What's up everyone. It has come to my attention that not only do I not own Naruto, but some people reading the story are not caught up with the manga. So to clear up any confusion, Ryoutenbin no Onoki (Onoki of Both Scales) is the current Tsuchikage in the Naruto manga, and the one that in this story betrayed Naruto and the other Kages. Anyhow, hope you enjoy this next chapter.

"If there's no such thing as a Will of Fire Sasuke, then why am I the one still able to stand up!"

Chapter 4: Becoming Legendary

Naruto didn't give Onoki any time to say anything after his proclamation, and with a burst of speed that Onoki thought rivaled the fastest person he had ever seen, Uchiha Madara, closed the distance between the two of them.

Cocking his fist back, once again encircling it with wind, he punched Onoki directly against the chest. The punch was so powerful that it went right through to the heart. However, almost as soon as it happened, Onoki turned into mud, showing that it had only been a mud clone.

Minato watched this all happen in shock. This Naruto had just showed up out of the blue, with no warning signs of any kind. One second it was just him and the short old man, Onoki, and then Naruto suddenly appeared right behind Onoki, already moving in for an attack. Minato had learned a long time ago how to locate chakra signals, and Jiraiya had literally trained it in him and his team until it became second nature to use that ability during fights. But he hadn't sensed Naruto come. He seemed to just appear out of thin air.

That wasn't all either. Minato had never seen Naruto in all his life, yet he looked as though he could be his brother. He had the same blond hair, the same colored eyes, and even the same nose. Granted, two of his cousins also had blond hair, and his other two had blue eyes. But this was different. His cousins with blue eyes each had the same hair color as their father, orange, while the other two who had blond hair had brown eyes. Naruto, however, had the exact blue eyes as Minato and his father, as well as the same sun kissed blond hair. 'Who the hell is this guy?'

"That is incredible speed you have there, boy," Onoki spoke as he ascended out the ground from the middle of the clearing. Minato got into his Taijutsu stance, ready for anything. He had been fighting Onoki for the past twenty minutes, and the old bastard's clones were annoying to say the least. It was how the old fart had been able to get around his Hiraishin as he tired Minato out. "But it will take more than just that to defeat me," Onoki continued to taunt.

"I know," said a soft voice behind the just emerged Onoki. Both Minato's and Onoki's eyes went wide in surprise. Another Naruto was standing behind the old man, his right hand on the hilt of his sword and his knees bent.

"Kaze Battōjutsu," spoke and too fast for Minato to see, Naruto drew the sword. There were flashes of red light that forced Minato to look away for a moment before looking back. When he did, he saw Naruto sheathing his sword staring at Onoki, who seemed to have a dozen slashes all over his back. However, Onoki was not done showing off his own skill and arsenal of clones, and this Onoki fell apart into a cloud of dust.

Minato began to once again expand his chakra awareness to locate the old geezer as Naruto turned to look right at him.

"Your names Minato, right?" the young man asked him. Minato nodded, his face still set in his emotionless mask even as he tried to locate Onoki. Naruto smiled at him, and Minato couldn't help but be taken aback by Naruto's change in demeanor. He was calm now, even with that big smile on his face, where as his clone had just let off so much killing intent and anger that Minato thought Onoki might have pissed his pants. Now though, the clone was standing still, its eyes closed and his face relaxed.

Naruto smiled at his future father and set one of his plans in motion. If everything Kakashi had told him was right, then this should work. "It's nice to finally meet you, nii-san, and I wish that we had more time to catch up, but we don't."

Minato stood with a look of dismay, his concentration wavering as he stared at Naruto with wide eyes. "Nii-san?" Minato asked. "What are you talking about? I don't have any brothers."

Naruto pouted. "Aw, Minato nii-san," he said with a feigned hurt look. "I know we are only half brothers, but that's no reason to already write me off without giving me a chance."

Minato continued to give him a bewildered look before he was forced to dodge out the way of a giant claw made of earth that emerged from underneath him. Landing on his feet, he was about to search for Onoki again but was stopped by a hand on his shoulder. Swinging one of his regular three pronged kunai, the ones without his Hiraishin seal, he tried to cut whoever was behind him. Before he could make contact, his wrist was grabbed, and he stared into the eyes of Naruto.

"Listen," Naruto said, his face no longer showing his smile. "I can handle this guy alone, so you don't have to worry about him."

Minato raised his eyebrows challengingly. "Oh?" he asked.

