Jaded Love: OC/Jeff/Beth, Matt/OC: Jeff and Brianne had a short relationship that ended in heartache 5 years ago. Brianne has been holding on to a secret that she really needs to tell Jeff but Jeff and Beth are getting ready to get married after nearly 4 years together. Can Brianne bring herself to tell Jeff her secret and if she does how will he and Beth react to it?


Brianne Allen (*)

Jenna Noel Allen (*)

Jeff Hardy

Beth Britt

Matt Hardy

Stephanie Hardy (*)

Gilbert Hardy

Shannon Moore

Julie Moore

Shane Helms

Sean "Yuk" McCulley

Tiffany "Yum" Vause

Kelly Norris (*)

Annette Allen (*)

George Allen (*)

Chapter 1:

Brianne stood in the doorway of her daughter's room watching her play. She couldn't help but noticed how much she looked just like her dad. Brianne's heart sank the more she thought about Jenna's dad, but it was really her fault that the didn't stay together.

"Mommy, play me?" Jenna asked.

"Not right now sweetie. I need to wait for the movers to get here." Brianne answered as she left the room.

"Okay." Jenna stated as she went back to playing.

I wish he would have known about her. She needs her dad in her life. Brianne thought to herself. It wasn't all her fault that Jenna's dad didn't know about her. Brianne tried to contact him when she found out that she was pregnant, but when she didn't hear back from him she gave up. Now she and Jenna were getting ready to move and she would be closer to Jenna's dad.

"Ms. Allen, we're set." one of the movers stated.

"Thank you. Here is the address we are going to." Brianne responded as she handed him a piece of paper with their new address on it.

Brianne gathered the last of the stuff that was to go in her car. Jenna was sitting on the stairs hugging a teddy bear. Brianne gave that bear to Jenna when she was a baby as her dad had given it to Brianne while they were dating.

"Mommy go bye-bye now?" Jenna asked.

"Yes, sweetie. We're going bye-bye now." Brianne answered as she helped Jenna into the car and buckled her up.

Brianne knew it was going to be a long drive to North Carolina from Waukegan, Illinois, but she had to do it. Her parents knew all about Jenna and Brianne coming back to North Carolina. But what they didn't know was who Jenna's dad was. And when they find out, Brianne was really going to hear it.

The 15 hour drive wasn't all too bad for Brianne and Jenna who slept most of the way. Brianne was just happy to finally make it to their new house in Cameron. Once the house was filled with furniture and boxes were unpacked, Brianne looked for a suitable daycare for Jenna. After looking a several daycare centers, Brianne and Jenna grabbed some McDonalds and headed home.

"Mommy, where daddy?" Jenna asked.

"I don't know, sweetie. Finish your dinner please." Brianne answered.

Jenna did as she was told. Brianne put Jenna to bed shortly after dinner. As she was cleaning up from dinner, Brianne looked up her best friend's phone number and gave her a call. Brianne hadn't talked to her in a long time, but now she needed her friend more than ever.

"I'm so glad that you called. When did you move back here?" Kelly asked as she walked into Brianne's house.

"A few days ago." Brianne answered.

"How's Jenna?" Kelly asked.

"She's good. Almost 4 years old. She keeps asking for her daddy." Brianne answered.

"Who is her dad anyways?" Kelly asked.

"Jeff." Brianne answered.

"No way! Jeff Hardy is Jenna's father?" Kelly responded.

"Yeah. I tried calling him when I found out I was pregnant, but I never heard from him again. I want him to know that he has a daughter, but I don't know how to get in touch with him and I don't know if he will want to even talk to me." Brianne stated.

"You won't know until you try. He and Matt like to hang out at Miller's still and maybe you can catch him while he's there." Kelly suggested.

"Maybe. I just don't know how to tell him that he has a daughter who is almost 4 years old." Brianne agreed.

"Well, if I were you. I would just tell him and soon. He's engaged to be married in a few months." Kelly responded.

"He's engaged?" Brianne asked.

"Yeah. He and Beth Britt are getting married in August. They've been together almost 4 years." Kelly answered.

"How do you know all this?" Brianne asked.

"I work at Miller's. They talk and people can hear everything. I can tell you that after you left, he was heart broken and hurt. He loved you so much." Kelly answered.

"Then why didn't he tell me that. If he would have told me, things would have been a lot different." Brianne responded.

"I don't know." Kelly stated.

Brianne and Kelly sat up talking for most of the night. It was after midnight when Kelly left to go home. Brianne sat in bed and couldn't stop thinking about Jeff. She knew she needed to tell him, especially now that she was back in Cameron for good. Brianne finally fell asleep around 3am.

