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--"I don't get it Iruka-sensei. Why were they mad at us when they started the War in the first place?"

Chapter 1: Start of something New

"Hokage-sama," the ANBU messenger known as Panther spoke in a formal tone as he addressed the Sandaime. "We have taken back the village of Wanaka and have successfully driven out the remaining Iwa nin that attacked Kasaki village to the north. As of now, Jiraiya of the Sannin is requesting relief for his team and team Ryuu. Both are tired and Ryuu-san has an injured member."

"Who is injured," the Third asked, curious.

"Uchiha Mikoto," the ANBU answered without hesitating.

Sarutobi sighed as he continued to look at the map on his desk. Never before has he felt this stressed in his life. Stressed and still very much confused. A little over five months ago Iwa had determined that Konoha had too much land, land that they claimed belonged to them. The fact that the land they wanted was rich in agriculture and other minerals did not escape anyone's notice, and Sarutobi knew that they just started the war because they wanted it for themselves.

What confused the Hokage was the action of two other Great Shinobi countries. Not a week after Iwa nins attacked the village of Kasaki, a major trade village close to the Iwa border, Cloud and Sand declared war on Konoha as well. Neither village had given a reason why, they just attacked. Cloud easily slipped through Ta no Kuni, killing their Daimyo and declaring it a part of Cloud, and advanced on the village Wanaka. Wanaka was not huge or important, but it did give the enemy a foot hold to advance further into Hi no Kuni.

Luckily for the Land of Fire, the Mist chose that time to attack and take over Wave country, a small yet important port village. The Cloud immediately took this as an act of aggression and withdrew most of the shinobi they had in Wanaka and replaced them with Samurai, for some reason believing that Konoha would have too much of a task in forcing back Iwa's forces as well as the Suna nins that infiltrated southwest Fire country. They were wrong.

Iwa, in a strategic blunder had decided that Ame no Kuni would be easy pickings and provide the perfect shortcut right into Hi no Kuni. Sarutobi was not sure what possessed the Tsuchikage in believing that Hanzo the Salamander was getting too old to stop them, but the Hokage was not complaining. While Iwa nins were being decimated in Rain country, it allowed Sarutobi to spread out his ninja and the Fire Daimyo's samurai to other parts of the country to help defend. He had Jiraiya and his team, along with Ryuu's team and five hundred Samurai head to Kasaki to retake the village as well as push what remained of the Iwa nin back to Earth Country.

Trusting Jiraiya to not need too much help taking back control of the north for the time being gave the Hokage the freedom to send Tsunade, along with four other squads, to take back Wanaka and defend the border to Kumo controlled Ta no Kuni. The Fire Daimyo allowed Sarutobi to give Tsunade control over one hundred of his Samurai for support, but he doubted they were going to be needed. From the way things were going and the reports he was receiving, he didn't think Kumo would send too many ninjas to aid their Samurai and two squads of nin guarding Wanaka and its surrounding area.

Suna was a little harder to deal with and was a lot harder to push back. With Cloud and Rock separating its forces due to its own blunders, it couldn't attack Hi no Kuni with its full effort. Mist threatened to advance on Kumo causing Cloud to be on the defense, and Rock was having a hard time with Hanzo and his considerable might as the Salamander killed any Rock nin that he could find within a hundred miles of his border.

However, Sand was a different story all together. It had no need to split its forces and attacked with all its might. It had made it a few hundred miles into Hi no Kuni, coming uncomfortably close to Hi no Kuni's largest city and home of the Fire Daimyo. Seeing as the Daimyo only had around a thousand of his Samurai left and only the 12 Ninja Guardians to protect him, the Hokage had to act fast and hard. Therefore he sent his ANBU second in command, Uchiha Keisha, some of his ANBU corps (around 50), five other jonin squads, Orochimaru of the Sannin, Danzo the Fire Breather, and Hatake Sakumo, Konoha's White Fang.

As Sarutobi looked down at the map before him he was proud to say that his planning was right on the money. Mist did indeed attack Cloud, very strongly in fact, which prevented them from sending backup to Wanaka and allowed Tsunade and the rest to take Wanaka village back and guard it with relative ease for the time being. Also, Hanzo had done Sarutobi a favor by killing two of Rock's Diamond Brothers, brothers with large amounts of chakra and a bloodline that allows them to make their skin tougher than diamonds. This gave Jiraiya the chance to take on only one of the brothers instead of all three as he fought to take back Kasaki, and even though it sounded from the reports that his team was exhausted, in the end they had won that battle.

Sarutobi gave out a buff from his pipe and looked at the ANBU messenger. "And how goes the fight with Sand, the last I was told we had driven them almost all the way back to their border," he asked. The Hokage wasn't surprised that the Sand was driven back as quickly as it had considering the Shinobi that he sent there to take them on. As a matter of fact, he wouldn't be surprised if they had destroyed and killed all the poor souls that wore a Sand hitai-ate on them.

