Once Upon a Time: Dissidia Fairy Tales

Original Character Concepts by Square-Enix

Author's Notes::
Hey guys! here's the final installment of Tidus in Wonderland for you all! Lots of action in this part, so I hope you enjoy it~
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Tidus in Wonderland

Based on Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll

"You know, heroes are supposed to actually save the person he wants to rescue. Not get captured with them..."

"Shut up, Tidus. I didn't know he fought that dirty."

"We did warn you..."

Firion looked up at Tidus and the others from his cage, a frown across his face as Tidus looked at him in disappointment. Firion was lucky enough not to be stuck in a dress like the others, but considering how Kuja specifically mentioned how this Emperor wanted to see him, he would most likely be in worse trouble than the others. The silver-haired male let out a sigh and looked down at the ground. He was about fifteen feet up, the lowest of all of the other cages (excluding Cloud's cage that was already grounded after a thirty foot drop). It seemed like a close enough fall… Firion smirked and pulled a hidden dagger from his inner coat pocket. With great precision, he threw the dagger up and out of the cage, right into the bar that held his cage up over the ground. With his skill, the dagger damaged the cheap looking metal, letting the cage fall down to the ground after Firion had weakened it.

Kuja was quickly alerted by this and went to investigate, seeing the silver-haired hero climb out of his now broken cage. "And where do you think you're going?"

"I'm going to defeat you and save my friends," Firion replied back; a firm look crossed his face. He looked up, seeing the dagger fall back down from the air. With smooth grace, he caught the blade in his hand and pointed it at Kuja. "I'll take you down!"

Firion took the offensive and quickly dashed at Kuja. The 'cat' quickly dodged out of the way and countered with a spell. Glowing orbs began to fly at the hero, knocking him back as Kuja readied another spell. Orbs of fire began to surround Firion until they started after him. The hero dodged a few but was hit a few times. Kuja during this time snuck behind the hero, a dastardly smirk across his face.

"Firion! Watch out!"

The hero listened to Tidus's warning and quickly blocked Kuja's next bombardments of spells before springing back a fair distance. "Thunder!"

He casted his spell over Kuja's head, sending three bolts at the 'cat.' He dodged quickly, but Firion had already dashed at him, slashing him with his dagger and knocking him down into the ground. The rocks around Kuja shattered a bit. He quickly recovered and knocked Firion up into the air. The cat chased after his prey, getting ready to cast a last devastating spell. But in a quick recovery, Firion instantly countered, knocking Kuja back into the ground again, leaving another small crater in the ground. And in a finishing move, Firion dove back down to the ground, throwing his dagger right into Kuja's jacket. He flipped forward in a graceful movement and landed down onto the ground silently.

"You insolent bastard!" Kuja screamed, trying to pull the dagger from his shirt; but alas, the dagger was really into the ground "How dare you! This outfit was a special gift from the Emperor."

"You're lucky that you're not worth killing," Firion relied in a cold tone. He looked up at Tidus and Cecil, who were cheering from their cages above. "Hold on! I'm coming."

The hero ran over to where Kuja held all of their belongings, picking up his bow and arrow and aiming it at the cages. One… Two… The two came crashing down to the ground, freeing two of the Alices after their long wait. He then took aim at Cloud's cage, blowing the lock on it clean off and letting Cloud kick open the door and finally get out.

"Ah, way to go, Firion!" Tidus ran up to the hero and tackled him down into a hug. The two fell over, but Tidus still clung onto the hero. He was the only other person that was actually sane enough to come save him from this psychotic hellhole, so Tidus was beyond grateful that his friend had come to rescue him. "Dude, I thought I was going to die in a dress!"

"Is that all you were worried about?" the older boy said with a chuckle. He kissed Tidus on the forehead and smiled gently. "I'm just glad you're alright. Everyone was missing, so I came to come find you. You all had me worried!"

"Aw, you missed us, didn't you?" Tidus chimed, a grin creeping on his face. He noticed how Firion averted his eyes from the blonde-haired Alice. "Ha! You did!"

"It's not like I have to have you guys around. It's just that-"

"So you didn't miss me?" Tidus looked at Firion with a sad gaze, making the silver-haired boy's eyes widen before he began to panic.

"What? N-No! I mean, I-"

"You're so mean! I missed you, but you didn't miss me?"

"I didn't mean it like that! I-"

"Hey!" The bickering duo looked up at Cloud, who had retrieved his massive sword from Kuja's belongings (curiouser and curiouser about how that sword managed to hide from plain sight to begin with), gestured over. The two looked over, seeing a large group of soldiers storm towards them. Wait… Where those enemy cards from the duel coliseum? "I think we should get going…"

"Yeah. Good idea." Tidus took no moment to hesitate. He quickly sprang up and darted off in the other direction. However, a strange force kept him in his place. He looked down, just as he felt a strong electric currently surge through him. He let out a scream of pain before falling over, nearly unconscious from such energy. The remaining three glanced over to the enemy cards, who stopped and surrounded the group. From the crowd, the soldiers split a path so that a tall and elegant looking man approached them. His long blond hair trailed after him, and he certainly looked fit to be an Emperor.