Naruto smiled again. "Yea," he answered. "I've fought ninjas way stronger than him."

"So I'm supposed to what, take a nap," Minato asked another question, irritated that he was being dismissed so easily by his supposed step-brother.

Naruto snorted. "Course not, you lazy ass," he said, his smile widening at the thought of not only calling his dad lazy, but also the Yondaime Hokage as well. "But the Black Bear that Ero-sannin is fighting is no normal summon, and the sealing circle that it was summoned from has to be behind enemy lines. I figured you would like something more difficult and fun to do, so why don't you go kill the ninjas that are feeding the seal their chakra."

Minato gave one of his customary smirks and nodded. He understood. Gamabunta, no matter how strong he was even with his giant blade, wouldn't be able to handle the giant Black Bear, whose thick skin and mass prevented most jutsu the toad could use useless. Therefore, he was supposed to take it out of the battle field. With the Black Bear gone, Iwa had no chance of not only stopping Jiraiya and the rest of his summons, but also wouldn't draw other Konoha ninjas that would feel compelled to fight it.

"Alright," Minato said. "Don't die. If you really are my half brother, I need to know how that came about, and we need to catch up."

Naruto slapped Minato on the shoulder. "You got it," he said. Then he smiled once again, "Although, I thought you already knew how kids were made, but if you need me to give you the talk on the birds and the bees, it'll have to wait till later."

When Minato was about to protest his lack of knowledge, Naruto interrupted him. "Now get outta here, I think the crazy old man has just finished one of his golem jutsus."

Nodding a goodbye, Minato formed a hand seal and shunshined away. Naruto also made a hand seal and created a clone just as an earth golem emerged from the trees and raced to them. The golem reached him and the clone and swung one of its massive fists downward, intent on squashing the real Naruto. Both jumped away from each other and formed hand signs.

"Ichijin no Jutsu," the clone yelled and a powerful gust of wind blew the golem off its feet and had it flying towards Naruto, who made sure Minato wasn't around before he opened his palm and a sphere of pure chakra gathered.

"Oodama Rasengan!" Naruto yelled before hitting the golem right in its chest. The golem didn't stand a chance and the giant Rasengan turned it into rubble. Naruto heard a brief shriek of surprise before getting his clone's memories. Onoki had appeared behind it and put his hand on the back of the clone's head. The clone suddenly became stone before Onoki gave it a strong kick that scattered it in debris.

"Impressive jutsu," Onoki told Naruto while going through a set of hand signs. "Jinton: Genkaihakuri no Jutsu," he yelled and a massive cube made out of dust formed and flew towards Naruto intent on crushing him.

Onoki watched as his dust cube sailed toward his enemy for a second before jumping high into the air. Sure enough, Naruto surfaced exactly where Onoki was just standing with what appeared to be a wind blade. Naruto landed on his feet after soaring out the ground, not at all surprised that he didn't come close to hitting the old man. Onoki decided to continue to float about fifteen yards above as he looked down at his opponent.

Scowling, Onoki went through another set of hand seals before calling out another jutsu. "Jinton: Hardened Spikes," Naruto heard before he saw dozens of long spikes made out of dust form around Onoki before they descended upon him ten times faster than the dust cube had moved. Using his own impressive speed, Naruto raced around the clearing, weaving in and out the way of the spikes as they tried to pierce him.

Eventually getting tired of dodging the stupid spikes, he pulled out his sword. "Oshima," he whispered.

"Hai!" he heard the spirit whisper to him, already knowing what he wanted. Stopping right below the floating old man, he raised his hand and felt Oshima's power over the wind already working. Wind picked up around him, powerful enough that any of the spikes that came near him stopped and were flown in other directions.

Onoki stopped forming the spikes and frowned down at his enemy, wondering how the boy was able to suddenly misdirect his attack. Then he saw the sword in Naruto's hand gleaming a light red and it clicked.

"So, you are from the Uzumaki clan?" he asked a little intrigued. He could have sworn Minato and Naruto had been related, had even heard Naruto state that fact when he was eavesdropping on their little conversation.

The wind died down and Naruto glared up at Onoki. "Yea," he answered impatiently, already gathering the chakra needed for his next jutsu. "What of it?"

Onoki scoffed at Naruto's question. "Nothing important, except that I know that you can only go so long using your swords spirit's power before it runs out of chakra and you can no longer use it," he stated. Naruto just continued to glare at him. "When that happens, it is only a matter of time before I kill you with one of my jutsus. You cannot run forever, while I can float up here as long as I wish and you would never be able to hit me."