The ANBU shifted uncomfortably for a second before answering the question. "All is well, as of now Hokage-sama. However, in the week separating the reports from the field, our forces ran into a setback."

Sarutobi raised an eyebrow at that. What force could possibly slow them down?

"It was the Kazekage," the messenger answered the unasked question in the Hokage's mind. "He set a trap that instantly killed or injured many of the Samurai as well as twenty-one ANBU. Thunder (Uchiha Keisha's ANBU name) had her right arm torn off in the trap as well. In the fight that ensued after the Kazekage and his escort made their presence known, Danzo-san was also severely injured; however, before the Kazekage took him down he was able to kill all but one of the Sand Special Unit (Kazekage escort). The White Fang and Orochimaru of the Sannin were able to kill the last one as well as mortally wound the Kazekage. From the reports of the wounds, it is believed he will die before he makes it back to Suna," the masked ANBU messenger finished with what could be interpreted as pride in his voice.

Sarutobi nodded and asked if there was anything else to report. When he said there wasn't, he told the messenger to get Tears, the ANBU commander. When the messenger left, he let out a loud sigh and sat down in his seat to think. Uchiha Keisha was going to be hard to replace, as are the twenty-one ANBU that had fallen. But it was not too bad of a loss that it would have been if he had not sent who he sent to take care of the Sand forces. He had not expected the Kazekage to show up, at least not this early in the game. Was Suna that desperate to take Konoha down? He wondered ideally if perhaps the Kazekage had been as stupid as Cloud and underestimated the Will of Fire. Surly he had reports of who were leading Konoha's counter strike.

Perhaps it was suicide. Sarutobi just found it hard to believe that the Suna Kage had been arrogant enough to take on not one, but two Kage level opponents in Hatake Sakumo the White Fang and Orochimaru of the Sannin, as well as a ninja ranked S-class in all foreign bingo books in Danzo the Fire Breather. Perhaps it was a ploy? Perhaps a means to something else? Perhaps it wasn't even the Kazekage but someone else? Now that was disturbing to even contemplate. Jiraiya's spy network would have picked up on someone in Suna that was as strong as a Kage if that was the case. Huh, perhaps it was just what it sounded like, a ninja who got in over his head.

The Hokage's thoughts were interrupted by a slight shimmer in the air before there was a poof of smoke and leafs. Standing in front of him was Tears, real name Mitarashi Ken, ANBU Commander. "Hokage-sama," the man bowed before standing straight and waiting for Sarutobi to tell him what he wanted. Sarutobi always liked his mask, it was very different from the others.

"I need you to send a squad of ANBU and five medics to Tashika Village. Danzo and many others have been hurt and need immediate backup, medical attention and supplies," the Hokage answered him. "Also, what squad teams are ready to go on relief missions?"

"As of now, there are twenty-five Squads that are waiting for orders, not including the genin," Tear answered without hesitation.

Sarutobi nodded, thinking who best to send in Jiraiya's spot. Perhaps Uchiha Daraki? No, a Hyuuga would probably be best. But Jiraiya was a big shoe to fill, so to speak. Yes, it would be better to send both a Hyuuga as well as an Uchiha. Together there were not that many Rock nins that could take them on. "Bring me…" but the Hokage didn't finish, instead he shot to his feet, looking out his window and peering around. Tears flew to the window and opened it, indicating that he felt the sudden spike in chakra as well. He calmly walked out to the balcony, unconsciously noting the nine ANBU in the shadows awaiting his order.

He closed his eyes for a moment to concentrate and get a better feel for where the chakra spike was coming from. When he found it he frowned. This was not good. The amount of chakra he could feel was a very large amount and had a peculiar feel to it. It wasn't a ninjutsu, it was taking too long for that. Perhaps a Genjutsu? No, the Hokage thought, too noticeable. The Hokage's eyes flew open as he realized why it felt off. It was some kind of Fuinjutsu, and he didn't want to know what this particular jutsu, with its huge chakra amount, was going to do to his beloved Konoha.

He turned to Tears, and although he was looking at him, he was addressing all the ANBU with him at the tower. He knew that aside from himself and Tears, who could sense chakra spikes from far distances thanks to specialized training, that the other ANBU had no idea what was going on. They only knew that their Hokage and ANBU commander were both uptight and looking very much like they were about to go to war. "Tears, stay with me, the rest of you follow in the shadows." With that he jumped onto the nearest building and sped through the roof tops. He moved as fast as he could and with satisfaction noticed that even at the age of forty five, he was still faster than the ANBU that followed behind him.

When he reached the Hokage monument he put the right amount of chakra to his feet and sped up the wall noticing with some worry that the chakra spike he had felt was considerably lesser now, and becoming more so with every step he took. When he finally reached the top, he could no longer feel it at all, as matter of fact, the only thing he could sense was another person. Looking around only for a split second to check for traps, he sped towards the only person he could see up on the monument.

