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This outtake describes some of the events surrounding Edward and Bella's wedding from Chapter 14. I hope you enjoy!


Three things arrived together on the Cullens' front porch on a sunny Friday afternoon: a distinctive Renaissance-style blue dress, a gentle Anglican vicar, and one Alec Thomas.

Bella and Alice were playing with the huge three-way mirror that had been temporarily installed in the Cullens' guestroom when the door opened and Alec entered.

"Bella my darling," he announced with a flourish, "the fun has arrived!"

"Alec!" Bella shrieked and leapt into his open arms. He lifted her off her feet and twirled her around as she laughed breathlessly. He set her down gently and turned towards Alice with a broad smile.

"This wedding's maid of honor, I presume?" he asked, bowing deeply.

"Why yes, you are correct, good sir." Alice dropped into a curtsey in response to Alec's bow and she let out a surprised squeak when he swept her into a hug as well. After he released her the three of them sat down on the bed to talk.

"Bellsy, I am quite furious with you," Alec said, cocking his eyebrow at her. "Your cheek is unforgivable. You forced me to spend five months tolerating Jane without your charming influence."

"I thought for sure having a room to herself would improve her disposition."

"Well, perhaps a bit. Although...her disposition did improve considerably come March, but not because you moved out...more because of who moved in."

"Whaaaat? They gave her a new roommate?"

"No, she selected one for herself. Do you remember Felix?"

"The big Italian guy? The one who did Coriolanus?"

"The very one. She became much more pleasant thanks to his Italian sausage." Alec waggled his eyebrows, and both girls giggled in response.

"I hate to be nosy-"

"No you don't." Bella cut off Alec's words with a smirk.

"Alright, love, you are correct; I adore being nosy. Did they make you pay for leaving?"

"Nope. I called and explained the whole situation, and they took pity on me."

"Are you ever going back to finish?"

"No, I'm not. I worked it out so that I got some class credit for what I did, so it counts toward my Master's, but I'm not going back. Edward and I agreed that we don't want to be separated for that long again."

Alec's face formed a pretty pout. "I was quite excited at the prospect of you two being in the city so we could play together."

"Sorry, Alec. Can't do it. Although..." she trailed off and exchanged a look with Alice.

"Although what?"

"I was waiting so it would be a surprise, but I guess it can be a surprise now. Edward and I are coming to visit. We're taking a month and going to Europe. We decided to replace some of our memories of last fall with new ones, and since I was in Europe without him..."

"Hooray! I will get to see my Bellsy and her pretty man once again!"

"While I'm in an answering mood, any other nosy questions, little pretty princess?"

"Actually, yes. While the good Father is a lovely man, why on Earth was I accompanied here by an Anglican Vicar? Is clergy a necessary part of American wedding receptions?"

Bella blushed. "You remember our wedding, right?"

"Of course I do, my darling. I was an essential part of the planning committee and your maid of honor, as I remember."

"Well, then you know it was a bit...unorthodox. As it turns out, it was also a bit, well, illegal."

"What?" Alec laughed at Bella's revelation.

"Yep. It turns out that sea captains can't really perform marriages just by virtue of being sea captains; they have to be registered wedding celebrants. Plus, there are all kinds of regulations about who can get married in the UK - you have to have a special visa and there's a waiting period. We found out when I went to change my name. Apparently, we sort of have a common law marriage, and in some states we would be considered married, but Washington doesn't recognize common law marriages, and neither of us really liked the idea of that anyway. So we're getting married again."

"And the good vicar is here to do that honor?"

"Yep." Bella smiled softly. "He's kind of special to both of us, so we emailed and asked if we could fly him here for the ceremony."

Bella's attention was diverted to Alice, who suddenly gasped and laid her hand on her stomach.

"You okay? Bella's voice was concerned, but she relaxed when she saw a bright smile emerge on her sister-in-law's face.

"He moved!" Alive began to bounce up and down in her chair. "I'm sure of it! He moved!"

Bella's grin matched Alice's. "He? You found out already?"

"He, she, it, whatever. I have to go tell Jasper!" Alice bounced up off the bed and headed for the door. Alec and Bella looked at one another in amusement.

"Is she always like that?"

"Always." Bella chuckled.

Alec tilted his head to the side and narrowed his eyes, as in deep thought. "I like her."

"Me too."

He turned his gaze on her and considered her for a long moment.

"You look happy."

"I am happy." Bella smiled and a very faint blush appeared on her cheeks.

"It suits you. I quite approve. I've missed you, princess."

"I've missed you too."


Mom, stop it. You're being ridiculous."

"Edward, I'm not being ridiculous. I am being perfectly rational. It is bad luck for you to see the bride before the ceremony, and it's tradition!" Esme put her hands on her hips and scowled at her son.

"Mother, we have been married for almost a year. I'm not spending the night apart from Bella because of silly superstitions."

"You haven't really been married...I mean, you have, but..."

Edward laughed. "Yeah Mom, puzzle on that one for a while."

"It is a little...perplexing, isn't it?" Esme sighed. "I suppose you've been living together already, I can't really stop you now."

