on scene.

Ten-four, We're about 10 minutes. Medic 78 out.

As Boone gets on his head set he says, "Bastard probably deserved it. Finally somebody's fighting back." These kinds of calls always are difficult. Seeing the damage one person can do to another who they're supposed to protect.

~ Approximately 8 minutes later ~

They park behind the police vehicle outside the apartment building. "Ha look at that I'm early. Am I good or what Boone?" Tyler says as he grabs the necessary bags. They walk up to apartment building and go through the lobby and up the small staircase to get to the 13 apartment.

When they arrive at the apartment there is two cops. One is standing in the doorway talking to an older woman. They overhear her talking to the officer, "Gerry is not a nice man. I don't know why the poor boy stays with Gerry. Gerry is all the time yelling, I can hear it because I live right next door."

"Oh hey guys," the officer says to the duo, "He's right through there, in the kitchen. He was unconscious and having a hard time breathing. He's beat up pretty bad."

Boone says a quick thanks and takes the lead through the doorway. Many things in the small apartment are over turned. A smashed lamp litters the pathway to the kitchen. Even a few bloody smears were visible on the carpet and wall. The other officer is leaning over the man on the floor. The victim was shirtless and shoeless and was wearing a cast. There was a lot of blood drying in streaks on the laminate floor of the kitchen. When the officer moved away they were able to really see the victim.

"Oh my god, Boone that is Ryan. Remember? From the bicycle-taxi incident," says Tyler.

"Yeah I remember."

Ryan's face was bloody and fat from bruising. One of his eyes was swollen shut. There was a fresh set of dark bruising on his left side, probably from being kicked repeatedly. His pants were torn at the knees and there was glass in his wounds.

Anger was boiling in Tyler when he realized it was Ryan laying there. He could only imagine what had happened to him. Boone yelled at him to break him out of the daze he was in and it was right back to work. Setting down the bags they set to work checking him out to see what was up medically.

As they got Ryan on the stretcher to take him to the ambulance they went past the first officer and the elderly woman again.

"So ma'am you're saying this is not the first time Gerry has been violent?"

"No, poor Ryan he is such a sweet boy. When Gerry left I had to come right over to see if he was ok like I always do. But when he didn't answer the door I called you guys."

In the ambulance Tyler is almost stoic, driving with even more urgency than normal.

When they arrive at the Emergency Room Dr. Joe is waiting for them. As the nurses take the stretcher from them, Tyler stops Dr. Joe for a moment.

"Hey that's Ryan from about a week ago who left without checking out" says Dr. Joe, "wonder if he updated any of his medical forms."

"Why?" asks Tyler.

"He didn't list any emergency contacts or next of kin" was the simple reply.

Tyler was left standing there as Dr. Joe went to go attend to the newest patient.