The person was bent over and breathing rather deeply. He also seemed to be clutching his stomach and groaning in pain. Taking the opportunity to end this quickly to ensure that the man couldn't run away, he made five quick hand signs and pressed his right hand to the ground. "Douton: Four Hand Trap." Instantly four arms made of earth shot out of the ground and grabbed the man's arms and legs, making him straighten and shriek in surprise.

The Sandaime walked up to the man and stood only a meter in front of him, eyeing him suspiciously. Not even a second later, Tears arrived behind the unknown man and held his short katana to the guy's throat. The man seemed quite young, perhaps 17 or 18. Had long, sun kissed blond hair that fell almost to his shoulders. He was tall, about the same height as Orochimaru, maybe taller. He wore a red Jonin vest, a black long sleeve shirt, and black pants with ninja issued sandals. He also wore a blood red short sleeved coat, the same color as his vest, with black flames blazing on the tail end. The Hokage narrowed his eyes when he saw the Konoha Leaf symbol on his forehead. From the man's body build, stature and emotionless face, as well as the amount of chakra he felt him using before he got here, the Hokage knew that the man was at least Jonin level. However….

"I know every ninja in this Village, so I know that you are not from Konoha," the Sandaime stated, which for some reason prompted the man to smirk. "Therefore, you will tell me who you are, how you were able to slip past the Anbu and other defenses along the walls, and which one of my comrades is it that you killed to take that hitai-ate!"

The man was back to his emotionless mask, but none the less introduced himself. "Apologizes, Sandaime-sama. My name is Uzumaki Naruto, the Rokudaime of Konohagakure no Sato." Whatever the Hokage was expecting, it was not that, and it apparently showed on his face as the man smiled and lifted his chin. That is until Tears pressed his katana harder on the man's throat, so much so that the action drew some blood.

"You know," the Uzumaki boy hissed, "You don't have to do that. It's not like I can escape."

Tears seemed to shrug, "I have no problems slicing your throat if you continue to lie to the Hokage."

"Well I sure as hell do, especially since I'm not lying," the boy retorted.

Tears said nothing more to the man, instead he gave a significant look to the Hokage, who was still inspecting the boy. Sarutobi saw it, and Tears gave a pointed look at the man's back. Frowning, the Hokage moved around Uzumaki to look at what Tears wanted him to see. There, in Kanji, were the words Rokudaime Hokage.

Sarutobi didn't know how else to react but laugh. He couldn't believe the stupidity of wherever this guy was from. Did his Kage think that they could get a spy into Konoha by making him think that he had traveled through time? He felt insulted, and he felt the need to once again go out into the front lines and show these bastards that Sarutobi Hiruzen was no dumb, ageing fool!

"Do you think I am that stupid boy!" he yelled grabbing the boy's chin. "I may have been off the front lines for twelve years now but I can assure you that my senses and skills are still well …." He didn't finish as the same person who he was trying to intimidate started laughing! Right in his face no less.

Uzumaki calmed down enough to finally talk after a minute. "I'm sorry, old man, but I've never seen you like that before. Not even when you yelled at me for playing that prank on you by turning all your underwear pink and orange. You never even shouted at me like that." Uzumaki finished with a big sigh. Sarutobi stared astonished at the boy for a second, and was about to give the order for Tears to take him to the interrogation unit when the boy spoke again.

"Tsunade baa-chan threw away the first Hokage's necklace when Nawaki died," he spoke softly, looking the Hokage right in the eye. Sarutobi stiffened. The only ones who knew about that conversation and what lead to it were Tsunade and him. So how did this boy know about it?

"You found it below the firsts head, in the grass, right down there," the Uzumaki boy said pointing his head down to where the first Hokage's head was. "You took it to her, you found her at the memorial stone, and you said…"

"Silence!" Sarutobi snarled. "What have you done to Tsunade-hime!" Uzumaki didn't answer, instead turning back into that emotionless mask again. "Tell me!" he said dangerously as he grabbed the boy's throat.

If anything, however, the boy just looked annoyed, as though Sarutobi were getting on his nerves with the accusations. "I haven't done anything to Baa-chan. I'm sure if you send one of those nine Anbu hidden in the trees to the Village that you'll find her nice and safe in a bar gambling all her money away."

Sarutobi blinked at the boy. He seemed to speak the truth, and he could hear the affection that the boy held for Tsunade every time he called her baa-chan. But that didn't make any sense! It was impossible to travel back in time, at least not as far as the boy seemed to be indicating. But Sarutobi knew from the reports that Tsunade was fine, that nothing could possibly defeat the Shinobi in Wanaka, capture her alive, and then break her to reveal all that sensitive information in only one week, which is the longest it takes to get reports back through messengers. He sighed. Perhaps he should hear the young man out.

