Recently Tsuna had been introduced to a certain website by his friend in school. Due to grading determining his classes, Tsuna had found himself with none of his famiglia or other familiar faces when he entered high school. He still saw them. All. The. Time. Just never (supposedly) in his classes. Having shed the name No-good-Tsuna for the most part Tsuna had been able to make new friends who had nothing to do with the mafia, and who thankfully, Reborn didn't want in the Mafia. Either way, one of these friends had told him about a few sites that he should visit, and assured him it wasn't porn this time, and even went to the sites to double check.

After several weeks in which Tsuna became addicted to these sites he realised that he should make his own profile, and upload some of his own miserable content. Reborn was none too pleased with this, after finding his student paid more attention to the computer now than he did to his training (beating), and education (more creative beating).

For his first entry Tsuna wrote:

Today I got beaten by a four year old for...well I'm not really sure what his excuse was this time, I think he just enjoys beating me in general...FML.

This was the beginning of the end.