Well, that's because he was…

"So glad you could finally join us, Firion," the Emperor stated, holding his staff in his slender fingers. "I was beginning to wonder when you would return to me. Were you begging for my rule again?"

"It's monsters like you that make the world crumble and fall. Why would I even dare to beg for you?" Firion glared at the Emperor; his hatred seemed to radiate from him as he looked at the Emperor.

The Emperor couldn't help but smirk at Firion's enraged look. But the smirk quickly faded as he casted a spell, trapping Firion in his place and sending a shock current through the young man. Firion let out a yelp of pain before collapsing to his knees.

Considering this his signal to spring into action, Cloud quickly dashed for the Emperor, slashing at him with his heavy sword. The Emperor jumped out of Cloud's range, a smirk on his face. With a gesture of his staff, a strange hex appeared in the air in front of him, and little beams of light darted at Cloud. The blond warrior dodged out of the way, but the beams rebounded off the surrounding areas and hit him right in his back, paralyzing the warrior. The Emperor casted a hex on the ground and let it do the work to fully knock out the warrior.

"Cloud!" Cecil was about to go into action, but the enemy cards grabbed him, putting his arms behind his back and forcing him down to his knees. He tried to pull away from the cards, but they pulled his head back by the hair and stepped on the arch of his back, threatening to break the white-haired man's back. He kept himself from letting out a yelp of pain as he looked at the Emperor with a look of anger.

"And what would you hope to accomplish alone?" The Emperor looked over Cecil, who glared at him still. At last, the Emperor scoffed and hit Cecil hard in a pressure point on his neck. The white-haired man's body went limp, letting the enemy cards apprehend him with ease. The Emperor looked at the other unconscious or paralyzed bodies lying around. It was a pathetic sight to see… But he finally raised an eyebrow at the scene. "Where did the fish go?"

"Right here!"

Before the Emperor could react, Tidus came cartwheeling in, kicking the Emperor repeatedly in the face and chest as he forced him back. Tidus then launched himself up, knocking the Emperor back while Tidus when into the air. The blade the old man had given him was gripped firmly in his hands. But the Emperor paid no mind to that. The fact that Tidus was wearing a dress and was about ten feet above him was very distracting.

"You're done!"

Tidus then flipped himself forward, hurling himself down at the Emperor and right into him, the blade slashing the Emperor deep across his chest. A grin crossed the blond's face until he was suddenly knocked back by the Emperor's staff. He landed on his feet gently and watched the Emperor stagger a bit; his cloak torn up a bit and a large gash across his muscular chest. He had a look of irritation across his face as he looked at Tidus with his cold eyes.

"Insolent fool," he growled, "You will regret doing that!"

"Not unless you catch me first!"

Tidus sprinted forward just as the Emperor casted out a few landmine orbs that flew after him. The blond-haired Alice was quick on his feet though and easy dodged. He flipped forward, landing on his hands and letting his feet wrap around the Emperor's waist. He felt his dress fall down over his stomach, trying his best to ignore the fact that people could see his blitzball boxer shorts well and clear. He forced himself to flip back with the Emperor trapped in his legs, smashing the yellow man of hearts into the ground and one of his landmines. Tidus pulled away and quickly began to crawl away, but the Emperor grabbed onto Tidus's ankle and sent an electric current through him. Tidus yelped in pain, but then kicked the Emperor in the face with his heavy boot, the only thing that actually made him feel manly. He knocked the Emperor away and scrambled up. Grabbing his sword, he quickly pointed it at the Emperor's neck, daring him to move.

"Let us go, Emperor."

"Not until I get what I want."

"And what the heck do you want?"

The Emperor couldn't help but cackle a bit at Tidus's question. The blond's eyes narrowed a bit in suspicion. This wasn't going to be something he would like.

And indeed he was right. The Emperor had grabbed the sword's blade and sent a surge of energy into Tidus until he finally fell onto his back. The Emperor got up and walked over to Tidus, pinning the blond-haired Alice down. Tidus looked in horror at the man, who was just barely inches away from his face. Yup, Tidus didn't like this. Not one bit.

"I originally wanted to have the shark become my wife. But you… You'll be just as fun to tame."

The Emperor then suddenly forced his lips onto Tidus's in a forceful kiss. Tidus's face churned a bit. This guy was serious, wasn't he? There was no way he was going to be this guy's wife. Would that even be possible? Tidus was a guy after all. That would make absolutely no sense! …But then again, this world didn't make sense at all… And now this freaking creeper was kissing him? That was sick! Tidus quickly his arms out and punched the Emperor hard in the gut and then right in the face. He quickly stood up and ran a safe distance from the creepy yellow man.