Naruto's response was to smile. "Is that so, Tsuchikage-sama," he said giving Onoki a feral grin.

Onoki's face contorted in confusion for a second before asking, "Tsuchikage? I am afraid you are greatly misinformed. As much as I should be the Tsuchikage, it was voted that I am too aged to have the position and they gave that title to a pretender," he finished looking disgusted at the memory.

"You're not the Tsuchikage," Naruto asked surprised. Thinking, he knew that he shouldn't be too astonished. He was twenty-three years in the past, and Onoki could have gained the position of Tsuchikage in any of that time.

"That's right, boy," Onoki scowled at him. "If it's the Tsuchikage you were after, he is fighting the Toad Sannin as of now. But I am still a ninja of Iwagakure, and as such will protect the leader of my village. To get to him, you must first get through me!"

Naruto continued to look up at the future Tsuchikage as the old man went through another set of seals. Naruto did as well, going through modified versions of the snake and ram hand sign. Onoki saw him do it as he prepared himself, but his huge eyebrows went up in amazement when he saw Naruto suddenly vanish. His only warning of attack was a breeze he felt on the back of his neck before he tried to move out the way.

He wasn't quite fast enough and Naruto was able to slice a shallow cut across Onoki's back before kicking him to the ground. Onoki hit the earth hard and actually bounced a couple times before coming to a halt. Years of fighting and training allowed him to ignore the pain in his body and jump back onto his feet. He glared fiercely at his opponent as he watched Naruto land on the ground.

Naruto glared back with equal contempt written on his face. He didn't like revealing that technique to the future Tsuchikage, and was hoping for a better result the second time he used it against him. With Oshima and Kakashi's help, he had learned how to use the Kawarimi to replace himself with the wind and air. Apparently, he still couldn't perform it fast enough.

"Oshima, you have enough for one more attack?" he whispered to the spirit.

"Hai," it answered back. "But I will be out of chakra after that."

"No matter," Naruto said as he prepared himself for what he wanted and noted that Onoki noticed his sword once again glow red. "I've killed him once without using you; I can do it again if this doesn't do it." Ready, he jumped into the air and swung his sword in an arc.

"Kaze Shu Okami," he said loudly and out of the blade raced a dozen wolves, all of them crimson red and made out of cutting wind that exploded on impact.

The Sandaime watched as Akimichi Chōza plowed into the scorpion holding the White Fang and successfully dislodged Sakumo from the rock. Yamanaka Inoichi was instantly by Sakumo's side, already healing the cuts as best he could to prevent Sakumo from dying of blood loss. Orochimaru appeared from behind Shikaku and raced to the three stuck SSUs, and Sarutobi Hiruzen turned back to the Kazekage, not wanting to see how savagely his once upon a time student dealt with the Suna ninjas.

The Kazekage was just getting back onto his feet, all the while glaring daggers at Sarutobi. The Hokage was not disturbed however and began walking up to the Kazekage.

"Hello Asori," Sarutobi greeted the Kazekage in a grave tone. "I haven't seen you since your father brought you to Konoha when signing the peace treaty that ended the Second War."

Asori scoffed and spit on the ground. "Shut up old man," he snapped at the Hokage. "Do not speak to me as though I am that same child that you saw back then! I am the Kage, and you will speak to me as such!"

Sarutobi looked at the Kazekage with the same type of eyes that a father would use when he was about to berate his kid for saying something overwhelmingly stupid. "You are not a child you say," he asked coming to a stop fifteen feet away from the Kazekage, who had finally caught his breathe. "But you act like one. You have started a war with Konoha and Hi no Kuni for what? Jealousy, envy, and greed? We may not have been allies but all you had to do was come to me, and we would have worked out a peaceful resolution that would have benefited both our nations. Instead, you seek to cause chaos and death!"

"Do not speak of your tree hugging ways to me you old fool," the Kazekage yelled back. "I am a Suna ninja, not some pathetic weak leaf shinobi!"

Sarutobi frowned at the Kazekage. "I don't understand why you and the other nations criticize Konoha and how we do things," the Hokage said in puzzlement.

"You know why!" the Kazekage continued to speak so he could delay the fight for as long as possible to enable him to gather enough chakra. "You speak of your Will of Fire as though it means something! As though your will is strong enough to never lose."

