Leo P.O.V.


"Urghhh... Not Now Mikey s'too early," I groaned.

Every Christmas he's like this, I swear it's like he doesn't run out of energy.

"WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP..." Mikey chanted. "Leo if you don't wake up now I'm gonna start singing Christmas Carols!!!!"

Oh no! Anything but that! Darn it he sure knows how to wake a turtle. "Alright I'm up, I'm up. Now go and wake Raph and Donnie."

"Already done Donnie bro, but Raph's being a bit stubborn. Hey Leo do you have a bucket?"

Oh dear, he's planning something, poor Raph. Though mind you he does deserve it after what he did to Mikey's dinner last night "Um no sorry Mike. Have you asked Don? And what do you need it for?"

"Hmm nope not yet, and you'll find out later on today," laughed Mikey. "Um do you know what time Casey, April and Angel are coming?"

"Um I think they said 10ish," I told him.

"Great! Well hurry up... oh and can you bring a camera to Raph's room in 5 minutes?" he sniggered.

Biting my bottom lip to keep myself from laughing "sure if he decides to beat the crap outta ya don't come crying to me."

"Gee thanks for the support bro," mocked Mike and he was off.

Laughing to myself i got out of bed and headed to the lab to find Donnie.

"Merry Christmas bro, I see Mikey woke you up early too?" typical Donatello tinkering away in his lab.

"Oh Yeah Merry Christmas Leo, actually I was already awake though he did drag me out of bed, 'literally' while singing Deck the Hall," said a grinning Don.

"Hey where's the camera?" I asked him. Almost forgot the request Mike gave me about meeting him in Raph's room in 5 with a camera.

"Um on the table in the kitchen, Mike used it last night after he decorated the house," exclaimed my brother.

"Oh thanks bro, um if you want to see Raph beat Mikey up because of another prank then I suggest you meet us in Raph's room," I said to him grinning.

"Sounds like a typical Christmas morning, so yeah I think I'll join."

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