The next day Brianne and Jenna headed over to Miller's to see if Jeff was there. Sure enough, Brianne spotted Jeff's corvette parked right in front. She took a deep breath before walking through the doors. Kelly was working and helped Brianne and Jenna find a table.

"Beth isn't here with him, only Shannon." Kelly told her.

"Ok. I just don't know if I can tell him right away." Brianne stated.

"As long as you tell him soon, I'm sure it will be ok." Kelly responded as she seated Brianne and Jenna in the same area as Jeff and Shannon.

Meanwhile across the room, Jeff and Shannon were sitting at their table talking about the next taping of The Hardy Show. Jeff looked up just as Brianne and Jenna were sitting down. He recognized her right away but didn't know who the little girl was.

"Yo Jeff! Are you still here?" Shannon asked.

"Yeah. Sorry. I think my ex-girlfriend is here." Jeff answered.

"Which one?" Shannon asked.

"Brianne." Jeff answered.

"Brianne Allen? The one who broke your heart and left for Illinois and you never heard from again?" Shannon asked.

"Yeah. But I did hear from her about 5 weeks after she left. But I didn't answer the call or call her back. It looks like she had a kid since then." Jeff answered.

"Wow. I didn't know that she called." Shannon stated.

"Yeah. She said that she needed to talk to me, but I didn't want to talk to her. I wasn't ready and then I never heard from her again." Jeff responded. "But I've constantly been wondering what happened and what she wanted to talk to me about."

"Then why don't you go over there and talk to her." Shannon suggested.

"I don't know." Jeff stated. "Do you think I should?"

"If it were me, I would." Shannon responded.

"Alright. But not a word to Beth. She would kill me and you know it." Jeff stated as he stood up and walked over to Brianne's table. "Brianne?"

Brianne froze when she heard Jeff's voice. She couldn't believe that he was the one to come over to her. Brianne turned around in her seat and looked up. He was still as cute as he was 5 years ago. Brianne's heart skipped a beat before she acknowledged him.

"Hello, Jeff." Brianne stated.

"How have you been?" Jeff asked.

"Good. Please have a seat." Brianne answered. "How have you been?"

"Pretty good. Is this your daughter?" Jeff asked.

"Yes. Her name is Jenna." Brianne answered.

"Pretty name. She looks like you." Jeff responded.

"Thank you. She looks like her dad too." Brianne stated.

"Are you married?" Jeff asked.

"No. Her dad and I broke up before she was born." Brianne answered. "So I heard that you're getting married soon. Congratulations."

"Oh. Yeah. Thanks. Sorry to hear that your not still with her father." Jeff responded.

"Me too. But we wanted different things at the time and I really didn't have much of a choice." Brianne stated.

"Brianne, what happened to us?" Jeff asked.

"I don't want to talk about it here. Too many ears and Jenna understands a lot. Why don't you meet me here this afternoon at 2 and we can talk." Brianne answered as she wrote her address down on a napkin.

"Ok. I'll be there." Jeff responded as he put the address in his pocket and went back to his table.

Brianne took a deep breath before finishing her meal. Jenna kept looking at Jeff and Shannon. Shannon looked back at the little girl and noticed something very familiar about her. Shannon kept his mouth shut as the two men left Miller's. Kelly walked over to Brianne's table and sat down.

"What happened?" Kelly asked.

"He wants to know what happened to us. So I gave him my address and he is going to meet me there this afternoon at 2. I figured it would be easier to tell him then than now. Plus Jenna will be down for a nap and we can talk freely." Brianne answered.

"That's good. I just hope that he doesn't bring Beth with him." Kelly responded.

"Me too. I really don't want to meet her right now." Brianne stated.

After paying for their meals, Brianne and Jenna headed into town. Brianne wanted to get a few things for the house and have them up before Jeff came over. Brianne knew that she needed to tell Jeff that Jenna was his daughter, but she was scared.

Meanwhile, Jeff had just pulled up to his house and Beth was waiting for him. He didn't say anything as he walked right past her. Beth was kind of put off by it, but let it go for the moment. Jeff grabbed a water and sat down in the living room.

"Ok. Is there something wrong?" Beth asked.

"No." Jeff answered.

"Then what is bothering you?" Beth asked.

"It's nothing. Look, I have some things to do this afternoon and I can't go with you to your parents house. I'll be home tonight." Jeff answered as he stood up and headed upstairs.

"What do you mean you have things to do? We planned this lunch a week ago." Beth asked angrily.

"I can't explain it to you right now. I'll even call your parents myself and tell them I can't make it." Jeff answered as he locked himself in the bathroom.

Once they got home, Brianne put Jenna in her room for her nap and she unloaded the car. Brianne was done putting the stuff up that she bought by 1:30, so she took a quick shower and changed her clothes. By this time Jeff had already called Beth's parents and they completely understood and he was on his way to Brianne's house.