"Then tell me, why are you here. Why travel back in time? And to this time nonetheless?" Sarutobi asked.

Naruto smiled sheepishly before answering, "Well, that's the funny thing. I have no idea what time period I'm in. Although I can guess that it must be a while back since you don't have all those wrinkles on your face and stuff."

Sarutobi's eyebrow started to twitch at that, and he accidently squeezed Uzumaki's neck harder than was necessary. He was shocked when the boy let out a gurgle before buffing into smoke, and he heard a voice behind him.

"Jeez Ojisan, what's with all the aggression. I think I liked you a lot better when you were older." Sarutobi turned to see the Uzumaki boy standing there, two hands on the back of his head, smiling widely at him. He also took notice of the sword that hug at his waist, its red and gold handle doing well to hide under the red short sleeved coat. That had not been on the clone. "You keep that up, and I'll have to use that jutsu I used to defeat you when I was 12."

The Sandaime was instantly curious. "And what Jutsu would that be?" he asked, already moving into a defensive stance.

Uzumaki's left eyebrow rose in surprise at the challenge before his face split into a fox like grin. "Well, if you really want to know." He crossed his hands into a modified version of the ram seal.

"Harem no Jutsu".

Naruto couldn't help but keep a smile on his face as he stared at the man responsible for making sure he never turned into a pre-chunin examine Gaara. The man who's kindness was once the sole reason he never turned his back on the Village. The man who taught him what it meant to be a shinobi, and a true Hokage. Granted, he looked a lot younger, maybe in his forties or so, but it didn't matter. Every time the Sandaime turned around to glare at him as he tried to stop the bleeding through his nose, he saw him the way Naruto last saw him before he was killed by Orochimaru.

They were in the Hokage office, Tears standing right behind him with his Ninja-to at the ready in case he turned out to be an enemy. He was sitting in the chair across from a still bleeding Sarutobi, who kept mumbling under his breath 'that one looked exactly like Shion-chan when she was younger', all the while glaring darkly at him. A blood stained napkin was in his nose which only made Naruto smile wider.

"Now," the third began, "Before I make any decision on what to do with you, I am willing to hear you out. However, with your permission I would like to have an ANBU from the Yamanaka clan perform a jutsu that will let him know if you are lying. Do you accept these conditions?"

Naruto snorted. "Do I have a choice in the matter?"

"No," was the answer before the third waved a hand and a man with a killer whale mask on jumped to stand next to him. Naruto watched as the man went through eight hand signs before placing two fingers to his temple and then nod to the Hokage. Naruto smirked, no wonder Chouji was so mortified to ever lie to Ino when someone suggested it to get him out of trouble.

"Very well," the Hokage interrupted his inner musings. "We'll start with the simple questions first."

"Hokage-sama," Naruto interrupted to the displeasure of the two visible ANBU, although the third seemed to not mind. "If you can, please refrain from any questions outside that of my loyalty. At least until I prove who I am. Afterwards we can speak in private and I'll answer any other of your questions."

The third thought about it. It was a reasonable request and he understood the need for secrecy in this matter. Besides, the boy looked completely at ease and didn't seem to lie to him yet. He nodded. "That is reasonable."

Naruto smiled cheekily. "Thanks old man." Said old man growled under his breath. "I mean, Hokage-sama. Yea, that's what I meant."

The third rolled his eyes. "Fine. First question, what is your true name?"

"Uzumaki Naruto," was his answer. Killer Whale nodded.

"Are you a leaf nin?"


"Are you loyal to the leaf?"


"Is everything that you told me on the Monument true?"


Sarutobi nodded, apparently satisfied with the answers. "Very well, we shall talk in private." He waved his hand and gave a signal and all those in the room departed, leaving the two Hokages.

The third started right away. "So, how did you manage to come back to this time period. I know of no method, no seal, that can perform such an act. And to my knowledge the only space/time fuinjutsu that can go back in time only takes them back a half hour or so, any more and they would die."

Naruto took all of that in with shocked silence. "There's actually a Jutsu like that?"

The third raised his eyebrows at the question. "Yes, there is. But to my knowledge only I and two others know of it, but neither of us know enough of its design to replicate it. I can only assume that what you did is not a modified version of this jutsu?"

Naruto shook his head at that. "Na, never even heard of that one. I did mine straight from scratch."

"Oh? Mind explaining?" the third asked.

"Well, sure, although I don't know all the workings of it. The Toads did most of the work, and the Kyuubi provided the life and chakra for it. I just basically helped with research and design." Naruto finished, scratching the back of his head.

"The Kyuubi you say," truly curious as to how he persuaded a demon, the most powerful one at that, to give up his life and his chakra to someone just to be sent here.

"Oh, right, yea," Naruto said. "You see, I'm the Jinchuuriki for the Kyuubi. And well, the jutsu I used called on the power of the Shinigami, so it needed a life and their chakra as a sacrifice."

