Chapter 1

Inside a sparse, dimly lit office, a husky figure sat hunched over a desk. One hand was stroking a cat-like Pokemon, known as a Persian. The other hand was leafing through a stack of papers on his desk. The office had large windows but the heavy blinds were drawn closed, allowing only slivers of sunlight in. Another figure stood by the door. The figure's eyes were cloaked behind a pair of mirrored sunglasses and a submachine gun dangled from a shoulder strap.

The figure behind the desk grinned as he finished leafing through the files.

"All those months of recon and planning are finally coming into fruition." he said. He then looked at the black and white photos taken by Dragonite spies. The photos showed several autocannon turrets on the massive island as well as several patrol boats and helicopter gunships constantly patrolling the waters. "It will not be an easy task but the Pokèmorphs that Silph Co. have been working on will finally give us the edge that we need to need place Kanto under our control," he said.

"But Giovanni sir, wouldn't it be easier to have our scientists try and make our own Pokèmorphs?" the guard asked.

"Our research was set back many years when Mewtwo destroyed one of our facilities. Furthermore, the deaths of Dr. Fuji and his research team have left us short-handed," Giovanni said.

"But we will eventually need to make our own Pokèmorphs."

"Remember, we will also attempt to take some of the Silph Co. scientists and 'convince' them to work with us."

"Yes, sir. I understand," the guard replied.

Giovanni chuckled. "In a few hours, Operation Golden Tyranitar will be in full swing," he said.


In the outskirts of Pewter City, James, a blue haired man in his twenties and Jessie, a red haired woman of roughly the same age, were hiding behind some trash cans in an alley. The sound of sirens could be heard in the distance.

"James, you idiot! Did you think that these guards were as stupid as the twerps?" Jessie hissed. She wore a khaki vest and a safari hat.

"But I thought our disguises were perfect," James replied. He was dressed the same as Jessie.

"Well, they ain't perfect and we gotta get out of here!" Meowth replied.

The group then ran down the alley and into the outskirts of Pewter City. There, they moved some brush and leaves that concealed their Meowth head balloon.

Jessie and James frantically tried to prepare the balloon for take off, while Meowth kept an eye out. Several minutes later, the burners on the balloon were fired up and the balloon rose into the sky.

"What will we tell the boss?" James asked.

"Same thing as always," Jessie replied with a sigh.

Meowth said nothing as he carefully piloted the balloon towards the Team Rocket HQ in Aquamarine City.


A few hours later, the balloon landed at Team Rocket's headquarters. The "headquarters" could more accurately be described as an entire base as it was composed of not one, but many buildings along the waterfront of Aquamarine City.

Jessie, James and Meowth disembarked from the balloon and made their way to Giovanni's office. Along the way, they passed by many of the rocket grunts. Some of them were on patrol for the police or other adversaries. Others were passing time by having Pokémon battles in specially marked areas along the waterfront. These areas were easy to find as they were surrounded by what appeared to be radio antennas rising from the concrete. It was only when a Pokémon attack struck the antenna and was harmlessly dissipated that one realized that the antennas were part of an array of shield generators installed to prevent Pokémon attacks from killing spectators or trainers and causing property damage.

Soon, the group entered the waiting room to Giovanni's office. The waiting room was tastefully decorated in what could be termed "contemporary". A wooden end table, flanked by two wooden chairs and two wooden benches rested against a wall. Opposite them were two round windows that let in ample light. Two guards armed with shotguns and pokéballs attached to their belts flanked the door to his office and a secretary who was chewing gum watched the three from behind a desk that was offset from the door.

"State your business," the secretary demanded.

"We're here to report the results of our latest mission," Meowth replied.

"Boss, Jessie, James and Meowth are here to see you," the secretary said into the intercom.

The group then sat down in the chairs. A few minutes later and the intercom buzzed. The secretary pushed a button on the intercom. "Send them in," Giovanni's ordered through the intercom.

The secretary turned to the three in the chairs. "The boss will see you now," she said.

The three leapt from the chairs and made their way to Giovanni's door.


"Maybe those three succeeded for a change," Giovanni muttered.

Almost immediately the door to his office flew open and James, Jessie and Meowth walked into the room. They were still wearing their "safari" disguise. Giovanni had his back turned to them.

"Have a seat," he said. The manner in which he spoke was not an offer but a demand.

The three pulled up chairs and sat down in front of the paper strewn desk.

Giovanni then swiveled his chair so he faced them. "So did you succeed in your latest assignment?" he asked. He was busy organizing some of the papers strewn on the desk.

"We…erm…" James stammered. He avoided eye contact with Giovanni.

"Spit it out!"

"We…failed," Jessie said with a sigh.