"Are you out of your mind? I'm a guy, damn it!" He wiped his mouth as though he were just poisoned. "The only person allowed to do that is-"

"Quit your yappin', damn it! You're embarrassing yourself."

Tidus's expression turned into an even sourer one as he turned around. The guardian of the doorway approached the scene of the battle with his trusty claymore on his shoulder. "What the hell do you want, old man?"

"Is that any way to treat the 'old man' who's saving your sorry ass?" Jecht took his claymore off of his shoulder. He looked cool and content, but it quickly faded as he began to roar at Tidus. "What the hell are you even doing? I thought I told you to tell 'em I sent ya!"

"Why would I? I don't even like you!"

"It would have saved you the trouble of having to dress up like a little sissy, boy!"

"It would have happened either way! That guy fights dirty. Really dirty!"

"And now you're going to go ahead and be some prick 'Emperor's' little sorry b-"

"Silence!" The bickering relatives looked over at the Emperor, who wearily stood up from his place, an outraged look on his face. "Guardian, I command you to apprehend her!"

"HIM! I'm a freaking guy!"

"Could have fooled me!" Jecht shot back. He took his claymore up and smirked at the Emperor. "Sorry though, I don't take orders from sissies."

"Fool! You dare defy me?" The Emperor took up his staff as well. "Guards! Off with his head!"

Jecht began to laugh as the enemy cards began to surround the guardian. He readied himself casually, looking over his shoulder at his son. "Kid, get your annoying friends and get the heck out of here. This is my fight now."

"Damn it, old man! What about-"

"Get going!" He shouted back. "You wanna fight me another time? Then get up and get going. Get up!"…

…"Tidus! Wake up! Come on. Wake up!"

Tidus's eyes snapped open and he immediately sat up. He was covered in seat and his breathing was heavy. A nightmare… It was all a nightmare? He looked up to the voice calling his name, seeing his companion, Firion, by his side. "Oh dear Cosmos. You're alive!"

Firion raised an eyebrow and tilted his head to the side. "What makes you think I'd be dead? You're more likely to end up getting yourself killed than me…"

"I know, but my dream…! I drowned and died and when to this messed up place called 'Wonderland.' There was my old man too with a bunch of keys, and this psychotic cat with a man-thong, and Cloud and Cecil were trapped by that cat. And not to mention there was that pervy Emperor who wanted to make me his queen…!"

Firion looked at Tidus with an expression of confusion. "Make you his queen…?"

Tidus nodded and thought for a moment. "And you were there too! You saved me from the cat!"

Firion raised an eyebrow again, a smirk forming on his face. "Really now?"

"Yeah! But then you got knocked out, so I had to save you and Cloud and Cecil!" Tidus was about to continue his story, but he suddenly paused and looked at the other male curiously. He finally realizing something: Firion was dressed up the exact same way as he was in his dream! Thus, Tidus looked down at what he was wearing; realizing that the nice breeze on his legs was because he was wearing a frilly blue dress, it had bows and everything. His face turned red as he looked back up at Firion.

"I think I've just lost all of my manliness, Firion..."

Firion couldn't help but chuckle at Tidus's crushed and embarrassed expression. He looked like a little puppy that had just been kicked around by some heartless monster. In a way, he was. It was pitiful to see his best friend in such a state. He sighed and wrapped his arms around Tidus, giving him a firm hug as he chuckled again.

"What's so funny? You should be feeling sorry that I've lost my manliness!" Tidus pouted, crossing his arms as best he could over his chest.

"It's nothing…" Firion smiled and gave the blond-haired boy a quick kiss on his forehead. "Welcome back to reality, princess"

Tidus instantly frowned and shoved Firion off. He stood up, dusted his dress off, and began to storm away. He looked like he was about to throw a temper tantrum. Firion looked at Tidus, thinking he did something wrong. He obviously did, but he didn't care. He just laughed and ran after Tidus.

"Don't call me Princess, Firion! You're ruining my manhood even more!"

The silver-haired boy shrugged. "At least now you know how Cecil and Cloud feels…"

Tidus pouted a bit and turned away from him. "Speaking of Cecil and Cloud, where are they anyways…?"

"I hate them… I hate them so much…"

"Don't worry, Cloud…" Cecil said in a feeble attempt to calm Cloud down. He sighed and let his hand dangle out of the cage he sat patiently in. "I'm sure they'll come back for us."

"Silence, insolent simpletons!"

Cloud grabbed the bars of the cage and snapped back at the silver-haired 'cat' with rage. "You shut up!"

Cecil shook his head at the two as they bickered. It seemed like they wouldn't be returning home anytime soon. But Cecil didn't mind. He just smiled and watched the sky as he patiently waited for someone to come save him. Hopefully his prince would come save him from this crazy place called 'Wonderland,' so he can return back to his brother and friends. He had a sense of hope that it would have a fairy tale ending to this tale.

But then again, that's a different story to be told…