The third looked dumbstruck by this. "But any jutsu that calls forth the Shinigami must have a willing sacrifice. Are you saying that you convinced your demon to be willing?"

Naruto looked surprised for a moment. "There's other Jutsu that calls fourth the Shinigami? Hn, and here I thought my dad was the first. All well, he was still awesome!" Sarutobi was about to ask him who his father was when the blond boy continued. "Anyway, yea, he was pissed that it had come to it, but he relented. According to him, he wouldn't die. He said if the Jutsu worked like it was supposed to, than since he was alive back then, or now, that means he wouldn't really die. Besides, our chakra was linked enough at that point that if/or when I died, he would too. This was basically his last bid for freedom."

Sarutobi stared at Naruto in silence, taking in everything that was said. It was truly remarkable, and interesting. But a couple questions burned into his mind and he decided to ask them first. "So, who is your father and your mother? And how did you come to be a Jinchuuriki in the first place?"

Naruto scratched the back of his head for a second, contemplating what he could tell the old man and not have it blotch up his mission. "Um, well, you have to promise that you won't tell them, or interfere or anything."

"Of course, I won't jeopardize you being born. Who doesn't want an annoying, loud, disrespectful boy to be born?" the third said with a smile.

"Cold, old man. That was cold." The third just seemed to grin wider so Naruto answered the questions. "Well, my mom's name is Uzumaki Kushina and my dad is Namikaze Minato. As for how I became a Jinchuuriki, my dad sealed it inside me when the Kyuubi attacked Konoha."

The third blinked a couple times at this. "What! What do you mean the Kyuubi attacked Konoha? When did this, does this happen? If it is soon, we must prepare."

"Oi, old man," Naruto spoke up, waving his arms to get the thirds attention. When he finally did, he spoke. "I can't answer any of those questions unless I know when here is. And going by that map you have on your desk that you should have put away before bringing a potential enemy in here (he received a glower for that), I'd say you're in the middle of one of the Great Ninja Wars. Which one is it?"

The Sandaime took a deep breath to calm his nerves before speaking. "The Third. It started five months ago."

Naruto thought about that for a moment and nodded. "Huh, we overshot it a lot more than we thought we would. But going from that, we have plenty of time to take care or the Kyuubi. For now, you don't have to worry about him. When the time comes, I'll take care of it." When the third looked like he was about to argue, Naruto cut him off. "I'm sorry, but I was sent back with one mission and only one, and that was to stop the Nine tails when he attacks. It was the other reason the Kyuubi agreed to go with the plan."

"I see. Is there anything else that happens in the future that you wish to avoid changing?" the third asked.

"Not really," Naruto answered. "At least nothing really major that you need to know. The Kyuubi attack was a major blow to Konoha, more than I thought and was taught until I became Hokage." It was true, Naruto and others were taught what happened that day, but it wasn't till he learned, or recognized, just how much of an impact that one event had.

The major one was to Konoha's and Hi no Kuni's Ninja population. Not only were forty percent killed, but six elder and powerful clans were killed off as well. In addition, because the council and the third knew that only the Uchiha could possibly control a Bijuu, they became suspicious of the whole clan, who had survived mostly intact. This lead to a tense political atmosphere where the Uchiha became isolated. They were granted less money, and their movements restricted and oversaw. This lead to the Uchiha's plans for a coup d'état, which in turn lead to Itachi destroying the whole clan under the orders of the council. Without the Uchiha's, Cloud and in the more distant future Iwa, became very bold.

It left a tired Hokage in the Sandaime, who allowed Orochimaru to escape because his other two students had also pretty much abandoned the village. And whether good or bad, this lead to a Sarutobi who no longer wanted to see war, so allowed Neji's father to be executed because his brother saved little Hinata from being kidnapped. The Hyuuga's would never be united the same way, which bit him in the ass when the Forth Great Ninja war broke out. Of course, the third's weakness to let Orochimaru go also led to a Sound and Sand invasion. Even though Konoha came out victorious, it still put a damper in Konoha resources and personnel.

Of course, it also lead to the death of the Yondaime, who if was Hokage, would not have allowed Orochimaru to escape, Cloud would never have tried to backstab Konoha by kidnapping Hinata, and his presence alone with his Hiraishin no Jutsu would have prevented anyone from directly attacking Konoha and/or Hi no Kuni. Also, from what Naruto could understand from the conversation with the Forth he had when he fought Pein as well as the Forth's personal notes, the Yondaime took a lot of information about Madara, and his movements, to the grave. If he was alive, he might have been able to stop Akatsuki before they collected seven beasts and started the Forth Great War.

Of course, the Kyuubi royally fucked up Naruto's life more than anyone else he could think of, but that's unimportant, right?

"I'm not sure that I fully understand," the Third interrupted his thoughts, "but why did you come back in the first place? Surely, Konoha is still standing if there is still a Hokage?"

