Chapter 4

Inside the tunnel, the Rhyhorns broke through the concrete but they still had to contend with the rebar.

The fourth grunt recalled his Rhyhorn and deployed a Flareon. The other two grunts who had their Sandslashes dig the tunnel were standing back and ready to fight.

"Flareon, Flamethrower!" the grunt ordered.

The Flareon yipped and shot a jet of fire from its mouth. The jet struck the web of rebar and with the precision of a laser, began cutting away at it

In a few minutes, a large square of rebar was cut loose. The fourth and third grunts rushed forward, grabbed the square and tossed it aside.

"Rhyhorn! Horn Drill!" the third grunt shouted. His Rhyhorn obeyed, pressing its spinning horn against the concrete and rapidly pulverizing the concrete.

In a few more minutes, a door sized opening appeared in the concrete and they burst through.


Almost simultaneously, several holes appeared in the concrete walls of the Pokémorph commons and grunts and their Pokémon filed in. Some of the Silph Co. guards were caught by surprise and felled with a quick burst of gunfire.

At the same time, the Silph Co. snipers opened fire, cutting down the soft Pokémon and the grunts alike. But for every grunt they killed, another seemed to take their place.

However, several of the grunts had chosen to deploy heavy Rock and Ground type Pokémon that were all but immune to small arms fire and they were using them as living shields.

Drew stood in shock around at the pandemonium around him. He watched as a Silph Co. guard poured round after round from his shotgun into a Rhyhorn only to be ripped in two by a Horn Drill. One grunts aimed what appeared to be a bazooka at him and fired. Drew almost instinctively dove into the ground. The net launched from the cannon passed over the hole and struck a Rhyhorn morph who was trying to hide in the woods. The Pokémorph screamed as he was wrapped in the heavy netting and dragged away. Two other grunts ran to help the one who captured the morph. The trio then ran out one of the holes bored into the wall. A Silph Co. Guard shot at them with his submachine gun but missed, the bullets striking behind the trio. A few of the bullets struck the morph, but like a full Rhyhorn, his grey, stony skin was all but impervious to small arms fire.

Another Silph Co. guard was decapitated with a Stone Edge attack. Five guards were crushed to a bloody smear with a Stealth Rock attack, courtesy of a Rhyhorn. A splash was heard from the lake as the Vaporeon morph rocketed from the water. With a crash like that of a breaking wave, she slammed into the Rhyhorn that produced the Stealth Rock trap. The Rhyhorn staggered from the fierce blow. "Take this! Water Gun!" she shouted, opening her mouth. But before she could fire, a grunt had snared her with his net gun. She thrashed around trying to get free but two other grunts grabbed the net and dragged her out of one of the nearby exit holes.

One of the grunts, who was taking cover behind his unconscious Onix, stood up to try and throw a pokéball. A few seconds after he did so, his head literally exploded in a spray of gore as a .50 caliber round fired by a catwalk sniper struck him. The dropped pokéball clattered to the ground and was lost among the chaos.

Grova fired off an Energy Ball at a grunt who was trying to climb up a ladder to the catwalks. The ball struck the man and left him as a bloody smear on the wall. "Take this! Bullet Seed!" she shouted. She inhaled deeply and fired several small yellow orbs from her mouth. She was aiming at a Grunt who was reloading his shotgun. The grunt spotted the attack and dove for cover. The yellow orbs crashed into an Onix. After the barrage was over, the Onix collapsed.

"Go Hydro Pump!" Gary shouted. He opened his mouth and released a torrent of water aimed at Rhyhorn. The Rhyhorn roared in agony as the pressurized jet of water began to erode its rocky armor. It soon collapsed to the ground, unconscious. Its trainer crouched behind the unconscious Rhyhorn, using its body as cover. A Silph Co. guard unhooked a grenade from his belt and threw it behind the body. A few seconds later and an explosion was heard from behind the Rhyhorn.

A sniper killed one of the grunts wielding a net gun. Another net gun toting grunt fell to a full power Hyper Beam from Gary.

"Let's go! Leaf Blade!" Grova shouted. As soon as she spoke, the leaves on the back of her hands combined and extended into glowing crescent shaped blades. She hid in grove near the lake.

The last grunts, who were moving closer to the lake entered the grove she was hiding in. She then dropped down from the treetops and attacked the grunts with her leaf blades. The grunts backed away and fired at her but at such close ranges, her inhuman speed and agility proved to be a match for their firearms. In only minutes, all of the grunts were dead. Most of them had been beheaded but some had been stabbed. Grova however, had quite a few nicks on her body from near misses and she was panting from the intense exertion.

