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I'm doing something new this chappy and doing "fly on wall/narrator" P.O.V. Oh and all direction, streets etc. have been found by using GOOGLE so they are legit that's a lazy writer if they do not do their research and a medical website for comatose. "Hint hint"

Inspired song – A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton.


Leo decided now would be a good time to go top side and start searching for these "Gargoyles" and getting to the bottom of this. Whoever hurt his little brother is going down, screw honour.

"Shell now I'm starting to think like Raph," said Leo out aloud. "Glad I didn't tell him what I'm doing.

Leo is jumping from Sixth Ave over to Seventh in Manhattan. He left the cabin early this morning around 1ish He is not sure why he is Manhattan but figured he needs to search everywhere and that being said he decided to start close to home. Something told him this had Shredder written all over this, but first things first he needs to find out how to take these Gargoyles out and find out if they really are Gargoyles. Hearing an explosion coming from 10th Ave, Leo heads over to investigate….just in case. Hoping that it's a valid lead.

At the Cabin

'Neurology adjective Referring to a state in which an individual is unresponsive even to painful stimuli; not conscious Cf Semi-comatose. Adj- relating to the state of being unconscious and unable to wake, pertaining to or affected with coma pertaining to a state of coma, or abnormally deep sleep, caused by illness or injury. Of, relating to, or affected with coma.Marked by lethargy - torpid. Hmmm I need a more medical prognosis.' Donny has been up all night researching anything that can help diagnose as to why Mikey wasn't waking up. It's been almost 3 days and he's praying that he is not in a coma, due to the gash and huge bump on his head or if the massive blood loss plays a part or if he is allowing his traumatised body to heal. Either way it's going to be a long road to recovery…. If he ever wakes up.

Master Splinter felt his eldest leave during his meditation and felt that his son needed to do whatever it is that he thought was necessary. He has been trying to get through to his youngest son to understand where he is and what challenges he is facing. He is aware that his son needs time to heal and just prays that Michelangelo can come out of this.

'A person in comatose state does not take voluntary actions and does not have sleep-wake cycles. The inability to waken differentiates coma from sleep. Levels of unconsciousness and unresponsiveness vary, depending on how much of the brain is functioning. A come requires rapid, comas generally do not last for more than a few weeks after the 3 weeks it is often classified as a persistent vegetative state which becomes harder for the patient to awaken from.'

"Great the more I read this the less confident I feel about the possibility of Mikey waking up fine from all this," said Donny aloud. He has been on his laptop all night looking up anything that can help him find a way to help his little brother. He has been sitting next to Mikeys' bed to keep an eye on him when he sees his shell cell flashing on the night stand.

"Odd who would be calling me at this time? Hello," said Don.

"Donny I'm in Manhattan. Need help with a situation…"

"Leo? What the shell are you doing in Manhattan?" asked a startled Don.

"I went to find out any information and something lead me to Manhattan. I'm near the docks along Joe near Hudson River around the Sanitation Dept Restaurant," replied Leo.

"Why what's going on their?" asked Don.

"Not sure yet some weird substance from the explosion."

"What explosion?" said Donny a little loudly.

"Never mind I need you here…"

Beeep Beeep Beeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

"Mikey! Crap Leo I'll send Raph Mikey is going in to cardiac arrest. Gotta go" exclaimed Donny and hung up to help his brother.


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