At this Naruto's face turned into an angry scowl. "No," he said looking past the third and out through the window. "You're wrong. Konoha is no more. Akatsuki let lose the seven Bijuu they had collected and tore through Konoha and Sand first. We fought hard, we even had an alliance with the other Great Shinobi nations and were holding them back. That is until Iwa decided to backstab us. We had just sealed away the Sanbi when suddenly they turned on us. The Tsuchikage himself came at me and we fought as his shinobi started summoning Akatsuki members. In the end, the Raikage was killed by Uchiha Madara and Uchiha Sasuke, and the Kazekage was left alone to fight the 7 tails by himself since we couldn't help. He died, and the Mizukage and I were forced to withdraw and abandon Konoha to live and fight another day."

As Naruto inwardly tried to suppress his anger, Sarutobi was taking everything all in. Of course, things about the story popped out more than the others, and he had so many questions that he wanted to ask. But the most important one of them all came first. "What do you mean Uchiha Madara? He should be dead or at least close to it. He definitely shouldn't be alive by the time that you are, were, made Hokage."

Naruto smiled grimly. "I can assure you, Ojisan, that he is very much alive. Don't know how, but he is. Of course I have a couple theories of how, but couldn't prove anything concrete."

"Hmm," the third thought. "Interesting. So what, he got the Uchiha clan to defect did he? I know that they are the only clan that could possibly hope to control a Bijuu."

Naruto shook his head in the negative. "Fraid it's not that simple. Madara only had one Uchiha willing to help him, and that was because he was insane to begin with. Madara created some type of sealing statue to help him extract and eventually control the Bijuu. As a matter of fact, the only Bijuu that he can directly control is the Kyuubi. He needed someone with the Rinnegan to help him build the statue to control the rest."

The third thought for a second, and his eyes widened. "If that is true, than it was Madara that sent the Kyuubi to attack Konoha in the first place," he said in shock. "But that makes no sense. If he is still alive and can control the Kyuubi, why did he wait until he did? Why not strike sooner, like during the Second war?"

"Well your right about Madara being the one to attack Konoha," Naruto answered. "But from what I understand he is still healing from whatever Jutsu the First Hokage did to him in their fight. It weakened him to the point where he couldn't use his Sharingan correctly until now." The Third suddenly looked alarmed but Naruto immediately put him at ease. "Don't worry, right now he's searching for members to join his organization called Akatsuki. The only reason that he sent the Kyuubi to attack Konoha was my tousan."

"Your father?" the Third asked raising his eyebrows, his mind seeing the smirking face of Jiraiya's talented pupil. "What does Minato have to do with Madara?"

Suddenly Naruto smiled and chuckled. "I told you my dad was awesome," he replied. "When my dad finally becomes Hokage, or if, if you decide otherwise, he begins to investigate Madara's organization because of a tip he gets from Hanzo the Salamander. And when he finds out, or found, whatever, he sends out the Konoha Hunter nins to track down different people from the early Akatsuki group and when they found them, he would kill them. He usually did it himself since Madara only recruited S-class missing nins. From what I get, he must have been successful in thwarting Madara's early plans because Madara sent the Kyuubi to Konoha to destroy my father and Konoha so it wouldn't get in the way of his plans any longer. What he didn't expect was for my dad to actually beat the Kyuubi and seal it," Naruto finished with a proud smile.

After thinking for a few minutes in silence, Sarutobi nodded. "So what do you plan to do then? Seal it before it attacks Konoha? As of now, I believe the Kyuubi is rumored to…." He was interrupted by Naruto's shaking of the head.

"I already told you Ojisan, you don't have to worry about the Kyuubi. I know what I need to do and he won't get close to Konoha."

The third looked at the young man for a second and knew that he had no choice but to trust in him. "Very well. However, you must promise me that when you plan to go do whatever it is that you are, you must tell me."

Naruto nodded. "That's fair and I promise."

"Good," Sarutobi proclaimed. "Now, why don't you tell me about yourself. How old are you and some of your capabilities. Oh," he added. "Is there anyone that you may want to tell, or have me inform?"

Naruto smiled. "So you know that you can't tell the counsil, eh?" The third smiled. "You're smart, Ojisan. That's why I used to look up to you, or do look up to you. Whatever." Naruto smiled wide. "I'll probably tell Ero-Sennin but that's about it. But then again I never planned to."

"Ero-sennin?" Sarutobi asked with amusement in his voice, already guessing who the blond kid was talking about.

"Hehe, Jiraiya-sensei of course."

The third chuckled at the Naruto. "He was your sensei than?" At Naruto's enthusiastic nod he continued. "Very well. How about my other two questions? Your age and your capabilities. I need to know them before we decide what exactly we are going to do with you."