"You fools! I gave you possibly the easiest assignment I could think of and you still manage to fuck it up!" Giovanni shouted, slamming his hand on the desk. The papers jumped with the impact of Giovanni's massive hand.

"We'll try harder, boss," Meowth said. He was trembling at the outburst of anger.

"That's what you said the last time! And what did I get? Nothing," Giovanni spat.

"So what is our next assignment?"

"Nothing. Since you failed your previous mission, you get to stay back at the base and clean up."

"B…but boss, we-" James said.

"Shut up!" Giovanni snapped, cutting James off midsentence.

"Y…yes sir," James said meekly

"But boss, you said that the upcoming mission - Silver Garchomp or something like that - involves a lot of heavy equipment and ships and stuff," Meowth said, "and we're really good at operating things like that."

"It's Operation Golden Tyranitar! Get it right, idiot! But in any case, shore bombardment is needed so you can come along. And we could use extra shooters. Just one thing, knowing your abysmal capture record, you are not to attempt capture of Pokémorphs or scientists."

"Yes sir," James said.

"Good. Dismissed!" Giovanni said. He then turned around so his back faced them.

The three then left his office and headed for the docks.


A few more minutes passed and Jessie, James and Meowth were sitting on some benches near the docks. There they watched some laborers unloading cages containing stolen Pokémon from a transport ship that was moored at one of the docks.

"Wow! We're taking part in Operation Golden Tyranitar!" Jessie exclaimed, thrusting her fist into the air.

"Yeah, but we don't get to do any capturing. All we get to do is shell the island," James said sadly.

"Come on, cheer up! We're gonna be part of something that'll go down in Team Rocket history!" Meowth said. His stomach growled as soon as he finished speaking. "Let's go and see if there's something to eat," he added with a blush.

The group then headed to the cafeteria.


The cafeteria was filled with a large number of the black clad grunts. The cafeteria was quite bland, there were a few windows but the floors and walls were sterile white tile.

The three then stood in line. Several minutes later, they took their place at the table and began eating.

Jessie and James were eating rice balls. Meowth had a basic turkey sandwich with mustard and mayonnaise.

Just as soon as they finished, a siren blared throughout the cafeteria. The three leapt to their feet and bolted through the hallways, passing by grunts who were exiting the building. Eventually, they made their way to the locker rooms.


Inside the men's locker room, James was fidgeting with the combination to his locker. Around him, other grunts were strapping on body armor and other paraphernalia.

"We ain't got all day!" Meowth shouted.

"Easy for you to say! You don't have any clothes!" James snapped. He cursed under his breath as he input the wrong combination again.

Meowth tapped his foot impatiently. "Time's a-wasting Jimmy," he said.

"Don't call me that!" James shouted. He finally opened his locker, stripped off his disguise and changed into his uniform.

"Ready now?" Meowth asked.

James said nothing but stormed out of locker room with Meowth following him.

He then broke into a run as he made his way to the armory.


James used his keycard to enter the armory. Inside were racks of shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, submachine guns and pistols in addition to a multitude of crates filled with ammunition of all calibers. Several grunts were also preparing their weaponry.

James grabbed a 9 mm pistol, its holster and two additional magazines. He ejected the magazine, pulled the slide back to verify that the chamber was empty and proceeded to load the cartridges into the magazine. He then repeated the process on the additional magazines. He then tucked the spare magazines into a pouch on his holster and loaded his pistol. He made sure the safety was engaged before he tucked it into the holster. Jessie and Meowth did the same before they moved onto the long arms.

"Shouldn't we take some of the big guns?" Meowth asked, as he adjusted the custom pistol holster.

"We're going to be doing shore bombardment. It's not like we're going to need them," Jessie replied, strapping the holster onto her hip. Several pokéballs were also attached to the holster.

"Besides, don't we have a few weapons in our Gyarados sub?" James replied, as he adjusted his holster. The pistol and pokéballs were in their proper place.

"We'll if you're all done…Let's move it!" Meowth exclaimed.

The group then ran out of the building and over to the shipyard and hangars.


Outside building, the scene was of controlled chaos with armored vehicles being loaded into transport ships, various navy vessels and Water Pokémon heading out to sea, helicopter gunships and Flying Pokémon taking to the skies.

Most of the grunts were riding in the transport ships but a few of them were riding their Water or Flying Pokémon. Not surprisingly most of the grunts carried weapons, ranging from small arms all the way to mortars and rocket launchers.

Jessie, James and Meowth boarded their Gyarados submarine and dove beneath the waves.

The boss looked out from the observation tower of his office. He grinned as he watched the forces of Team Rocket head off into the burning midday sun.