Chapter One

Zoe locked the door behind her, ran upstairs and dropped her backpack in her bedroom. She then went to find her parents.

The two vampires were snoozing away on their bed (their fridge was now safely hid in the 'off limits' closet). Miranda was curled on her side, snoring softly on her pillow. Mick was curled against her, using her shoulder as his pillow as he hugged her to him.

Zoe smiled and crept over to Miranda's side of the bed. "Miranda?" No response. "Miranda?" Still nothing. "Mom" Zoe tried.

Miranda's eyes snapped open and focused on Zoe's pale face. "Did you call me mom?"

Zoe nodded. "Yes"

Miranda smiled. "We're going to visit Uncle Josef tonight"

Zoe's smile morphed into a huge grin. "REALLY?" she cried, in a pitch only seven year old girls can manage.

Mick stirred but didn't wake. "Shh!" Miranda said, with a smile. "Yes, we'll go to Josef's tonight as long as you go play quietly so Daddy and I can nap"

Zoe nodded and disappeared, shutting the door behind her.

Mick lifted Zoe up so she could hit the door's buzzer. After a moment, the door opened. "Aunt Aubrey?" Zoe said, clinging to Mick's neck.

Aubrey smiled, sheepishly. "I…beat you here"

"I didn't know you were gonna be here" Zoe said.

"Neither did we" Miranda said with a forced smile.

Mick set Zoe down. "Why does you go find Uncle Josef" Zoe was gone in a flash.

Aubrey turned. "Not so fast" Miranda said. Aubrey froze. "What are you doing here? Are you living with him?"

"Not really"

"Aubrey!" Miranda snapped. "Are you sleeping with Josef?"

"We are in a relationship" Aubrey said, crossing her arms.

Miranda half-scoffed, half-sighed. "Aubrey–"

"What she means is be careful" Mick said, grabbing Miranda's arm. His touch calmed her slightly.

"Yeah, I guess that is what I mean" Miranda said, sighing.

The vampires retired during dinner, leaving Aubrey and Zoe at the table. "We'll be back in a few minutes" Josef assured the two humans as he kissed Aubrey on the cheek. Zoe giggled and Aubrey flushed.

Neither Mick nor Miranda said a word till they were safely hidden away in Josef's home office. When the door was a locked, Josef turned his back against it. "Alright, let me have it"

"Let you have what?" Mick asked, sitting down in one of Josef's over stuffed leather chairs.

"I know you're mad" Josef said, turning to Miranda, who was looking out of the wall of windows.

"Why would I be mad Josef?" Miranda didn't turn but she knew both men were watching her closely.

"Aubrey surely told you" Josef said, standing in a slightly defensive pose, revealing that he was afraid of her reaction.

"You mean, before we arrived?" Miranda asked, watching a bird fly over the pool just outside.

"She didn't…tell you?" Josef said, sounding sad.

"She's not ashamed, Josef" Miranda whispered. "She's afraid of me"

"That's makes two of us" Josef muttered, before adding, louder, "You don't approve?"

"You don't need my permission"

"What if I'd like it?" Josef took a tense step forward.

Miranda turned, she allowed herself to appear as small as she really was. "If you want…my sister, she's the one who you need permission from"

Josef tossed a worried look at Mick, who returned it. "Miranda, I care about what you think. If you don't want me to see your sister, your opinion matters"

"Josef…" Miranda sighed. "I had a relationship with you. You knew my sister when she was very young. Young as Zoe is now. Forgive me if this bothers me a little." She turned back to face the window.

"I've thought of this" Josef said. "Aubrey told me, it didn't matter" He walked over as placed a hand on Miranda's shoulder. "I really like your sister. She's funny and witty and she knows what I am. There's no having to hide from her, and she's not a vampire" Miranda turned to protest that all female vampires weren't all bad but was stopped by Josef's next words. "I want to make her happy."

Miranda stared at him with a strange look on her face. "You're in love with her" she said as though she couldn't believe it. Josef's looked down quickly and would have blushed, could vampires do such. "You really love her" She smiled, before throwing her arms around him in a hug. "I want her happy too but I want her safe" She whispered, against Josef's shoulder.

Josef hugged the small female vampire. "I'm not playing with her. I swear"

Mick watching from his seat. They seemed to finally have made up and it only took; one homicidal vampire and two humans.

Miranda pulled away, looking up at Josef, who was beaming now that he had received permission. "Just…Don't hurt her, Josef"

"Or we'll both have to hurt you" Mick added, standing up. Both cast a look at him. He smiled. "Shall we join the other two?"

Sorry it took so long between stories but I wanted to finish this one before beginning to post it. I didn't want to get halfway through and lose my train of thought and leave it unfinished.