"Mom, while I love your enthusiasm, you're right, you can't stop us. We were already separated for far too long, I have no intention of sleeping apart from Bella ever again.

"What's that you're saying about me?" The object of their discussion entered the kitchen with Alec trailing close behind.

"Esme, this is my friend Alec." The two shook hands while Bella walked to where Edward stood. He unfolded his arms and slipped one around her shoulders.

"Mom was trying to tell me we had to sleep in separate rooms tonight. I was explaining to her how ridiculous that was."

"Um..." Bella trailed off, her face contorted.


"Well...I kind of promised Alice that I would stay with her tonight. We're having some kind of bachelorette final fling slumber party thing."

"Bella, you aren't a bachelorette." Edward huffed in frustration.

"I know, but she was so excited and she felt really left out because of how we got married before, plus I think Jasper-" She cut off the sentence abruptly, closing her mouth tightly and pursing her lips.

"Jasper what?"

"Nothing!" Bella's voice was unnaturally high as she extricated herself from Edward's embrace. "C'mon Alec, let's introduce you to everyone!" She practically sprinted from the kitchen, and Alec followed her, smirking.

Edward looked helplessly at his mother. "I guess you got your way," he said with a sigh,

Esme chuckled. "Son, I think you may have more important things to worry about. If I know Jasper, you're in a lot of trouble."


"What exactly are you planning to do to him?" Bella managed to corner her brother while he was in the backyard cooking burgers for their informal rehearsal dinner.

"Nothing you need to worry about, baby sister," he replied with a laugh. "We'll get him back in plenty of time for the big event tomorrow."

"No strippers."

Jasper acted as if he did not hear her, focusing on turning the patties that lay on the grill in front of him.

"Jas, I know you heard me. Don't make me get Alice."

Jasper grinned at her. "I can't promise anything."

"No strippers, Jasper Swan. I'm serious. You know Edward well enough to know he would be upset if you did that. Then Alice would kill you, Rose would kill Emmett, Ren would kill Jake, and Edward wouldn't have any friends left."

"Alright, alright, I get it. No strippers."

"You promise?"

"I promise. Anything for my little sister the bride...wife...whatever." Jasper grinned, and Bella threw her arms around his waist.

"You're not so bad for an annoying big brother,"

"You're ok yourself...for a pesky little sister."

Bella spent the next couple of hours circulating through the guests at the rehearsal barbeque. There wasn't really anything to rehearse, since the ceremony was to be simple, with only Alice and Jasper acting as matron of honor and best man. The priest had asked to speak with them privately, and so they spent a few minutes with him in Esme and Carlisle's shared office. Bella was nervous; when he asked she thought there might be some problem, but he just asked them some questions about the ceremony, offered a few words of encouragement, and prayed a blessing over them before rejoining the party. By the time things were winding down Bella was simultaneously exhausted and keyed up.

"You about ready to go?" Bella was startled at Alice's question; she had not noticed her friend's approach.

"Sure, just let me say goodbye to Edward." She looked around and spotted him standing on the deck on the back of the house, laughing with Alec. She climbed the stairs toward him and he greeted her with a smile.

"Did you have fun tonight, baby?"

Bella nodded. "Alice asked if I was ready to leave - you okay if I go?"

"Off to your hen party then?" Alec asked.


"Have fun." Edward leaned down and kissed her forehead, then moved his face lower to capture her lips with his. The kiss was gentle and chaste, but it held promise for the day to come. He withdrew after a moment and brushed a lock of hair off her face before standing up straight.

"It should be ok. Hopefully, they won't do anything worse than paint my toenails." She turned to Alec. "Take care of my husband, alright?"

Alec lifted one eyebrow, and then raised his hand in a mock salute. "I'll do my level best."


Edward was jolted awake by the sound of his bedroom door opening. Before he could speak, he felt someone slip behind him into the small bed and familiar, beloved arms slid around his waist.

"Bella? What are you doing here? What time is it?"

"It's a little after two. I snuck out." She giggled. "I love Alice, but I would much rather sleep with you. Plus, since she's been pregnant...she snores."

He rolled over and she snuggled into his chest. "Other than the snoring part, did you have fun?"

" was sort of weird being back in my old bedroom, but we had a good time. They did, in fact, paint my toenails. Fingernails, too." She waggled her fingers in front of Edward's face, and he examined them in the moonlight that poured through the windows.

"Very nice."

"How about you? What did they end up doing with you?"

He pulled away from her slightly and propped himself up on one elbow. "How much did you know?" he asked, looking down at her innocent face.

"A little. I knew they were taking you out, but I made Jasper promise there would be no strippers. He didn't get you a stripper, did he?"

"No, no strippers." Edward laughed darkly.

"So what did you do?"

"We drove to a bar in Port Angeles and had some beer and played pool, then we came back here."

"That's all?"

"Well..." Edward sighed and reached over to turn on the light and threw the bedspread off himself. "I might as well show you now, you're going to see it anyway."

Bella gasped as the lamp illuminated her husband's body.

"What is it?"

"Sharpie. Emmett held me down, the other guys did it."

Bella began examining the markings more closely. There were arrows pointing to various body parts, and connected to each of the arrows there were...

