Sands of Time

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Part One

Special Agent Dana Scully stared down at the two tickets in her hand and the invitation with her name on it.

She sighed, John Saul, her high school sweetheart, whom she had not spoken with in years, decided to send her two plane tickets to Egypt and an invitation to a ball in honor of Ramses' The Great and his beloved and favorite wife Nefertiti.

She sighed; this was not something that she would normally go to, especially in another country. The last time she had seen John was 5 years ago when he almost persuaded her to move to Brazil with him. An offer she refused, and sometimes regretted. She looked back at the invitation, she had two days to get a week off from work, find a date and find a dress.

"Isn't this just freaking lovely," Scully was mumbling to herself when her partner Special Agent Fox Mulder walked in.

"What's just freaking lovely?" He asked in a tone that meant he really didn't care. He was holding a stack of paper work, so Scully figured Skinner got on to him for never doing paperwork and decided to give him a mountain of it.

"Oh nothing, I just got something in the mail from an old flame."

That however did spark Mulder's attention; he dropped the paperwork on his desk and walked over to Scully.

"An old flame?"


"No, just curious."

Scully smiled, "A guy that I used to date in High school and about a year into college sent me and invite to a ball he is throwing."

"And you don't want to go?"

"It's in Egypt."

Mulder's eyes widened, "Like the Valley of the Kings Egypt?"

Scully nodded.

"And you don't want to go?" Mulder repeated himself.

"Mulder it is EGYPT."

"And? What person gives up free tickets to Egypt Scully?"

She shrugged, wondering why he was trying to persuade her to go.

"But I have to bring a date Mulder, I got TWO tickets, I cannot go to Egypt alone. Do you know how pathetic I will look?"

Mulder smiled and his eyes twinkled with mischief. "How bad do you need someone to go?"

"I would give my left lung." Scully cocked her brow; she knew that he was up to something. "Why?"

"Well, Skinner told me that if I didn't take a vacation soon I would be put on leave with no pay. He says I have like over a month of vacation and he said he would be happy with just a week." He smiled his 100 watt smile.

Scully's eyes narrowed. "You are willing to go to Egypt with me? What's the catch?"

"No catch. I just want to see you squirm in front of this old flame of yours. "He smiled again

Scully hit Mulder in the arm and moved to the door, "You can be such a jerk sometimes. " She threw the plane ticket and stomped out.

"Thanks Scully." Mulder yelled down the hallway.

"Sure, fine, whatever. " The elevator doors closed.

Mulder dropped the ticket on his desk and opened the bottom drawer of his file cabinet and reached far into the back. A small green file was taped to the back of the cabinet; Mulder ripped it off and sat at his desk. For three years he had been trying to come up with an excuse to visit Egypt and this was it. Mulder stuffed the file in his brief case, grabbed his jacket and walked to the elevators.

"Scully is going to kill me when she finds out." The doors closed.

Skinner was pacing his office when Mulder walked in.


"Agent Mulder, I really need you to take that vacation. If I am forced to put on leave it will be without pay."


"Agent Mulder do not argue. Why would you pass up PAID vacation time? Agent Scully didn't, she called and is taking her vacation starting today. Why can't you follow in her footsteps?

"But Sir…"

"Mulder I am giving you a week to decide, either paid vacation or leave."

"Sir, I am going to take my vacation." He smiled

Skinner peered at Mulder from atop his glasses, "And how long have you known that you were going to take this vacation."

"Since before I walked in here."

"Ah I see. Well then, you are free to go."

Mulder nodded and walked out, a small smirk on his face.

Skinner slumped in his chair, "He could have told me that in the beginning."

Mulder threw his suitcase on his bed and proceeded to dump the contents of his dresser inside. He didn't bother folding anything, causing him an extra five minutes just trying to get the suitcase closed all the way. He walked to the bathroom and pulled out his bathroom bag and stuffed everything in his bathroom cabinet into it. This included shaving cream, a razor, toothbrush and toothpaste and his multi-duty fingernail clipper set. After all of his essentials were packed he sat on his couch and looked at the green folder lying on his coffee table.

Scully was already on her second suitcase. She wasn't exactly sure what she should pack so she decided on a mix of casual and somewhat dressy. Her bathroom bag was packed, most of it with stuff she used maybe twice a month. She wasn't a big fan of makeup, but wore it occasionally when she wanted to make a big impression. She threw her favorite perfume in there, even though she had only worn it once in the last year. After her two suitcases were filled to the brim she closed them and hauled them out into the living room.

"I can't believe I am doing this." Scully sighed and plopped on her couch. Tomorrow she would have to go and buy a dress. She picked up her phone and dialed Mulder's number.


"Do you have a tux for the ball?"


"Get one."


"Because it's a black and white party. "

"Sure, fine, whatever."

"Thank you."

She hung up the phone and sighed. Picking up the invitation she re-read it,

You are invited to John Saul's Ramses' the Great Ball, being held at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo

Friday March 23rd

8:30 pm to 2:30 am

Black and White party.

Dinner will be free for VIP guests. Please check the list below to find out if you are a VIP

Hotel and Accommodations will also be provided. Please check in at the front desk of the Pyramisa Isis Hotel & Suites.

Scully sighed. Then read the list below. She went straight for the S's and was very surprised to see Scully, Dana +1.

"Well at least most of this is free. Mulder will like that part." Scully grabbed her laptop and searched Pyramisa Isis Hotel & Suites. It looked like a very nice hotel with a beautiful view, but she couldn't get directions from there to the Museum. She shrugged and closed her laptop. Turning off all the lights she headed to bed, not excited about dress hunting tomorrow.

Mulder's alarm woke him from his disastrous slumber on the couch. He fell asleep with one leg propped up on the table and his head hanging off to the side, causing a cramp the moment he moved it.

"Wonderful." He pulled himself up from the couch and stretched his body; popping a few bones as he bent down to pick his file up off the floor. He walked into his bathroom and turned on his shower, he needed to get out and buy a tux so Scully wasn't all over him about it. He stripped off all his clothes and jumped in. The water hit his sore muscles and he was able to relax as the steam from the water cleared his thoughts. He stood there until the hot water ran out, then unwillingly climbed from his shower and wrapped a towel around his waist.

Mulder sat on the couch, coffee in hand, laptop open to places where he could rent a tux. He jotted down three places that caught his attention, "Last Minute Tux," "The Tux [You Needed a Week Ago]" and "Tux R Us" Mulder smiled at his choices, they fit his needs to a T.

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