"Ah," the Hokage said as though he just finally understood something. "Now I understand your disapproval," he told the Kazekage. "You and the others have your facts wrong and do not understand what those words truly mean."

He paused and waited for the Kazekage to look him in the eyes. "The will of fire is all about a ninja's strength and how they incorporate it and work together in a team, how they protect each other and watch out for one another," he continued. "Fighting together, helping each other, joined in mutual trust. That is what it means to be a team, a ninja of the leaf. Protect our village and each other; that is the Will of Fire."

He once again gave a brief pause as he inspected the Kazekage before going on. "You also seem to forget, that even in the first and second war, that same Will of Fire has allowed Konoha never to be invaded by another military power, unlike Sunagakure."

"Shut up with your team work nonsense," the Kazekage interrupted the Hokage. "It is not the teams that make the village strong. It is the individual strength of its ninjas and leader."

Sarutobi sighed. "You don't even realize that you are contradicting yourself," the Hokage said as he thought about how it took the Kazekage and fifteen SSU to defeat the White Fang. "It seems that I must give you a lesson that our Academy students learn very early. Maybe than you will begin to understand," the Hokage said, getting into his fighting stance.

The Kazekage had not fully recovered quite yet, but at least he had enough chakra to form an iron spear and also prepared himself for the fight.

"Lesson one, Taijutsu," Sarutobi said before closing the small gap between him and the Kazekage. Asori blocked the first punch with his spear, then spun it around trying to sweep the Hokage's feet from underneath him. However, the Hokage just stomped on the spear and prevented it from moving any farther, and then kneed the Kazekage in the stomach. Asori bent over at the strength of the kick, and didn't have time to dodge out the way of the right hook that had him flying across the clearing.

The Kazekage dropped his spear as he landed and skirted across the ground before he came to a halt. He hoisted himself back to his feet and got into his taijutsu stance, ready to fight hand to hand. Sarutobi did not disappoint him and attacked with the same speed and aggressiveness as last time. The Kazekage blocked a punch to the face and tried a spin kick to Sarutobi's face. The Hokage ducked underneath before trying an uppercut.

Asori flipped backwards out the way and was deeply disturbed that when he landed on his feet, the Hokage was standing there in his face. "Never take your eyes off your opponent, or something like this may happen," Sarutobi said before elbowing Asori in the chin. The Kazekage's head snapped upward and he was looking with dazed eyes into the sky before he felt a sharp pain and heard a loud snap as the Hokage side kicked his right arm.

The Kazekage went flying once again till he landed on the ground rolling. He was a bit slower to get up this time, and he couldn't prevent a little moaning as he did it. He knew his arm was broke, and was very glad that although his chin felt like it might have broken as well, it wasn't and he could still move it. Looking back at the Hokage, he prepared himself for the next assault as best he could.

However, the Hokage decided to speak once again. "Every ninja team of the leaf has at least one person whose strength lies in their taijutsu. It helps keep balance and ensures stability for the team," Sarutobi said. "Now, I will say this again, give up, no matter how hard you fight, you will not defeat me. There is no need for you to die yet. We can still work out some kind of peace …"

"I said shut up," the Kazekage screamed. "I am a Suna ninja and Kage; we are not peace loving morons. We fight until our last breathe and take as many of the enemy out as we can before we die."

The Hokage looked on sadly before nodding. "Very well," he said. "Lesson two, Genjutsu." The Hokage suddenly ripped of his chest armor and shirt, exposing his chest. His head fell back into a scream before his chest split open and a head appeared, followed by a body, then legs. When the body finally emerged all the way, it stood tall and raised its head and stared into the eyes of the Kazekage as Sarutobi's body fell to the ground, apparently dead.

Even though the Kazekage knew that it was only a Genjutsu, he couldn't help but step back in disbelief. Standing there was a tall woman dressed in a black Kimono, her dirty blond hair waving in the nonexistent wind, her beautiful teal eyes looking at him lovingly and yet sadly at the same time.

"Mother," the Kazekage said before shaking his head and formed a one hand ram seal. "Kai!" he yelled. He looked ready to panic when nothing happened, and his mother's visage continued to walk towards him.

"Why, my son?" the woman asked, sounding exactly like his mother had once before. "Why do you disturb the peace your father fought so hard for?" she said with disappointment.

"Shut up,' he yelled as he tried once again to get out of the illusion and was met with the same results. "You are not real!"

His mother appeared not to have heard him however, and she continued forward until she was close enough to touch. She reached out another hand and caressed his cheek comfortingly even as he tried to hit her away. His fist just went right through her.