Naruto nodded sagely for a sec with a serious pout on his face. "Well, I'm eighteen, and as for my abilities. Hmm, I've beat three Kage level ninja's already, four if we count you of course," he said receiving a glare from the third. "I'm a Toad sage, although I'm gonna have to convince ero-sennin to let me sign the toad contract again."

"Toad sage, eh?" Sarutobi nodded. "Impressive. So you obviously earned the Rokudaime Hokage position. What else can you do? Specifically."

"Well, I suck at Genjutsu, I can only perform one, and that's only when I'm in Sage mode," Naruto answered the Third's inquiry. "I'm Jonin level when it comes to my Taijutsu, never was taught right as a kid. I have an affinity for wind and water and I have created a few S-rank Jutsus and know a couple more."

"Yes," the Third nodded again taking everything in. "From what I have gathered the Uzumaki clan has always favored the wind and water elements." Sarutobi noticed the blond perk up at this and stared wide eyed at him. He let it go for now as he continued. "They are also very good users when it comes to Kenjutsu, although that probably comes natural due to their bloodline limit."

Naruto sat in amazement for a moment. So the old man did know after all. Naruto wasn't sure if he should be angry at the Third (older third) or just disappointed that the Sandaime never trusted Naruto enough to inform of his family legacy. Before he could decide on a feeling however, the Third's voice interrupted him.

"I'll take it you are adequate with the sword as well?" Sarutobi asked with a pointed look at the sword hanging on Naruto's waist.

Naruto blinked a couple times to gather his thoughts. "Yea," he said distractedly. "So, there's more Uzumaki here other than my mom?" Naruto asked with a hopeful gleam in his eye.

Sarutobi understood the look immediately. The blond boy seemed to grow up without knowing any members of his family. The more that the Third thought about It, the colder he felt. The Kyuubi attack, or perhaps this war, must have been more damaging than he originally thought when he first was told about it. The Uzumaki clan may have been a smaller one due to its splitting during the Second Great Shinobi war, when Uzu no Kuni was ruined by the war between Mist and Cloud,(they had found themselves caught in the middle) but they were strong. For them to have died out by the time the boy was born….

"Yes," the Third answered the question. "I believe there are around eight of them." Sarutobi paused for a moment before asking the question that he may dread. "Were they not around when you were born?"

The blond, who had been smiling at the news that, although small, he did have a family, noticeably frowned at the question. "No, they weren't. They either moved before the Kyuubi attack or were killed off like many other clans."

Now it was Sarutobi who frowned at this news. "And do you happen to know which clans were killed off during the attack?"

Naruto looked sadly at the Sandaime for a moment. "It will give you an idea to the destruction that is the Nine tailed fox. But understand that I don't know all of the clans, only those who helped with the founding and held seats on the council." Sarutobi nodded his understanding. "Ok, there was six I believe. They were the Yuma, Kawasaki, Yakashima, Akashi, Namikaze, and the Tanzania clans. Yea, I think they were the ones. Shizune-neechan made sure I learned that kind of stuff because I wasn't real good with policating."

The Third looked truly depressed by this news. Surly, not all those clans were killed off. They all were pretty high in number, especially the Akashi clan, and all were reasonably powerful. He sighed. "You swear you will stop that from happening. Swear to me you know what you are doing. I cannot on good conscious allow you to leave this office unless you swear, on your life, that you will stop the Kyuubi from attacking Konoha again."

Naruto knew that the old man was dead serious. He needed to know that Naruto would keep his word. He needed extra insurance. "I promise, on my life that I will stop the Kyuubi from attacking Konoha. Believe it." When the Third visibly relaxed with a loud sigh of relieve, Naruto put his hands to the back of his head and gave a fox like grin. "Jeez, Ojisan. You should know that it's the Hokage's duty to protect the Village, even with his life if need be."

The Third chuckled at that. "Yes, you are right. Now…"

"Hokage-sama," the Sandaime was cut off abruptly by the arrival of Tears. "I am sorry for interrupting, but we have a problem." He stopped and gave a pointed look at Naruto, who just grinned back.

The Hokage saw it and stood. "It is fine, Tears, you may speak. He is on our side."

"Hai, Hokage-sama," the ANBU captain bowed. "We have received word from a messenger frog. The Tsuchikage and a large group of Ninja's are heading out to take on Jiraiya-sama and reestablish control of the border. He is requesting reinforcements as there are only four squads of ninja's with him."

"Did he say how long they would take to reach him?" the Hokage asked.

Tears nodded. "Three to Four days, Hokage-sama."

"Hmm. Very well. Gather all available Jonin squad leaders and meet me in the War room. By the time they all get there, I should have figured out who I wish to accompany me when I go take on the senile fool."

Tears hesitated for a moment and Naruto stared wide eyed. "You're gonna go fight Ojisan? Aren't you scared you might blow out a hip or something?" The third looked at the young man in shock for a moment, doing his best to remember that the boy was allowed to speak to him in such a manner in the near future, as Tears hand noticeably twitched toward his sword. "Hehe, oops," Naruto said sheepishly, trying to placate the ANBU who was leaking off killer intent.

