Hello, readers!

This is Tory, of course.

It's been a while! And I only ever finished Crystal Cerberus. Even though I consider Pieces to be an ongoing project, I'm not sure I'll manage that, either. We'll see! KH3 is on its way and that might rekindle my excitement.

I think about redoing Crystal Cerberus properly a lot. Not sure I'll do that. I've had a lot on my plate lately, a lot's changed.

I'm still really fond of doing self-insert stuff, of course, but mostly it's drawn, now. Writing and finishing something has gotten a lot more difficult.

But anyways, this note is going on all of my stories. I'm letting you know I'm taking down all the chapters of every story for personal reason, but I AM saving copies of them. If you PM me requesting a download of the story, I'll upload it somewhere for you and give you the link. Granted, I might get back to you a bit late, but I WILL be checking.

I'm leaving the stories themselves up because I'm a desperate stat and review hoarder. You guys spoiled my little thirteen year old self. Bless you all.

Much love,