"Why, my son," his mother continued on relentlessly even as the Kazekage began to really panic and started to become teary eye.

"You do not understand, m…mother," the Kazekage. "I tried..."

His mother once again seemed to not hear him though, and she once again asked a question. "Why would you start a war your father helped stop, my son," she asked. When he just stammered, her face went from loving to angry and she yelled, "ANSWER ME!" before suddenly vanishing.

The Kazekage stood there in a daze before he heard a voice behind him speak, as well as notice a hand on his broken arm. "Leaf teams always have a person on them that is either good at Genjutsu, or good at recognizing them and dispelling them," the Hokage spoke. "Any ninja that has showed exceptional aptitude for the skill are taught how to manipulate and direct the flow of chakra to the senses with a touch, thus making it almost impossible to break away from without the help of someone else. The Yamanaka clan members are usually very good at this," he finished before kneeing the Kazekage in the back, directly on the spine.

The Kazekage's body bent backward unnaturally until the Hokage once again side kicked him, this time directly on the side of the Kazekage's head, and he went flying into a boulder. When he hit, he lost what little breath he had and opened his mouth to yell out his pain. However, the only thing that flew out was blood.

The Hokage waited until the Kazekage's ragged breathe calmed down enough for him to pay attention and speak his answer to the Hokage's final plea for peace. "This is your last chance to make amends, and seek an alliance with the leaf," the Hokage spoke in a hard tone.

The Kazekage raised his head from his undignified sitting position. "Alliance?" the Kazekage wheezed out. "You do not want an alliance with us. An alliance is only good for a smokescreen to get the enemy to relax their guard. The minute we get the chance, we will betray you."

"We should always avoid solving things with force, and work out our differences through negotiations, Asori," the Hokage said sadly. "Your father understood this. Even though the negotiations would have resulted in your death for all the leaf ninjas you have killed by your own hand or through your orders, I hoped that you would have sought to protect your village. Seeing as that is not the case, the lesson ends here.

"Lesson three, Ninjutsu," the Hokage continued. "Douton: Doryuu Taiga ," the Hokage yelled going through the hand seal sequence. A river of mud flowed from beside him. The Hokage wasn't done however, and did another couple hand seals. "Douton: Doryuudan," the Hokage yelled and a dragon head appeared out of the mud. It opened its mouth and shot out dozens of mud projectiles at the defenseless Kazekage.

Right when the first projectiles exited the dragon's mouth, the Hokage made yet another series of hand seals and called out, "Katon: Karyuudan." Out of the Hokage's mouth flew a large flame that ignited all of the projectiles making the attack even more deadly.

The Hokage was about to turn away when a voice he had not heard in a long time stopped him.

"Kikō Junbū no Jutsu," said a loud voice. The Hokage watched as a chakra shield appeared between the fire and mud projectiles and successfully stop it. When the small amount of smoke cleared, a little lady with hair that reached her shoulders stood, arm raised. The shield was finally dropped and the woman bent down to pick up the Kazekage. However, before she did, she unfurled a scroll and an ugly looking puppet popped out.

"Hello, Chiyo-chan," the Hokage said calmly. "I am surprised to see you here, I thought you had retired."

Chiyo picked up the Kazekage, who seemed to have passed out, and glared at Sarutobi. "I've come out of retirement, and won't quit as a ninja until I see the White Fang die!"

Sarutobi went through a set of hand seals and summoned up the Monkey King Enma, who didn't waste time before transforming into an adamantine staff. Chiyo eyed the staff with loathing as the Hokage glanced over at where Shikaku, Inoichi, Choza, and Orochimaru were guarding a depressed looking Hatake Sakumo from what looked like Chiyo's brother and five puppets.

"And what's with your new found hatred of Konoha's White Fang?" Sarutobi asked getting into a battle stance.

Chiyo scowled at the Hokage before answering. "He was the one that killed both my son and my husband," she said hatefully. "I will insure his death by the end of this war!"

Sarutobi eyed the woman with confusion written on his face as he thought about when that could have happened, but then he understood, at least partially. "Your husband was the one macerating as the Kazekage," he voiced his conclusion. "I was told that he received wounds that would kill him before he made it to Suna. However, I will not give you my condolences or allow you to harm Sakumo in any way. He was doing his job as a shinobi of the Leaf; it was you and your village that forced your husband to die by the White Fangs hand."

