Author's Note: HAPPY BIRTHDAY fallenangel218! You wanted hurt/angsty Dean, so I might as well do a proper job - this is by far the worst I've put him through. And it's done by words alone. The word to include was "jaw".

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Word count: 100 (and let me tell you – it was NO picnic!)

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Warnings: Set between season 3 and 4

The Devil Can Quote Scripture

"There are three things that last…" Alastair quoted. "Remember?"

Dean remained silent.

"Faith! In angels? Guarding you? A mother's fairytale."

He cringed – that stab hit Home.

Alastair continued,

"Hope? It's been decades! Who'd manage to spring you?"

Dean trembled - Alastair's words flayed his soul! Sam's earnest promise… He clenched his jaw, dreading the punchline.

"Love…" Alastair smirked. "'The greatest of them all…' There's need to procreate, to protect your offspring... and lust. Love? I've never seen it."

He leaned closer, whispering:

"Does God love you, Dean?"

As Dean broke and howled in pain he wished Alastair had used the razor.

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