However, before Tears could disembowel him for his disrespect, another messenger ANBU appeared. This one had a panther mask on.

"Hokage-sama, Hatake-san is requesting backup. Preferably those of high level. The one they fought earlier in the week was not the real Kazekage, the real Kazekage has appeared with the Jinchuuriki for the Ichibi Bijuu." Everyone stared in shocked at this piece of news. "Hatake-san has used his Fire Pit Jutsu and it has slowed them down, but they will need help soon."

Sarutobi smirked inwardly as he saw the plan the Sand and Rock were executing. The Tsuchikage and Kazekage were going to the front lines knowing that the Fire's resources were spread thin with Konoha's best fighters spread out. "I see, they wish for me to decide which one that I will fight. The one that I pick will most likely try to draw the fight out as long as they can, perhaps even kill me, while the other makes a beeline to either Otakin Dai, the home of the Fire Daimyo, or perhaps here to Konoha." The Hokage let out a dry chuckle. "Shame, it is a good strategy and may have worked earlier and against any other country."

With that, he walked around the table to stand before Tears, Panther, and Naruto. "I will go and reinforce Hatake and Orochimaru. Suna has much more fire power it seems. They have had their best shinobi hidden in the dark so that not even Jiraiya's spy network knew of them. Tears, while I am gone, you will be in charge. Naruto-kun," he spoke to the blond. "You will go and prove yourself by reinforcing Jiraiya. If you can, make sure to give the world this message; The Will of Fire is so strong that even a Jonin from a small clan can kill a Kage!"

Naruto did well to hide his shock as he nodded to the Hokage that he understood what he needed to do. Naruto had heard stories of the so called God of Shinobi, but to him the Third had always been that nice old man, the one that wore the funny hat and took him to get Ramen when he was feeling down. Now though, as he watched the Sandaime give orders, Naruto could see that the stories of this man's prowess were very real.

The Third waited for the nod from the Rokudaime and turned his hardened eyes to the Panther ANBU. "Go help Tears assemble the available Jonin squad leaders and my advisers. Make sure they are in the War Room in no more than an hour, fully ready for war." Both Tears and Panther chorused "Hai, Hokage-sama" before disappearing.

"You want me to kill the Tsuchikage to scare the hell out of the other countries and make them think twice of continuing the war?" the Sandaime nodded.

"I believe if a relatively nobody, no offense, from our jonin ranks is able to fight and kill a Kage, they will think trice about continuing this war." He paused to rummage in his office draw. He pulled out a list of Jonin profiles and sat them down on the desk as he sat. "They already thought about the Sannin, came up with a battle plan to separate them. Then they thought of a way to keep both Danzo the Fire Breather and Konoha's White Fang on their toes, even going as far as to critically injure one of them. But they needed three Great Shinobi nations to pull it off. Now, if I join the fight, as well as put a new game piece onto the board, someone else that can match a Kage, they will see how fruitless this war really is."

Naruto just smiled at the man as he continued on and on about which Jonins and ANBU should go where, and how many. He had to admit the 'scare the other Ninja nations' plan was pretty smart. The fact that the Hokage thought about it in less than a minute before coming up with a way to possibly end the war quickly only spoke of the man's invaluable experience.

"Oh, before I forget," the Sandaime looked up from the files. "Don't forget to take off your jacket before we go to the War Room. There will be many questions if people see you walking around proclaiming you are the Rokudaime Hokage."

Naruto blinked and tilted his head in confusion for a minute before he understood. Laughing quietly, he took a storage scroll out of his pocket and unsealed it. Inside were two bags, one with black, green, blue, orange and red jonin vests inside. The other held different short and long sleeved coats, the colors varying in colors and designs. He took off his coat and put it in its correct bag before digging through said bag for another coat. He eventually got what he wanted and resealed the bags into the storage scroll. When he finally put on his coat, he looked to see what the Hokage was doing.

The Hokage was standing, looking at Naruto as though he were insane. Naruto tilted his head. "What?"

The Sandaime chuckled to himself before asking his own question in return. "Did I see an orange vest and coat in there?"

Naruto blinked a couple times. "Of course. Why? What's wrong with orange? You never had a problem with it before."

Sarutobi just shook his head, "Sure, whatever you say. Are you ready to go?"


"Very well. Oh, and by the way. Your squad leader will be a man named Akashi Sari. When I announce the Jonin who will lead their squads to the Iwa attack, look for a man with bright red hair and red earrings." Finished with giving Naruto the needed information, they both headed out the door to go to the War Room.

Hi no Kuni- Fire Country

Ta no Kuni- Rice Country

Uzu no Kuni- Whirlpool Country

Ichibi- One tailed demon

Sanbi- Three Tailed demon

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