Chiyo's come back was cut short as her brother suddenly appeared by her side. "We don't have time to fight," he said. "We must withdraw."

Chiyo nodded in confirmation before she sent her puppet at the Hokage. Sarutobi spun his staff in front of him, successfully blocking the poison needles that the puppet shot at him before raising Enma above his head and swinging it down, and at the same time extending it. Chiyo and her brother were able to dodge and escape into the trees with the Kazekage but the puppet was not so lucky. The staff came down so hard that it scattered the puppet and boulder where Chiyo was just in front of into hundreds of pieces.

Turning back around to see how the others were doing he smiled. This battle had been won, and if everything goes right and Naruto kills the Tsuchikage, Konoha may be looking at a long time of peace. Unless of course, the other Shinobi nations are too prideful to admit defeat.

Naruto landed on his feet slightly winded, and sheathed his sword. He looked around at what used to be a small clearing but now could only be described as...well he wasn't sure. He just knew he had made the clearing a lot bigger than it once was and created numerous craters. Trees that had once outlined the small clearing were either uprooted, shredded, or both, all thanks to his jutsu.

Naruto looked around, focusing on finding Onoki's chakra signature to see if he had done what he wanted and killed the old manic without showing off his more powerful jutsus. The smoke and cloud of dust were preventing him from seeing clearly, but that apparently didn't stop Oshima, who although could no longer help him with jutsus or extend his senses, could at least feel the wind without her chakra and warn him of any attacks.

"Behind," she whispered urgently, and Naruto didn't hesitate to form a Rasengan in his hand and turned, hitting the massive spiked ball that was connected to a chain. The ball fell apart even though it left long scratches on his right arm, and Naruto was able to see who had attacked him.

Onoki stood in front of him, a scroll on the ground that was used to summon the weapon, and he looked like he was barely able to stand. He was bleeding from cuts everywhere, even his huge nose, and Naruto couldn't help but smirk. Defeating this old traitor was a hell of a lot easier the second time around than the first. Naruto didn't even have to go into sage mode, or use his best jutsus.

Onoki was not smirking though, and if he had a bloodline that could kill people with a look, Naruto would be dying by now. Onoki couldn't believe that he had lost to this young boy. Granted, he was ill prepared, caught by surprise, and was not expecting anyone the leaf sent to the north border and Kasaki besides Jiraiya to be able to take him on. He was proven wrong at first by no other than Jiraiya's student, Minato, who Onoki had to work and think very hard of a battle plan to take him and his jutsu down.

And now there was this boy, who showed up out of nowhere, literally, and showed that his skills and chakra levels were at Kage level. Granted, he had used a lot of his chakra to fight Minato, but he still had plenty left at the start of this fight. Besides, chakra was only one aspect of a battle, especially one on one. Skill in taijutsu, ninjutsu, tactics, and overall skill were also of equal importance, and this kid had trumped him in all four.

As he began to gather his remaining chakra for his ultimate attack, he couldn't help but ponder how someone else of S-Rank and Kage level potential could have possibly slipped by his own spy network. He also wondered what the hell made the leaf so strong in the first place that they were able to produce such strong ninjas. The three sannin, the White Fang, Sarutobi Hiruzen, the 'God of Shinobi', Danzo the Fire Breather, this boy Uzumaki Naruto, as well as Minato, who although was not at the skill level as the rest, was obviously very close, were examples of the strong ninjas that were alive and fighting for the leaf today. It was utterly ridiculous that so much talent came from one place.

Naruto became very wary as the future Tsuchikage began going through a sequence of hand seals that Naruto had never seen Onoki go through before when he fought him, and was left at a dilemma on what to do. However, that decision was taken out of his hands when Onoki yelled out his jutsu.

"Jinton: Suffocating Death Ball," Onoki called out and pressed his palms together before slowly separating them. As he did so, a spinning dust ball about thirty feet in circumference appeared in front of him. As Onoki continued to separate his hands, the ball became larger and larger, it's spinning going faster and faster, and was becoming as tall and wide as many of the trees.

Everything the ball touched became invisible and Naruto could feel a small pull from the spinning ball as it tried to get him pulled into the dust ball, and was witness to many chunks of earth and trees left behind by his own Kaze Shu Okami getting sucked in. Jumping back he formed a clone which immediately dispelled and closed his eyes. When he opened them again a couple seconds later, his eyes were a golden color, the pupils of his eyes now rectangular. The clone that he had used in the beginning had dispelled itself to give him the sage chakra Naruto had it gather just in case he needed it.