But one of the grunts was not completely dead, he had been fatally stabbed and was bleeding out but with his last bit of strength, he drew his pistol and shot Grova in the side. As he did so, he lost his grip on the pistol as he lost consciousness.

Grova screamed as the bullet burrowed into her body. She clutched the gunshot wound and staggered out of the grove. "I've…been shot," she said. Two of the five surviving guards immediately rushed over to her.

"Grv-3576, please remove your hand from the injury so we can treat it," one of the guards said.

Grova did so. She frowned at being referred to by her inventory number instead of her name but she decided not to verbalize her complaints.

One of the guards pulled out hyper potion from his bag and sprayed it on Grova's gunshot wound. She winced as the spray stung her flesh but a few moments later, the pain in Grova's side began to subside and the bullet actually worked its way back out of the wound and fell onto the grass. The guard then began bandaging her wound.

Gary watched the guards treating Grova's injuries and he surveyed the commons area; it was completely ravaged. Craters and bullet casings were scattered everywhere on the grass. Several large blotches of blood marked the walls. The bodies and body parts of Rocket grunts, Pokémon and Silph Co. guards, were scattered throughout the commons.

Drew finally burst from the ground and surveyed the carnage. "I guess it's over now?"

"A lot of courage for someone who said 'let them come'," Gary said sarcastically.

"There's nothing we can really do!" Drew snapped.

"There is, you saw the destructive power of Grova's Energy Ball? I say we fight and we kick these Rocket fuckers out of here! Who's with me?"

Gary looked around and noticed that only Grova, who was now sitting up, had raised her hand.


Back on the surface, the fighting had died down but the helicopter gunships were still flying overhead. The grunts with the stolen morphs headed to a small landing craft floating in the shallows. They quickly boarded the landing craft and headed out to the fleet of ships. At this point, it was late afternoon.

The craft docked alongside one of the largest ships in the fleet, an aircraft carrier. The ship, like all of the others in the fleet, wore flat black paint and a single red "R" was painted on the hull. Other than the single "R", there was no identification on the ship.

The crew on board the aircraft carrier lowered a large basket and a ladder down to the landing craft. The grunts then heaved the two captured Pokémorphs into basket. As soon as they did so, they began climbing up the ladder and the deck crew began winching the two Pokémorphs onto the deck.

As soon as the capture team clambered on board, the Pokémorphs had been winched onboard. The grunts onboard dragged the morphs off to the hold.

A black haired man approached the capture team. He was dressed in the black jumpsuit ike all the grunts but he wore a gold armband that designated him as a rocket executive. A belt held three pokéballs and a pistol in its holster. A rectangular patch on the left breast bore the name "Johnson" on it. He was better known by his call sign "Commander One".

"Well, I see you have captured two of the morphs," he said. "But that is insufficient! Our intelligence hints that there are at least seven fully completed morphs and possibly thirty or more in various stages of gestation. Commander Two and I are under orders from Giovanni himself to not allow anyone to leave until all the morphs are accounted for."

The capture team headed to the ship's armory to reload their weapons.


On the island itself, the grunts had overwhelmed the surface defenses and were now making their way into the complex. Most of the guards had retreated inside the complex.

Jessie, James and Meowth had disembarked from the humvee they were riding in and they broke into a run. The complex's concrete walls had been torn down by both Pokémon and helicopters. Dead bodies, craters, rubble and shell casings littered the area. Helicopters hovered overheard. Several other grunts followed them.


Inside the complex, the lights flickered erratically from the damaged caused by the shelling and battle. Some loose pieces of insulation were dangling from the ceiling and some were on the floor.

Several grunts were heading deeper into the building, passing over a nearby lab.

"So now what do we do?" James asked.

"We're going to try and capture a scientist or Pokémorph," Jessie replied. She then looked at the lab next to them. "And we're going to try now!" she said.

Meowth looked at the heavy steel door of the lab. "And how are we going to open this door? It looks like it could stand up to a Machamp,"

"Keep an eye out. I'll see if Yanmega can do better than your Machamp," Jessie said. She then pulled out pokéball and released Yanmega.

James and Meowth were keeping watch for guards as Jessie released her Yanmega. Distant gunshots and shouting alerted the trio of guards further down the halls.

"Yanmega! Sonicboom!" Jessie ordered.

Yanmega's wings glowed white as she hovered in front of the door. She then flapped her wings and blue shockwave flew towards the door. With a sound like a bomb going off, the shockwave struck the door. The door buckled but held tight.