"Directions!" Bella squealed and shrieked with laughter, then quickly covered her mouth.

"Yep. Directions. I tried to tell them that you were already pretty good at handling everything yourself, but that didn't stop them."

"Is it permanent?"

"I took a shower and nothing budged. I think Jasper knows how to get it off, but he wouldn't tell me. You'll notice they didn't mark anywhere that will show tomorrow."

"Considerate." Bella giggled again. "Then again, your suit covers a lot of skin." She began reading the notes in earnest, tracing the arrows with her fingertips. They ranged from the ridiculous -"These get stinky. Wash often." with an arrow pointing to both armpits - to the suggestive. In the middle of his chest were the words "Lick here", with arrows pointing to the nipples on either side. A message on his abdomen read, "for a good time, follow the yellow brick happy trail", and the accompanying arrow traveled in a curving path down through the reddish blond hair on his stomach and pointed down into the hem of his boxer shorts.

"Are there more on the back?"

Edward didn't reply, he just turned over, and Bella beheld even more messages. They were all pretty funny, but she laughed with delight at the one written over his spine.

"What?" Edward asked, his voice muffled by the pillow.

"Jasper left me a message. It says 'at least there were no strippers!'" Bella's laughter was full of delight.

Edward rolled back over with a huff. "I think I might have preferred the strippers."

Bella smiled at him. "Don't be like that, baby. It's funny. Plus..." She traced a finger down the arrow on his abdomen. "Now I know where to find a good time."


"You all are very funny, now tell me how to get it off."

"Wha-" Jasper's eye cracked open at her words, then slammed shut again at the sunlight that filled the room when she opened the curtains. He pulled his pillow over his head and groaned.

Bella knelt on the bed next to him and began to bounce up and down. "Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me! It's my wedding day, you have to tell me. She heard a muffled sound coming from under the pillow, so she yanked it off his face and tossed it across the room. "What was that?"

"I said, it's not your real wedding day. Now go away, after you give me my pillow back."

"Not until you tell me how to get it off."

Jasper smirked. "Get what off?"

"You know what." Bella flopped down to lie next to him, facing him on the bed.

"I know what, but how exactly do you know what? That was our little surprise for you for tonight. Have you been peeking, missy?"

Bella flushed. "I may have snuck back over to Edward's house last night."

Jasper gasped in mock horror. "My little sister sneaking out on the night before her wedding? I must defend your honor! I'll get that dastardly villain!"

Bella giggled at him. "I had to sneak back this morning - your big brother outrage is nothing compared to what Alice would do if she found out I skipped out on the slumbering part of her slumber party.

"True story," Jasper replied, rolling onto his back and gazing at the ceiling. "What time is it anyway?"

"It's about seven-thirty. I figured I would be safe as long as I was back before eight." Bella assumed the same posture as her brother, and looked around. "It's weird to be back in this room."


"Do you ever..." Bella trailed off.

"Do I ever what?"

"Do you wish you could change it? The past, I mean? Our past, all the stuff that happened with Mom and Dad?"

"I don't know. I mean, it sucked, and I wish everyone could have been happier, but it made us who we are."

"Yeah, I guess." Bella sighed. "I wish we could have skipped some of the pain, though.

"Life is pain, highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something."

Bella laughed and the two fell silent again. They lay together for a long moment before Jasper spoke again.



"Alcohol will take it off. I tested it on myself before we used the pen on Edward."

"Thanks." She turned onto her side and propped her face on her hand. "He was kind of grumpy about it, but I thought it was pretty funny."

He reached up and tweaked her nose. "My gift to you on your wedding day, my baby Bella."

She rolled off the bed and stood up. "I should get back before I fall asleep. See you in a bit?"

"I wouldn't miss it."


She was gone when he woke up, and for a moment he wondered if he had dreamed her appearance in the night, but the smell of her hair on his pillowcase brought him back to reality. He stretched and smiled to himself.

I'm getting married today. Again.

He closed his eyes and let his mind drift to memories of the "good time" Bella found the previous night. Things were just starting to get interesting when he was startled by the vibrating phone on the nightstand next to him. He picked it up and opened the text message from his bride.


He grinned as the phone vibrated again.

I love you.

He quickly typed a reply, extricated himself from his sheets, located some clothes, then went in search of some alcohol. He thought for a moment about asking Bella to come over and help him out, but decided he would save that for later. Instead he found his mother and asked if she had any alcohol. He didn't explain what he needed, but her barely-contained smirk suggested that she might have an inkling as to the nature of his problem.

A few hours later he was showered, dressed, and mostly ink free. He stood in his bedroom and perused his reflection. He wore a gray morning suit with a vest and a striped cravat in colors to match Bella's dress. When Alice had suggested it he had been hesitant, but now that he was dressed he had to admit it was perfect. He ran a hand through his hair, trying in vain to calm it somewhat, and could not stop the smile that insisted on covering his face.

A knock on door pulled his attention from the image in the mirror, and he turned to see his father enter. Carlisle wore a gray suit as well, although his was in a more modern cut.

"Are you ready, son? It's time."


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