Summoning two more clones, he smirked. Fine, if the old man wanted to go out with a bang, Naruto would give him one. "You know what to do," he said to his clones as the spinning dust ball continued to suck in things around him and gained in size. Their answer was to go through a set of hand seals each, and the first to speak was the one on his left, followed by the one on his right.

"Kazeryudan no Jutsu," was followed by, "Katon: Karyuu Endan." Right when both jutsus were about to connect Naruto sucked in a breath and spit oil out of his mouth.

The fire dragon flame, the wind dragon, and oil hit each other at the same time and it created one of the most powerful combos Onoki would have ever seen, if he could have seen past his own jutsu. As it was, he was quite surprised when he felt something more powerful than his own jutsu hit his ball with a demanding force. He was actually afraid when he felt and say his dust ball become on fire and began to disperse until he stared at what could be the scariest jutsu he had ever seen.

Without the ball to hold it back, the powerful dragon, fueled even more by the flames the dust ball gave it, reared its gigantic head, which was as big as his dust ball had gotten, and soared at him with the obvious intent to incinerate him. Onoki just stood there, his bleeding wounds hurting too much for him to move his muscles and his lack of chakra were not able to force them to. He closed his eyes waiting for the blow that never came.

Bleeding arms encircled his waist and he was put on someone's shoulder as they raced to gain distance away from the huge dragon. The man who had grabbed him had blond hair that was tied in a pony tail and reached to the middle of his back. The man looked back and saw that the Fire dragon was consuming anything in its path and was gaining on them way too quickly, and he had to wonder as he turned slightly to head into Iwa territory, if it was being somehow controlled. Now that thought freaked him the hell out.

Deciding on a plan, and hoping that it worked, he put his hand inside one of his pouches and gathered clay which his hand ate. When he thought it was ready, he took his hand out his pouch and opened his palm. Out of the small mouth on his hand, a hand sized bird crawled out. He threw it towards the fire dragon and paused only a second before he saw the clay bird's size suddenly increase tremendously, almost reaching half the size of the dragon's head. As soon as the dragon hit the bird, the bird exploded, causing a slight earthquake.

Bakudan Dei sped up in order to avoid the flames that were sure to be chasing them from his clays explosion. He knew that the flames would only increase from the explosion, but he also knew that with the rocky area that the dragon had chased them to, that it wouldn't do too much damage. Also, the explosion his clay C3 caused would disperse the dragon flames and cut off and stop the control of whomever it was that was controlling the dragon.

It worked, and all Dei had to do was wait for the flames that spread to stop, which didn't take too long, before he put Onoki on the ground to check the old man's wounds. As Dei looked on, he couldn't help but cringe slightly at all the cuts on the small body, and cursed himself for not being there on time to help his squad leader out with whoever he must have been fighting against.

Onoki had one eye open, the other slashed and bleeding out, and watched as Dei performed some medical jutsu to stop his wounds from bleeding.

"Where are your teammates?" he asked his subordinate in a low and painful voice.

Dei paused in his treatment for a second before continuing. "They are both dead," he said, no hint of remorse or grief in his voice. "As you fought the Minato kid like you wanted, I took on the black haired kid, Tanzania Sano I think his name was, as the other two took on the Hyuuga."

Onoki scowled as best he could, not knowing just how ugly he looked as he did it. "So the Hyuuga was able to kill both of them?" he asked and received a nod.

"That doesn't matter, senpai," he said. "We need to get you to the nearest village to receive medical attention, and then send for reinforcements to help out the Tsuchikage."

Onoki laughed at that, even though it hurt. "Do not worry about reinforcements," he said and Dei looked at him confused. "By the time they get there, the Tsuchikage will be dead."

Back in the clearing, Naruto frowned as he opened his eyes. He stared at the giant path his dragon had produced and thought about what had destroyed his control over the fire. It had looked remarkably close to what Deidara could do, if not the same thing. But if his calculations were right, Deidara shouldn't be born yet…

"Don't worry about it boss," his left clone said while grinning.

"Besides, we have a job to do," the one on his left said as he ruffled his hair.

Naruto grinned at both of them too and nodded. He'll deal with that Deidara wannabe when the time came, but for now he would do what the Sandaime had wanted him to do, and he and the three clones disappeared to where they needed to go via a Shunshin.