"Sonicboom again!" Jessie shouted

Yanmega complied and sent another blue shockwave towards the door. The door creaked as it was struck by the powerful shockwave but it still held tight. However, the wall around the door was starting to crack.

"Sonicboom!" Jessie ordered.

Yanmega complied and sent another blue shockwave towards the door. This time, the frame tore itself out of the wall and the heavy door fell forward with a crash.

Jessie gestured for her two companions to enter.

James and Meowth readied their weapons, a 12 gauge pump shotgun and a 9 mm pistol respectively, and entered the lab. The lab was spotless with equipment left on the tables.

"No one's here," James whispered.

Footsteps and a deep buzzing behind them alerted them to Jessie and Yanmega's entrance.

"Search the-," Meowth said but he was cut off by a bullet that nicked his charm.

More bullets struck around them, forcing them to dive for cover behind some counters. As soon as the shooting stopped, all three of them emerged from cover and looked around the lab. They then fanned out and searched for the shooter.

Several minutes later, all three of them came up empty handed.

"We lost our first chance," James said.

"Quiet! We'll try again!" Jessie snapped.

As all three of them left the lab, they failed to notice that another door in the back of the lab was slightly ajar.


Dr. MacIntire was crouched behind a counter. His fire ax and the fire hose were beside him. The fire hose was fully charged.

A series of mighty blows shook the door and the distinct sound of someone returning a Pokémon then the sound of a Pokémon being released was heard. A few seconds later, he heard muffled speech through the door and a spot on the door began to glow orange.

Dr. MacIntire glanced at the glowing door and readied the fire hose. He looked around for an escape route but he decided to stay put when he noticed that the door was almost cut through and if he got up, he would almost certainly be noticed and shot.

Suddenly, a loud thud was heard as the grunt kicked down the piece of metal that was cut out of the door. The Magmar that did the cutting stood next to him. The grunt was armed with a 9 mm submachine gun. Both of then fanned out to search for him; the Magmar headed to the back of the room and the grunt examined the front of the room, including the closets.

Dr. MacIntire remained still but it was to no avail; the Magmar found him crouched behind the counter in the back. For a brief moment, he locked eyes with the Pokémon.

"Mag," the Pokémon grumbled. It then made a move to grab him.

Dr. MacIntire quickly ducked out of the way and seized the fire hose. The Magmar continued to approach him, heedless of the fire hose aimed its way.

"Back off!" Dr. MacIntire growled, leveling the fire hose at the Magmar.

"Magmar! Have you found anything?" the grunt shouted. He was checking behind the counters in the middle of the room.

"Magmar, mag," Magmar replied. It then attempted to seize Dr. MacIntire.

Dr. MacIntire barely avoided being grabbed by the Magmar. He opened the fire hose to full blast, striking the Magmar with a torrent of icy water. The Magmar grunted as it fought against the torrent of water but it was eventually pinned between the hose and a counter.

The roar of water attracted the attention of the Magmar's trainer, who tried to shoot Dr. MacIntire. Dr. MacIntire spotted the weapon out of the corner of his eye and quickly ducked down, while keeping the hose trained on the Magmar. His muscles ached but he still kept drenching the Magmar. He then turned off the hose and the Magmar slid, unconscious, to the wet floor.

The grunt recalled the unconscious Magmar and headed to the back where Dr. MacIntire was hiding. As he searched for Dr. MacIntire, he was unaware that scientist had aimed the fire hose at him.

Before he knew what happened, a mighty torrent of water struck his legs and knocked him to the ground. Dr. MacIntire then aimed the hose at the grunt's head. The blast of water slammed the grunt's head against the concrete wall with a sickening crunch. The grunt's arms grew limp and he dropped his submachine gun.

Dr. MacIntire threw the fire hose aside and ran towards the now dead grunt. He snatched the submachine gun, shook the water out of the barrel and bolted out of the lab using the back exit.


Dr. Riley cursed as the monitors showed the chaos around the base. One monitor showed the bloody aftermath of the battle in the Pokémorph commons. Another monitor showed the two Rocket grunts gunning down a scientist who attempted to run away from them. Yet another monitor showed some trapped scientists and Rocket grunts engaged in what could only be called a futile Pokémon battle with guns. The last monitor showed a scientist being led out of his lab at gunpoint. All of the other technicians present in the room nervously clutched their pistols or pokéballs. Several heavy thuds shook the reinforced blast doors of the control room.

"May Arceus help us all," Dr. Riley muttered. His hands were wrapped around a letter opener – a joke really – that he had intended to use as a makeshift stiletto.