Kamizuru Vespa, the Nidaime Tsuchikage, stood on top of the Black Bear summons as he smiled victoriously. He was on the verge of doing something that not even his father, the first Tsuchikage, had ever done in all his years as a Kage before he died of old age.

He would take control of north Hi no Kuni, and if everything went according to plan, and judging by the fact the Sandaime Hokage wasn't here, then he might even be able to get close enough to Konoha to launch direct attacks. Kasaki village, which he could see now as he continued to push the giant toad and Jiraiya of the Sannin back, would be the first Fire nation village to fall.

He would be forever remembered as the first Kage to ever conquer Konoha, the supposedly strongest hidden village in the world, and his power over the other hidden villages would be supreme. People would soon hold parades singing his name as he rode horseback through the streets, and he would love it. He would prove that he and his clan are the best, despite what that old fool Onoki believed.

When his father had died and the voting for the next Kage took place, Onoki had tried to gain the position of power for his own small clan by saying that he should be given the position because of his experience as a shinobi. It had almost worked, until Vespa was able to show some forged documents that his father had supposedly left behind. The documents spoke of Konoha and their plans to take over both Tsuchi no Kuni and Kaze no Kuni within the next five years.

Vespa had used his dying father as a means for sympathy and respect and gained the support of most of the Iwa senate. He then flamed Onoki by stating that in the war that was to come Iwagakure and all of Tsuchi no Kuni could not afford a Kage who may die of old age before the war was won. Many older shinobi didn't like it, but they also could not default the logic. So the vote was cast and he became the Tsuchikage, and sent the false documents to Suna to gain their support.

Vespa smirked inside as he thought about that mission, which solidified the war they were now in. Suna nins were to meet up with his Iwa nins to be given the documents. As luck would have it, Hatake Sakumo and his two teammates had come across what he thought were eight Iwa nins exchanging scrolls. The Suna nins were dressed for the weather of the high mountains and had no identification on them, so it was actually a good assessment.

A battle ensued in which the White Fang and his team killed all but a mortally wounded Iwa nin and a very fast Suna kunoichi. The Suna nin would never have escaped if it weren't for the fact that Hatake decided to abandon his intercept mission to save his last remaining teammate. So the Suna nin got away with the scroll and made it back to Suna. According to his spies, Konoha were still unaware of the contents of the scroll, the fact that they were not all Iwa nins, and the most important fact of all.

One of the Suna ninjas the White Fang killed was no other than the Kazekage's brother.

So Vespa's plans were successful, and now he was on the verge of conquering northern Hi no Kuni. It would not only give him a giant foothold to attack Konoha from, but also Ame no Kuni as well. Hopefully, after the business of killing that giant toad and Jiraiya and solidifying his control over the leaf, he would be able to kill that insufferable Hanzo.

But there was something that the Tsuchikage was not expecting, and that unsuspecting came in the form of a blond haired man that suddenly appeared behind him as he was watching the Black Bear's claws block the giant toad's sword. Turning, he looked at the man and wondered how he was able to stand so calmly on the Black Bear, whose fur literally sucked in all chakra that touched it other than the one who summoned it.

"Yo," the blond said as though bored. The Tsuchikage fully turned to face him and sneered.

"I can feel your chakra being absorbed," Vespa he lied. "You cannot fight me and even hope to win. But if you kneel before me, I will show you mercy," he finished with a cocky laugh.

The blond with golden eyes tilted his head and frowned. "I don't like you," he said simply as his reply.

The Tsuchikage looked outraged at this. How dare he, did he not know who he was about to be killed by.

"Besides," the blond continued nonchalantly. "Your bear will no longer be a problem." As soon as he finished, the Black Bear let out a roar before disappearing in a poof of smoke.

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Ame no Kuni: Rain Country

Hi no Kuni: Fire Country

Iwa no Kuni: Earth Country

Kaze no Kuni: Wind Country


Kaze Battōjutsu: Wind art of the Draw (or something like that )

Ichijin no Jutsu: Gust of Wind

Jinton: Genkaihakuri no Jutsu: Dust Element: Tearing World

Kawarimi: Body Switch

Kaze Shu Okami: Wind Scarlet Wolf

Douton: Doryuu Taiga: River of mud

Douton: Doryuudan: Earth Dragon Projectiles

Katon: Karyuudan: Fire Dragon Projectiles

Kikō Junbū no Jutsu: Mechanic Light Shield Seal

Kazeryudan no Jutsu: Wind Dragon

Katon: Karyuu Endan: Dragon Fire Flame Projectile